Tippy Toothpaste

by Joaquim, age 8

A Lesson Learned for the World

by Hudson Zimmerman, age 9

PLANES: Chapter One

by Anonymous, age 10

Dear Diary, “Amelie”

by Anabelle Wong, age 10


by Miranda, age 6

Three Poems

by Jacob Eckstein, age 7

The Bad Ghost

by Kabeer Arora, age 9


by Rafael Goldman-Kunin, age 11


by Juno Brandt, age 8

Crossing the North Pole

by Lazaro Novik, age 6

The Story of Chimpanzees

by Miranda, age 6

Arctic Jungle Adventure

by Monte Lang, age 6

The Disney Cruise

by Lyla Miller, age 9

The Time I Was Left in the Elevator

by Nate, age 10

Thrasi’s Pot of Gold

by Lora Wu, age 9

Killer Refrigerator

by Toma Jackson, age 11

A Trip to Yellowstone

by Lora Wu, age 9

Simone La Unicorn

by Penny Smith, age 9

Busch Gardens

by Marlo Feldman, age 10

Ruth to the Rescue

by Masua Chaiken, age 8


by Simone Washburn, age 8

The Paint Palette

by Poppy W, age 8

The Life of Ash

by Henry Quinn, age 10

A Cat Called Sunny

by Louise, age 10

Clean-Up’s Adventures

by Zoe Rullman and Zoe Rosenberg, age 10

Honey’s Storm

by Ariadne, age 9

Who To Trust

by Aleeza Shekhani, age 11

Penny Story

by Jacob Eckstein, age 7

The Duck Dilemma

by Sophie Allen, age 10


by Alexander Pascal, age 11

Being on the Verge of Death: Chapter One, Just Great

by Yoonha S., age 11


by Katie Lee, age 10


by Anonymous, age 7


by Julia D, age 10

Pengy and His Friends

by Aaron A., age 6

Covers and Codes (The Book of a Book and the Root of a Root)

by Cleo Bogart, age 6

Before Us

by Cleo Bogart, age 6


by Iris Chen, age 9

My One and Only Haunted House Experience

by Lulu, age 9


by Kabeer Arora, age 9

The Journey

by Ranbeer Arora, age 9

Jiggling Giggling

by Gabi Richter, age 9

When Hot Dogs Take Over the World

by Beatrice Mayne-Chang, age 9

The Invasion of the Good Boyes

by Anthony Augustus Marchese, age 11

The Night of the Hamsaurus

by Max Riccardi, age 10

Adventures of Hazel Hollyblade

by Zoya Sarangan, age 10

My Swim Test Adventure

by Julia Alemany, age 11


by Roxy Howell, age 11


by Rafael Goldman-Kunin, age 11