I Am Not Friends With My Nose Anymore

by Harry Eichelberger, age 11
I Am Not Friends With My Nose Anymore Harry is 11 years old, and he lives with his brothers and two parents in Brooklyn. If you want to contact him, then that is really a shame because he doesn't have a personal website and he doesn't like giving his personal information away to complete strangers.

“I am not friends with my nose anymore / We used to be the best of friends”

I am not friends with my nose anymore

We used to be the best of friends

We’d play for hours in the park

Then I would go to school

But I would take my nose with me

And then he would show me

Smelling things

Just the two of us

But then

Winter came

No more park

I was sad

At least I had school

He didn’t like the cold either

Then he turned all red

I would rub him

But it would only hurt more

Then no more school

A little bit later I stopped being friends with him

Then my nose stopped letting me smell

No more anything

In about two weeks my nose gave me a lesson

It started to bleed

We couldn’t fix it

My nose wouldn’t stop

He was being a meanie

Then we went to the hospital

They gave me something round and green to swallow

It didn’t really help

More and more blood

Then my parents were whispering to the people in the white suits

Then I suddenly felt really sleepy

When I woke

And now we’re not friends anymore

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  • Madison Dean says:

    This is a very interesting poem. I never would have thought that someone would write a poem about this topic, but your poem is a very fun piece to read and it’s amazing!

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