New York City

The Siblings of New York

by Gideon Bialkin, age 11

The Thing

by Sammy Bialkin, age 11

Killer X

by Alton, age 10


by Jay Tikoo, age 10

Eye of the End

by Abeer Bhaskar, age 11

Haunted Teddy Bear

by Camila Belmont Lutz, age 9

When Death Comes Knocking

by Lillian M., age 10

Lost: Gina’s Story

by Anabelle Sulaymanov, age 11

Color Wars: The Ghouls Strike Back

by Elijah Fingerman, age 9

Finding the Keys

by Sophia Chew, age 9

Guide for Being EVIL, I Mean Eating a Bunch of Cotton Candy and Being Super Cute.

by Amalia Ichilov, age 9

The Story of the Unfortunate 2

by Eisei, age 9

Detective Story

by M. F., age 9

A Door Into Time

by Olivia AB, age 11

The Adventures of Leo

by Joaquim Strong, age 10

Can You Survive the Sahara?

by Alex di Florio, age 10

Smooshy Boosh

by Kyle Z., age 10


by Lily, age 8

The Vanishing Stars

by Chloe Keenan, age 11

Things I Hate About My Soulmate

by Camila Villalpando, age 11

Silvermoon’s Song

by Ariadne Civin, age 9

Mom, Where Are You?

by Julio L. Ramos, age 10

The Adventures of Peroni and Stella: Syrup Stopper

by Matthew Shagiev, age 8


by Torben, age 10

The True Story of the Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon

by Chloe Boxx and Layla Boyce, ages 10

The Baguette Fight

by Amalia Ichilov, age 9

The Life of a Superhero

by Jack Jiang, age 11

The Missing Pencil (Part Two)

by Sarah Rubinstein, age 10

The Missing Pencil (Part One)

by Sarah Rubinstein, age 10

Audio Recordings

by Eavan Anderson, age 10


by Alice Etheridge, age 8

Melissa and the First Day of School

by Nicolo Petrosino, age 8

Zeef: Fart Detective

by Zakhur Morales, age 8

Sperm Whale 2: Sperm VS. Squid

by Liam Farley, age 8


by Adam Wallace, age 10

Mittens the Hero

by Caroline, age 7

Otto and Max’s Adventure

by Leo A., age 9

Angel Wings

by Alma van Schaik, age 11

snow falls

by Eli Kanetsky, age 12


by Quinn Miller, age 10

Auggie the Awkward Spy

by Leila Cisse, age 11

My Demon Friend

by Claire Lee, age 10

The Land of Four Elements

by Phaedra L., age 11

The Wand

by Sadie Walsh, age 10

The Story of the Unfortunate

by Eisei Kori, age 9


by Maddy, age 10

The Misadventures of the Stick Friends: Volume One

by Niko Boris Butler, age 10


by Eisei Kori, age 9

Arresting Criminals

by Sophia Chew, age 9

Color Wars: The Beginning

by Elijah Fingerman, age 9

The Pebble

by Wesley CF, age 11


by Mbene, age 11

The Jungle Is in Danger, and We Should Help Save It

by Charles Erik Brady, age 10

From the Diary of Dinah Arena

by Solé Cook, age 9

The Life of a Totally Average Person

by Gala Kamal-Bourdelois, age 9

The Strawberry Adventure

by Ciri Perlstein, age 10

The Five Amulets

by Nile Rodriguez, age 10

From Wolf to Dog

by Holden, age 10

Why Paintball Wars Should Be a National Sport

by Jasper Hirt, age 10

The Life that No One Wants

by Anna Ashikhmin, age 9

The Boy That Was So Jealous

by Julio L Ramos, age 10

The Soccer Game

by Vic, age 9

Just Our Secret

by Laura Daniels, age 11


by Emma-Noelle, age 11

The Truly True Story of Legentious

by Zoe Jacobs, age 11

Peculiar Foods

by Judith Huang, age 9

Washed Away

by Georgia, age 11

Buckingham Puck and the Light Figure

by Julianne Tran, age 8

Lessons from Harry Potter

by Louise Wang, age 10

The Case of the Mysterious Singing Voice

by Sabrina Addo, age 10

I’m Not a Murderer!

by Camila Villalpando, age 11

Before the Apocalypse

by Camila Villalpando, age 11

Mr. Macaroonvoh and the Dog

by Jeeya Deepak Ballaney, age 7


by Miriam Kucher, age 10


by Anabelle Sulaymanov, age 11

Will You Take The Chance?

by Sadie Walsh, age 9

The Visitors

by Niko Boris Butler, age 9

Animals Talk

by Lillian, age 7

Detective James Slute and the Murder on L Street

by Hendrix Kahlon, age 8

My Butt is on Fire

by Noa Horowicz-Mehler, age 8

Nina: An Awesome Trip to Auckland

by Zachary Mullens, age 7

Susan Roger

by Jaden, age 11

Sapphire Lake

by Cecilia Cunningham-dePedro , age 11

The Totally Normal Average Family

by Sam Zwick-Lavinsky, age 10

Dan and Dan’s Friends: Adventures of Friendship

by Soham Sethi, age 9

Ten Roads

by Eunsu Kang, age 8


by Mercer, age 10

The Diary of a Cat with a Crazy Owner

by Leyla Bayraktar, age 9

The 1919 World Series: the Chicago White Sox vs. the Cincinnati Reds

by Fredy C. Estrada, age 11

Potato Lady and the Big Party Bash

by Maxanne Wallace-Segall, age 8

The Toaster

by Rafi Rogers, age 9

Un-Normal Life

by Isabella Scott, age 10

Behind My Back

by Simran Makker, age 10


by Simran Makker, age 10

The Wall

by Nate C., age 11

The War that Came to Peace

by Harper C., age 8


by Nate C., age 11

Blackout Poetry

by Hayden del Valle, age 9

Cleo’s Escape Plan

by Nico David-Fox, age 11

The Smartest Gingerbread Man

by Binah Friedman, age 11

Flashback Killer

by Jacob B., age 11

Ornette’s Adventure

by Olivia Hicks, age 8

A Book About Space

by Mira Kanodia, age 8

Josh’s Samsung Phone and Computer

by Ludivine M., age 8

Bad Chicken

by Aiden, age 10

Life’s End

by Hannah Diker, age 11

Spare Parts

by Gabriel Paiva, age 11

The Friend Fight

by Sophia Ahmed, age 8

Trouble Doubles

by Iris Lau, age 8

A Conversation

by Hannah H., age 10


by Hannah H., age 10


by Uma, age 11

The Mysterious Tree

by Emmet O'Sullivan, age 10

Friends Forever

by Charlotte Farrell, age 10

The Mysteries of Clara

by Soleil Pilato, age 8

The Squish

by Ariadne, age 8

The Pumpkin Stories

by Zachary Blackston, age 11

The Cats, the Battle, and the Secret British Spies

by Eva Woodruff, age 8

The Mighty Warrior

by Ravi C., age 8


by Anusha Kurra, age 10


by Peyton Q., age 9

Dinosaurs Come Back

by AG, age 7

Cop and Bob

by AG, age 7

Pollution Stoppers

by Jazlyn Fuentes, age 10

Silent Dance

by Eavan Anderson, age 10

The Baby Panda Bear and Me

by Lucas Lee, age 7

The Ninth Tree

by Ben, age 11

Gem World

by Eavan K. Anderson, age 10; Soha Chhapra, age 9; Ann Dai, age 11; Reagan Warren, age 9


by Soha Chhapra, age 9

King of the World

by Sophia Backer, age 7

The Portal Under the Couch

by Tamar S., age 10

Georgia’s Big Day

by Samara Chopra, age 8


by Jacalyn Jagtiani, age 11

Cooking is Hard!

by Claire, age 9


by Gemma Graham, age 10

The Complicated Way

by Jane Cooper, age 9

Mason’s Escape

by Luther Thompson, age 10

Joe the Bird

by Shaleen Sheth, age 8

The Book With No Title

by Emily Eng, age 8

A Mermaid’s Home

by Claire Efran, age 8


by Nate, age 8

Saving Yourself

by Kate Santoli, age 10

The Pencils’ First Weekend

by Anonymous, age 8


by Allegra A., age 10


by Jake Segal, age 11

Escape Till Dawn

by Max S., age 12

Ethan and the Elephant

by Pranay Kaveri, age 8

The Really Bad Cold

by Pranay Kaveri, age 8

Stage After Stage

by William James Shapiro, age 11

Things Above and Below Us

by Stephanie Park, age 11

Peanut Butter and Jells

by Ami Keller, age 7

The Battle Cats

by Sean, age 7

The Kings’ War

by Sean, age 7

The Emoji Story

by Sierra Chang, age 7

The Trouble with Babysitting

by Olivia Devins, age 9

The Baby Turtle

by Claire, age 8

The Sleepover

by Claire, age 8

Super Dog vs. Super Cat!

by Ezra Kruger, age 7

The Great Beast

by Molly Rosenfeld, age 10

The Big, Old, Dusty Book

by Olivia Dannibale, age 9


by Soleil Pilato, age 8

Bill Gates: A Biography

by NBZ, age 9

The Monopoly Twist

by Sean, age 7

The Life of Jorden

by Malena G., age 8

Land of the Dead

by P.L. Sullivan, age 8

Hammy the Hamster

by Anchine Liu, age 8

Fred Screws Up

by Anonymous, age 10


by Sonya Inal, age 9

Mia’s Diary

by Avani V., age 9

The Game

by Hudsy, age 8

The Monster Chronicles

by Sanaya Rustam Dastur, age 8

Plum the Golden Retriever

by Lora Wu, age 7

Crayon Monster

by Daylin J., age 7

Spike The Cat and His Discovery

by Sophie Uribe, age 7

Fire and Ice: A New Home

by Anthony Bommarito, age 9

Sugarpaws One: Partners in Mischief

by Sienna Hwang, age 9

Phase One

by Ollie Haber, age 11

Thoughts from a New Yorker

by Zoe Frost, age 11

Class 306 And Mr. Broom

by Zaharek, age 9

The Great Adventure

by James Bradley Kakivelis, age 7

The Story of How a Brother and Sister Become Spies

by Jasper H., age 9


by Shaleen Sheth, age 8

Naruto and the Evil Wizard

by Kiichi Como, age 8

A One-Person Race

by Zoe Frost, age 11

The Attack: Chapter One

by Leela K., age 10

Falling Petals

by Nanami, age 9

An Outlaw’s Tale

by Alexandre Saint-Sauveur, age 10

Lin’s Crazy Adventure

by Naomi D., age 10

Soulfire (Part One)

by Alter E. Alias, age 11

Flames (Haiku)

by Alter E. Alias, age 11

The Baker and The Talking Cakes

by Sarah Rubinstein, age 9


by Ahaan Modi, age 10

A Sweet Poem

by Zalah Blount, age 9

The Curse

by Ahaan Modi, age 10

Mommy, He Slapped Me!!!

by Henry Melmed, age 9

The Wrong Door

by Mica, age 11

The Boy With Future Senses

by Elliot Kaner

The Adventure of Princess Awesome!!!

by Sasha Larrabure, age 9

Lazy Saturday

by Hugh V., age 9

The Clown Meets the Mouse

by Caleb S., age 7

The Bully Story

by Dalia Mullens, age 9

The Miracle

by Daniela R. Thomas, age 6

Princess Mermaid

by Cecilia M., age 6

The Travel Through Time

by Jay Tikoo, age 9

Oh My Gosh!

by Lilli Taipale, age 10

Finley’s First Charm Bracelet

by Maya Mera, age 8

Kyla, Lena, and Debby: The Fight to a New School

by Mbene, age 10

The Flynn Poem

by Chloe Muellers, age 9, Chloe L., age 10, Abigail F., age 10, and Ruby O., age 9

The Room Escape and the Employment

by Kiran Tikoo, age 10

Haunted House

by Joshua Monge, age 10

Kendall’s Story

by Lelia Cisse, age 10

iPhones: According to Stripes

by Eavan Anderson, age 9

One in a Million

by Jaya Dhariwal, age 11


by Ava Orrantia, age 11

The Adventures of Bowser and Chip

by Amelia Khemani, age 8

The Dark Thing

by Hugo Orrantia, age 11

Dragon Days

by Sophia T., age 10

Straying from the Path

by Ben Samuels, age 11

The Quiet River Whispers to Me

by Maya Angiello, age 7

The Three Witches

by Madison Mailutha, age 7

Beaver and the Great Days

by Amelia Khemani, age 8

Waiting For Spring

by Jeeya Deepak Ballaney, age 7


by Dalia Mullens, age 9


by Daniela R. Thomas, age 6

Behind That Door…

by Mia Bauernebel, age 9

The Butter Story

by Jack W., age 11

Pokemon Showdown is Life

by NBZ, age 8 and David M., age 8

T-Shirt Trouble

by Luca F., age 8

The Girl, the Grandma Ghost, and the Goblin

by Sophia Backer, age 7

Today At

by Ean Rashid, age 7

Wax Paper People

by Ben Samuels, age 11

Alison the Mermaid

by Arie, age 7

Booger and Booger, Jr.

by Henry Melmed, age 9

Penny Tree

by Noa K, age 8

A Bottle Flipping Story

by Anonymous, age 10

#What Happens When You’re On Your Phone

by Sebastian Merkatz, age 10

Rise of the Dabbing Bottles

by Anonymous, age 10

The Underworld

by Lucas Jacobs, age 10


by Grace Zhang, age 7

The Smart Boy Who Could Write

by Gideon Bialkin, age 10

The Revenge of the Future Thanksgiving Turkey

by Beni, age 10

Gummy Bunnies are Tough

by Ruixi, age 10

The Ghost Story

by VJP, age 10

Bobzilla the Brick!

by Misty Brown, age 10

A Trip to Colombia

by David Moreno, age 8

The Star, the Heart, and the Walking Fish (Part Two)

by Ben Samuels, age 11

Lucy the Pegasus (Part One)

by Sanaa Huda, age 9


by Ezra Mellor, age 10

Happy Birthday Suzy Walter!

by Leila Cisse, age 9

Super Mouse and the Diamond Thief

by Dean Gabai, age 8

Cutie, Harry, & Friends

by Addy, age 8


by Anonymous, age 8

Finley’s First Day of School

by Maya Mera, age 7

All the Wrong Questions

by Yash, age 10

Nothing But Different (Part Two)

by Olivia Patterson, age 10

One Hundred Years Ago

by Anabel A., age 8

Sign Language

by Sigal Minsky-Primus, age 10

Lucy and Her Friends

by DPK, age 9

Emy’s Jazz Club

by Cecilia Cunningham-dePedro, age 10

The Scary Puppets

by Sammy Bialkin and Elliot Kaner, ages 10

A Stick Figure’s Life

by Noah, age 10

The Starving Dinosaur

by Sage Abbey, age 8

The Adventures of Bub (Book 1)

by Odysseus, age 11

Why You Should Never Be King

by Izzy Weitzman, age 11

The Break

by Laura Daniels, age 10

The Mysteries of the Magic Pencil

by Sameer Gupta, age 9


by Ava Orrantia, age 11

The Screen

by Ben Samuels, age 11

Girl and Squirrel (Part I)

by Pearl Barker Seidman, age 10

Once Upon a Time

by Lea Karian, age 10

Locked Out (Part I)

by Ann Dai, age 10

The Sleepover That Changed My Life

by Emma, age 10

Harmony’s Destiny

by Ruixi, age 10

The Green Place

by Benjamin, age 11

Three Long Reasons Why Sahara Should Have a Puppy

by Sahara Asher, age 10

I Would Rather be Crushed by a Bowling Ball Than go to School

by Kiran, age 10

The Chronicles of Lincoln Middle School

by Paloma Divina, age 10

Mr. MacaroonVoh

by Jeeya Deepak Ballaney, age 7

Blue Dragon, Red Warrior, Young Boy

by Rafael Prochnik, age 11

Warren’s Welfare (Part One)

by Max Pohman, age 11

Atlantic (Excerpt)

by Maia Rose Wellington, age 10

Bensy and His Quest

by Hugh Vickery, age 9

Christmas is Here

by Ethan Outtara, age 10

The Cyclone and the Beach

by Seth Huse, age 9

Car Accident

by Viraaj Sarwahi, age 10

Birdie and the Great Days

by Amelia K., age 8

Calling All Teachers

by Emily Birman, age 11


by Elwyn M., age 11

The Diary Adventure

by Anav Ahaan Arora, age 8

Adventurous Kids

by Emmanuel Weintraub, age 11

Mr. Maniac

by Eshaan Dangayach, age 8

Expectations and Results of the 2016 Presidential Election

by Aarav Sethi, age 11

The Meteor

by Eavan Anderson, age 9

The Guy With The Top Hat

by Jaden Jacoby-Cooper, age 10

Madison the Writing Fairy

by Rachel, age 8

Why Minecraft is Educational

by Jordan Marshall, age 10

The Ghost

by Madhav, age 9

I Heard a Noise

by Talia Walsh, age 9


by Madhav, age 9

Helen Patrick Human

by Alice Xu, age 10