The Book With No Title

by Emily Eng, age 8
The Book With No Title Emily lives in the Upper West Side, and she likes to play video games and board games with her older brother. She also likes to do crafts with her sister. When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor.

“Once upon a time, I was sleeping on a shelf. I would tell you my title, but I do not have one because the humans are lazy. That’s how the humans ruined my life. Other books made fun of me because I didn’t have a title.”

Once upon a time, I was sleeping on a shelf. I would tell you my title, but I do not have one because the humans are lazy. That’s how the humans ruined my life. Other books made fun of me because I didn’t have a title.

Every year I grew a new page. It happens when when it’s your birthday. Each page counted as a year. I was eight pages long. That meant I was eight years old. I was a plain book with no words.

“I wish I had a title. There is no story without a title.” I said as I woke up and looked at the other books with titles. I decided to find a title right after I ate breakfast made of pencil shavings. I hopped onto the table where I met a pencil. It was a tall pencil without an eraser. He told me he would write me a title.

“But in return, I want a eraser,” he said.

I walked over to the cupholder. Inside the cupholder, there was a pen.

He said to me, “I will give you an eraser if you give me some ink.”

I searched all day for ink until it was night time. I entered my shelf, tired and exhausted. I told my mom all about my day. I told her I did not  find a title. My mom was a bible book. Bibles were old and wise like my mom. But my mom was not that old.

She told me, “It does not matter if you don’t have a title. That’s what makes you special.”

I felt much better. I was proud of who I was. I did not have a title, but I decided everyone else could call me Jimmy as my name, not as my title.

That night, my dad came home from the airport. He was on a work vacation. He was a dictionary at the school, and all the children looked at my dad to look up words. I was proud of my dad.

Now it was summer vacation, so my dad was coming home. I didn’t see him for nine months. The school year was really long.

I saw my dad coming up on the shelf. My mom told him my new name. I hugged him, and then I went to sleep. There wasn’t much to a dad, so you just hug them and go to sleep.

The next morning, I saw my dad in the kitchen. He was with our neighbor. Our neighbor was a cookbook! They were baking pen ink for breakfast. My dad brought pen ink home from the school! I felt so angry. I was looking for pen ink for hours, maybe even decade! (It felt like a decade since I was a kid.) But then, I didn’t care anymore. I remembered I was proud of who I was.

I said good morning to my dad, and my dad said, “Good morning, Jimmy.”

Breakfast was a bowl of pen ink. Books ate pen ink so the words inside us didn’t fade away, but I had no words. I just realized that if I didn’t have a story, then pen ink wouldn’t work. I started to frown.

I told my dad, “I’m going on a voyage to find a story, so that I can eat pen ink and the story won’t fade away.”

“I thought you said you don’t want a title.”

I gasped. “I don’t want a title. I want a story because I can use my story to help people. You teach kids words. Mom’s a bible. I don’t know what she teaches. Our neighbor teaches cooking. And I want to help people too.”

I packed a sleeping bag, lots and lots of pen ink, pencil shavings, and a tent.

My mom came downstairs, and I told my mom I was going on a voyage to find a story. She wasn’t worried.

She said, “How far could a book go? Am I right, or am I right? Really.”

Then I started my voyage. I went to the front lawn, where I started my voyage for a title. I walked on until it was night time. It was morning, and I checked my pages. I saw pictures of myself, the pen, and the pencil, and words.

“I have a story!!!” I yelled.

I ran back to the house and jumped on the desk. I traded my ink for an eraser and traded the eraser for a title. The pencil wrote a title for me, and I decided it would be “The Book With No Title.” My story was about my journey I went on to find a title.

I climbed onto the shelf, and I told my parents all about my new story and title. My dad and my mom were very happy when they heard this news. I decided I would be a picture book.

I learned to go see other books with titles. I made friends with a book. His title was “Captain Hailey Sails Across the World!” He was a comic book, and his name was Jake. From that day on, I always played with my friend, Jake, and made new friends with a fantasy book. His title was “The Land of Dragons” and his name was Leo. I played with Leo and Jake every day, and I was never lonely again. No one ever made fun of me again because now I had a title. And we lived happily ever after.


The End!!!


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