The Wand

by Sadie Walsh, age 10
The Wand Sadie is friends with another good author from Writopia, Claire. They go to a great school together. Sadie's favorite subject is independent reading. She likes jump roping and hanging out with her friends.

“Hi, I am Zax, and I am an enormous, brown, furry teddy bear with one eyeball. Why am I a teddy bear with one eyeball? Well, I’m going to tell you now.”

Hi, I am Zax, and I am an enormous, brown, furry teddy bear with one eyeball. Why am I a teddy bear with one eyeball? Well, I’m going to tell you now.

Twenty years ago, my friends, Thomas, James, Jane, and I started going on an adventure to get the Enchanted Wand. We traveled the world together. We explored the deepest depths and the highest heights. We experienced the deadliest deaths and a midlife crisis. It was amazing, well, until they fell asleep in a dragon’s mouth. Yikes! But, before they died, we made a promise that no matter what happened to one another, we would continue to get the Enchanted Wand, so I continued to make my way to the wand. So there I was on a quest to find the Enchanted Wand. The last place I looked in the world (don’t be surprised) was an abandoned castle, and in the last room I looked in, the throne room, I saw that there was a button on the Queen’s throne. As I touched it, a wall started turning. Wow, I thought, I just could not believe that the Queen had this much power. As I looked around, I saw a room with piles and piles of gold. And there it was, in a glass container, the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life, the Enchanted Wand. (It was even shinier than the pictures in the books of the wand.) I started slowly tiptoeing towards it, but then I remember thinking no one was here because it was an abandoned castle. So instead of tiptoeing, I started walking towards it. Unfortunately, my steps were too loud for this quiet castle, then one of the giant chandeliers broke and almost fell on the wand. As the pieces shattered everywhere, I hid behind a giant shield. When everything stopped moving, a man came out of the dust, and he started scanning the room. As I came closer, he took out a magnet gun. Weyyooooooooo, the magnet gun roared. I had no idea what he was going to do, so I started thinking. I was thinking of all of the metal things or magnetized things on my body, thinking, Sword on my back, my belt, and my helmet. At the last second, when he pulled the trigger, I figured out what he was going to do. He was going to rip my head off. At least I got the wand, and fortunately, the doctors could use the wand to take my soul and put it into an enormous teddy bear with one eyeball. And that’s how I became this pretty terrifying creature.


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