PLANES: Chapter One

by Anonymous, age 10

The Bad Ghost

by Kabeer Arora, age 9


by Juno Brandt, age 8

Arctic Jungle Adventure

by Monte Lang, age 6

Thrasi’s Pot of Gold

by Lora Wu, age 9

Funky Fairy Tales

by Gabriella M., age 8

A Trip to Yellowstone

by Lora Wu, age 9

Busch Gardens

by Marlo Feldman, age 10

Simone La Unicorn

by Penny Smith, age 9

Ruth to the Rescue

by Masua Chaiken, age 8


by Simone Washburn, age 8

The Paint Palette

by Poppy W, age 8

Being on the Verge of Death: Chapter One, Just Great

by Yoonha S., age 11

Adventures of Hazel Hollyblade

Zoya Sarangan, age 10

When Hot Dogs Take Over the World

by Beatrice Mayne-Chang, age 9


by Roxy Howell, age 11

Too Short

by Kazimir Wang, age 11

The Guy Who Only Struck Out

by Jonathan Nallengara, age 10

Sean and Alex

by Sean Li, age 9

The Strong Pencil, the Weak Eraser, and the Evil Microphone

by Sean Li, age 9

Even Death Has Morals

by Charlie Shiff, age 11

What He’s Become

by Ava Barcelona, age 11

A Friend’s Secret

by Lara Veedon, age 9


by Karen Lefcourt-Taylor, age 11

Beautiful: A Feminist Fairy Tale

by Sofie K., age 11

Put on Your Game Face

by Anna Vertin, age 11

Dagger and the Bloodwolf

by Daniel Piscitelli-Cruz, age 10


by Halle Stipanov, age 11

A New War

by Gabe S., age 11

The Diary of Sir Littleton III

by Lily Quintanilla, age 9


by Ellie Pilko, age 8

Coco At The Circus

by Audrey Tian Yi O'Neill, age 8

Faller Killed Killer

by Dheer Seth, age 8

The Twins that Never Fight

by Olivia Tucker

The Evil Santa

by Sebastian Czaplicki, age 8

War of the Fruits

by Amdo Goodman

The Road Trip

by Bronwyn McAlister-Rogers


by Logan R.

The Great Snowball Fight

by Amdo Goodman

Maddy the Gymnast

by Alice Liao

The Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Drawing

Gone Girls

by Phoebe S.

Treasure Map

by Ari

Shadow Their Attack

by Anonymous

The War for Aspadus

by Ian Feliciano

The Castle of Love

by Ivana Chan


by Avery Hines-Mudry

Random Stories

by SJ Sheth

Awesome Airplanes!

by Matthew

When Owner Left Me

by Anna B


by Anonymous

Video Games

by James Hong

Kingdoms Dragon’s Game

by Abner Scudder

Writopia Land

by Amy Martinez

Trouble in Disney World!!!

by Evangeline Joy Flynn, age 9

Secret Samurai

by Sahir Sadat, age 10

Walking Through a Cave

by Wrenn Thomas, age 9

The Life of a Garbage Can

by Kayla A., age 10

Two Doughnuts Sometimes Make the Perfect Match

by Sumaiya Jessi, age 11

The Haunted Circus Chronicles

by Aditya Pathiyal, age 9


by Leontios Marios Porter, age 8

Sad Life of Peter

by Debmallya Ghosh, age 11

Life of a Hermit Crab

by Lucas G, age 10

Adventure of the Orphanage

by Crystel Flores, age 11

The World’s Smallest Dog

by Wrenn Thomas, age 9

A Puffy Phenomenon

by Lola N. Sanchez, age 10

The Canvas Who Wanted to be Loved

by Sierra Johnson, age 10

The British One

by Anna Ashikhmin, age 10

Thunder the Tiger

by Satya Shah Thum, age 7

The Debate Over the Weirdest Things

by Gaia Wude Treglia, age 10

Princess Cat Makes a Friend

by Helena Rose, age 7

Falcin’s Pizza

by Elliot Higgins-Woo, age 7

The False Accident

by Sareetha, age 8

Horse Tails

by Aurelia Larson, age 10 and Matilda Beyer, age 10

My Dogs Baba, Ibiza, and Poppy

by Sanaa Chappelle, age 9

Baseball Fever

by Kayla A, age 10


by Soham Sethi, age 10

A Wizard Who Can’t Talk

by Anonymous

I Remember

by Giulia Grace Ratto

I Am Mehoko

by Eleanor S.W. Hamilton, age 10

Changing Towns

by Nina Mamik, age 7

Aria’s Story

by Nuha Basher, age 11

Twin Towers

by Leyla Bayraktar

Special Sandwich

by Elizabeth Salguero, age 11

A New Friend

by Sydney, age 8

No Snooping!

by Vivian, age 9

The Monster that Betrayed

by Isabella Tang, age 10

Keep Trying

by Giselle Vidals Hernández, age 11

Foresta Sparking Chapter One

by Mattan Bader, age 11


by Hayden Becker, age 11


by Ahana Chakravarty, age 11


by Zeke Williams, age 10

A Love For Liberty

by Leah Josephson, age 11

The Amazing Aliens

by Sia Sethi and Soham Sethi

Moving Away

by Eva Djordjevic

The Magic Rhino

by Ethan Goodman

The Orphans

by Tina Rodriguez

The Adventures of Melissa Momper

by Caroline Dupree

Selena and the Big Secret

by Alisha Subhahnoor

The Donkeys

by Sophie Rinzler

The Bad Sleepover

by Cara H.

Treasure in Washington Monument

by Marielle Keum


by Hudson L

Something Broken

by Emily Rose

The Story of Candyland

by Anonymous, age 8

Emma Learns How to Fly

by Celine, age 8

Dragon Time

by Max Khankin, age 8

Three Worlds

by Daniel Nasseri, age 7

Priya: War Hero

by Reya Nair, age 10

The Faded Sword

by Olivia Romano, age 11

Raining Frogs

by Emil Mehri, age 8

Tim, the Mouse

by Christopher, age 11


by Ethan F., age 10

The Girl Who Finally Got A Dog

by Anika Pandit

The Hat With Hands

by Farah Blount

Definitely Not Evil

by Tommy Coughlin

I Forget

by Bex Segal

Five Years of Him

by Hypatia

Rumble in the Jungle

by Lucas Lee


by Zen L Keshwani

Bill and Her Mice

by Sophia

The Rat

by Ryan

The Three Portals Book No. 1 The Wizard

by Zachary Chang

Reality Toddlers

by Ryan Suh

Tacos, Part 1

by Cameron Arias

Truth or Lie

by Sylvia K.

Godly Mythical War

by Cameron Arias

Arly and Asher and The Missing Martial Arts Belt

by Mason Canarick


by Aditya Viswanathan

Train Lines

by Liam J. Reilly


by John-Michael

The Dream

by Sophie Plitas

Being a Fairy

by Ellie Plitas

The Space Travelers

by Wajih Ahmed

The Secret Beneath Hakhito Island (Excerpt)

by Olive Spence

The Pirates and the Ninja

by Zion Bowman-Witter

I Don’t Know What to Write

by Sonya Inal

It’s Raining Frogs

by Atticus Van Cleaf

Mason And The Battle Of The Gorgons (Excerpt)

by Owen Montes

Diaries of the Superdog Lover

by Ji-Won Ahn

Pioneer Sightings (Excerpt)

by Wyatt Ritchie

A Wizard and His Book of Spells

by Liam

Outer Space

by Hudson

Sarina’s Story

by Sarina Parikh, age 7

The Water Problem

by Ayden Parikh, age 8

Kiku and Sophia

by Z Money, age 8

meditating devil

by Eva Nelson-Torres, age 10

The World of Evil

by Kiichi Como, age 9

Stay out of the Attic

by Geronimo L., age 7

Stupendous Sprinkles

by Ava Gould


by Lina

Jake, David, and the Eiffel Tower Adventure

by Logan Thomas

The Roxanne Family is Falling Down

by Caitlin Hu

My New Nintendo 2DS XL

by John P


by Max

The Best of Friends

by Penelope Lerner

The Lovely Lamb (Bugatti)

Peace Omoike

The Magic Apple

by Remy Schanzer


by Kofi Asante-Abedi

The Mad Story

by Arda

Italy to New York City

by Giana T.

Bob and Bobby the Weirdos

by Tunca Altintepe

Jake’s Friends

by Alexander Ormsby


by Sam R.

Awesome Airplanes: The Escape From The TCOEP

by Matthew

The Animal Shelter

by Amy Martinez

Nantucket Adventure

by Satya Shah Thum

The Fairy Who Didn’t Have A Friend

by Nina Mamik

The Girl Who Was Never Patient

by Anika Pandit

Have an Ice Day

by Sydney

Monster Hunters

by Nick Rozenblit

The Space Travelers 4

by Wajih Ahmed

The Mighty Tree

by Ratan

Alien Invasion

by Ari

The Kiwi

by Maya Jowata, age 10

The Siblings of New York

by Gideon Bialkin, age 11

The Thing

by Sammy Bialkin, age 11

Killer X

by Alton, age 10


by Jay Tikoo, age 10

Eye of the End

by Abeer Bhaskar, age 11

Haunted Teddy Bear

by Camila Belmont Lutz, age 9

When Death Comes Knocking

by Lillian M., age 10

Lost: Gina’s Story

by Anabelle Sulaymanov, age 11

Color Wars: The Ghouls Strike Back

by Elijah Fingerman, age 9

Guide for Being EVIL, I Mean Eating a Bunch of Cotton Candy and Being Super Cute.

by Amalia Ichilov, age 9

The Story of the Unfortunate 2

by Eisei, age 9

Finding the Keys

by Sophia Chew, age 9

A Door Into Time

by Olivia AB, age 11

Detective Story

by M. F., age 9

The Adventures of Leo

by Joaquim Strong, age 10

Can You Survive the Sahara?

by Alex di Florio, age 10

The Horror Mustache

by Leandro Triana, age 7

Smooshy Boosh

by Kyle Z., age 10


by Lily, age 8

The Vanishing Stars

by Chloe Keenan, age 11

GOD DIARIES: Diary of the Messenger Boy

by Belen Haro, age 10

Things I Hate About My Soulmate

by Camila Villalpando, age 11

Queen Alison and Queen Maia

by Christina Merikas, age 9

Silvermoon’s Song

by Ariadne Civin, age 9

Mom, Where Are You?

by Julio L. Ramos, age 10

Emma and the Cat

by Hanna Barlow, age 9

The Haunted Typewriter

by Gabriela Pabon, age 11

The Adventures of Peroni and Stella: Syrup Stopper

by Matthew Shagiev, age 8


by Torben, age 10

The True Story of the Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon

by Chloe Boxx and Layla Boyce, ages 10

The Life of a Superhero

by Jack Jiang, age 11

The Missing Pencil (Part Two)

by Sarah Rubinstein, age 10

The Missing Pencil (Part One)

by Sarah Rubinstein, age 10

Friday the 13th with the Johnsons

by Sonia Sharma, age 10; Sanskrithi Arun, age 10; and Lakshmi, age 9


by Tamar, age 8

Audio Recordings

by Eavan Anderson, age 10

Zeef: Fart Detective

by Zakhur Morales, age 8

Melissa and the First Day of School

by Nicolo Petrosino, age 8

Mittens the Hero

by Caroline, age 7

Sperm Whale 2: Sperm VS. Squid

by Liam Farley, age 8


by Adam Wallace, age 10

Otto and Max’s Adventure

by Leo A., age 9

Angel Wings

by Alma van Schaik, age 11

snow falls

by Eli Kanetsky, age 12


by Quinn Miller, age 10

Auggie the Awkward Spy

by Leila Cisse, age 11

My Demon Friend

by Claire Lee, age 10

The Land of Four Elements

by Phaedra L., age 11

The Wand

by Sadie Walsh, age 10

The Story of the Unfortunate

by Eisei Kori, age 9

Arresting Criminals

by Sophia Chew, age 9

Color Wars: The Beginning

by Elijah Fingerman, age 9


by Mbene, age 11

From the Diary of Dinah Arena

by Solé Cook, age 9

The Life of a Totally Average Person

by Gala Kamal-Bourdelois, age 9

The Strawberry Adventure

by Ciri Perlstein, age 10

The Five Amulets

by Nile Rodriguez, age 10

The Life that No One Wants

by Anna Ashikhmin, age 9

The Boy That Was So Jealous

by Julio L Ramos, age 10


by Haohan Sima, age 10

The Soccer Game

by Vic, age 9

The Forbidden Sisters

by Gabbie Listana, age 10

Just Our Secret

by Laura Daniels, age 11

The Purple Thing

by Quinn Washburn, age 10

The Awesome Story of Tommy

by Nina Vigil, age 11


by Emma-Noelle, age 11

The Truly True Story of Legentious

by Zoe Jacobs, age 11

Peculiar Foods

by Judith Huang, age 9

Washed Away

by Georgia, age 11

Buckingham Puck and the Light Figure

by Julianne Tran, age 8

The Case of the Mysterious Singing Voice

by Sabrina Addo, age 10

I’m Not a Murderer!

by Camila Villalpando, age 11

Before the Apocalypse

by Camila Villalpando, age 11

Mr. Macaroonvoh and the Dog

by Jeeya Deepak Ballaney, age 7


by Miriam Kucher, age 10


by Anabelle Sulaymanov, age 11

Will You Take The Chance?

by Sadie Walsh, age 9

The Visitors

by Niko Boris Butler, age 9

Animals Talk

by Lillian, age 7

The Chicken Savior

by Chicknugget, age 9

Detective James Slute and the Murder on L Street

by Hendrix Kahlon, age 8

My Butt is on Fire

by Noa Horowicz-Mehler, age 8

The Ghost Boy

by Sasha Rappaport, age 11

Grandma’s Garden

by Ella Gilbert, age 11

Nina: An Awesome Trip to Auckland

by Zachary Mullens, age 7

Susan Roger

by Jaden, age 11

Sapphire Lake

by Cecilia Cunningham-dePedro , age 11

The Totally Normal Average Family

by Sam Zwick-Lavinsky, age 10

Dan and Dan’s Friends: Adventures of Friendship

by Soham Sethi, age 9

Ten Roads

by Eunsu Kang, age 8

Krispy Kreme

by Tristan Salaam, age 9

The War That Saved My Life

by Alex Gan, age 9

A Soccer Dream

by Chloe Kim, age 9

The Land of Atlasai, Book One: Catnapped! (Part Two)

by Alex Tucker, age 10

The Land of Atlasai, Book One: Catnapped!

by Alex Tucker, age 10

Princess Sadie and the Time Machine

by Christina Merikas, age 9

An Animal War in Heaven: Master’s Secret

by Shanwai Lin, age 10


by Mercer, age 10

The Ultimate Handbook of Greek Gods

by Haohan Sima, age 10

The Diary of a Cat with a Crazy Owner

by Leyla Bayraktar, age 9

A Sticky Situation

by Zia Riaz, age 10

Take Care of Me

by Anushka Dalal, age 11

Bionic Girl

by Diya Patel, age 11

Un-Normal Life

by Isabella Scott, age 10

The Wall

by Nate C., age 11

The War that Came to Peace

by Harper C., age 8

Cleo’s Escape Plan

by Nico David-Fox, age 11

The Smartest Gingerbread Man

by Binah Friedman, age 11

Flashback Killer

by Jacob B., age 11

Ornette’s Adventure

by Olivia Hicks, age 8

Josh’s Samsung Phone and Computer

by Ludivine M., age 8

Messy May

by Luna K., age 8

Man in the Shadows

by Horus K., age 9

Alien Plant

by Horus K., age 9

The Strong Genie

by Benjamin Afrasiabi, age 9


by B. Rosenblatt, age 8

The Snow Adventure

by Benjamin Afrasiabi, age 9

The Flying Pig

by B. Rosenblatt, age 8

The Grandfather Clock

by Abigail, age 10

The War That I Fought For

by Lucie, age 9

Life’s End

by Hannah Diker, age 11

Spare Parts

by Gabriel Paiva, age 11

The Friend Fight

by Sophia Ahmed, age 8

Trouble Doubles

by Iris Lau, age 8

Nick and The Championship Soccer Game

by Akshay Setty, age 8