Potato Land Book One: Humans Try to Take Over Potato Land But One Awesome Team Will Stop the Humans!

by Avery Kim, age 10


by Dylan Starr, age 11


by Zahir Chappelle, age 11

Spelling Bee Champ

by Sophia Nikas, age 9


by Maya Graff, age 11

Super Saber-Tooth Tiger

by Zaniya L. Sands, age 7

HS Travels the World

by Sebastian Gonzalez, age 6

A Day Underwater with the Dolphins

by Sienna Beck, age 7

The Scary Ghosts

by Henry Cook, age 7

The Crazy Meatball Incident

by Cameron Dibadj, age 10

The Value of a Trophy

by Olivia Xu, age 11

Where Have All The Goslings Gone?

by Anonymous, age 11

Weird Food World

by JL, age 8

UFO Universe

by Ava McLaughlin, age 10

Alex Armado

by Charles Wolf, age 9

The Unexpected

by Gugliemo Cordara, age 9

The Outbreak

by Eric Li, age 9

The Doll

by Stella Brothers, age 11

The 2 Cat and 1 Monkey Friend

by Joe Mendoza, age 10

My Journal

by Kevin Mendoza, age 10

Bob the Dwagin

by JL Johnston, age 8

The Singularity

by Eric Li, age 9


by Julia Rosenthal, age 9

Do Aliens Exist?

by RJG, age 9

Scary and Short Stories

by Manuela Concha, age 10

Daisy’s Adventure

by Ellie Rossi, age 7

Germ Clash

by Jonathan Zhang, age 7

Dragon Story

by Ellie, age 10

The Unicorns and One Pony

by Sophie, age 10

The Marine Biology Specialist

by Emanuel Gold, age 8

The Snowy July

by Sammy McCulloch, age 9

The Unicorn and the Dragon

by Emma Biegel, age 7

Coco Finds a Friend

by Lyla Gardner, age 8

Lucy the Hedgehog

Sophie Biegel, age 7


by Maya Cohen, age 10

Blue’s Story : A Novel By Mae Benne

by Mae Benne, age 11

Scoot and the Big Bear Mystery Book 1

by Aaron Arzon, age 7

Sylvia and the Wishing Tree

by Zoya Sarangan, age 11

The Zombie who Eats Tacos Everyday

by Harry Brennan, age 8


by Christina Merikas, age 10


by Hank Shoemaker, age 8

December 19th

by Caroline Kollander, age 10

The Spotlight

Kellen Spencer, age 9


by Ellie Plitas, age 10

The Adventures of Julia and Lucia

by Sophie Plitas, age 10

Monkey Spy

by Paloma Wilkinson, age 8

Roman Story

by Leon Hecker, age 10

Sub Society

by Jasper Singh, age 9

The Unicorn and the Butterfly

by Adia Ware, age 9

Jamie and the Swallow Nest

Analise Chen, age 11

Bad Guys Never Win

by Lanai Blake-Soden, age 11

The Unfortunate Tale of Mr. Dirk Chepe

by Hannah Hiller, age 11

The Three Princesses

by Samantha McCulloch, age 9

Captain Daddy and the Pied Piper

by Leena Rajkotia, age 9


by Magnus Nesdale, age 11

Dude the Cat

by Emma V, age 7

Crowned for Nature

by Juliet Healy, 8

Candy Sushi Fun

by Parvati Desai, age 8

Lost in Time

by Shawn Qiu, age 11

Do You Want Me

by Emma Wolff, age 9

Cookie the Bear

by Isabella Paredes, age 11

Agent Puppy

by Alejandra, age 11

Sins and Crimes

by Zoe Becker, age 11

The House

by Henry Cornier-Lugo, age 11

Short story made after a lot of begging

by Sahn Choi, age 10


by Parker, age 10


by Nikhil Rughwani, age 10

Life of a Boy with Powers

by Leo, age 10

The Amber Ring

by Josie Levin, age 9

A New Kind of Freedom

by Claire HB, age 11


by Stella Ross, age 9

World of Women

by Lily Martin, age 10

The Mermystery

by Talia Shafizadeh, age 8

Secrets in the Shadows

by Beatrix Gruver, age 10

Hannah and Anabelle

by Beatrice Watts-Kornblut, age 8

Lost in the Forest

by Teresa Dean, age 11

The Strange Computer & the Missing Parent

by Willow Glenn, age 9

The TV

by Aidan R., age 8

A Bad Month to be a Turkey

by Gabe Horowitz, age 10

The Legend of the Fortune Town

by Arjun Giridhar, age 7


by Lily Brady, age 10

The Corrupted Candyland

by Hannah Hiller, age 10

The Rocket Jet Car

by Ian R., age 8

My Life in the Birchwood Forest

by Lilla Burke, age 10

Death Escape

by SC, age 11

Fend For Yourself

by Jane Cooper, age 11

Abandon School

by Talia Leibowitz, age 9

Sareen the Blanket Girl

by Sareen, age 7

The Day You Die

by Siena, age 8

Tsega Goes to the Waterpark

by Tsega R., age 7

Moving to the Farm

by Charlotte Qui, age 8

Night in the Grocery Store

by Yian Zhao, age 10

The Cat World

by Clovis Arteta-Chevalier, age 8

the psycho banana man 1

by Molly Langevin, age 9

A Pig Stuck in an Elevator

by Carol Wu, age 8

Mr. Pink Giraffe and His Mansion

by Jack Nassiri, age 9

The Pizza Monster

by Nael Gebermichael, age 8


by JX, age 10

The Stupid Pig

by Alfred Ji, age 9


by Livia K, age 11

Freedom for Dragons

by Brendan, age 9

Nothing But Nonsense

by Leslie Gill, age 11

The Blackout

by Charlotte Qiu, age 8


by Jordan Tsao, age 10


by Sama Daga, age 11

The Great Big Ocean

by Anushka Ring, age 10

Endor’s Life

by Alan Medina, age 11

The Hair Salon

by Amelie Thiers, age 7

Far from Normal

by Elan Wang, age 10

Just Edward

by Oliver Sterling, age 11

Arstina and the Shadow King

by Maya Wang-Habib, age 8

Maybe Sorta Kinda Grounded

by Ahana, age 8

Bep-Bop’s Shopping List

by Dean Kedem, age 7

Carter & His Mad Lunchbox

by Chloe C., age 11

The Flower of Cator

by Michelle Lee, age 11

Mirror Life of the Sun Goddess

by Micheala Koeva-Brooks, age 8

The Adventures of Chester Lansbury

by Gala, age 11

Fighting For Health

by Lily, age 11

The Ghost

by Paloma Garg, age 8

The Mystery of the Missing Egg

by Nicola Chan, age 8

Molly’s Birthday

by Karla, age 11

Experiment Gone Wrong

by Tori Kim, age 10

Funky Fairytales 2: The Galaxy Switch, V. 1

by Gabriella M., age 9

The Woman

by Journe’ih Sultan, age 11

Escape from the Ant Farm

by Maya Wang-Habib, age 8

The Princess’s Daughter

by Evangeline D’Amico-Fernandez, age 10

The Sacrifice of Traxon Laxon

by Anonymous, age 11

The Last Wizard

by Olivia English, age 10

Berniece and her Amazing Adventures

by Kayla, age 11


by Aidan N. Wild, age 9

The Cupcake and the Jelly

by I.M. Unknown, age 9

The Night of The Halloween Fair

by Ashwin Pathiyal, age 10

All About the Oceans and Reefs

Blake Lee, age 6


by Lucas Lee, age 6

Mr. Eel’s Revenge

by Alexander Cameron Winyard, age 7

Cardinal the Kitten

by Wren, age 7

The Dolphin’s Adventure

by Ella S., age 7

Cakes, Tennis, and Moving!

by Aditya, age 10


by Kayman Mangan, age 11

Jason Lesley Mason

by Juliana Leb, age 10

Bloody Mary

by Amélie Stambouli, age 10

Pilla and Pimilla

by Maya Shah, age 9

Far From Home Plate

by Juniper Brinegar, age 10

A Painted Life

by Sobee, age 11

The Gingerbread Man

by Thalia Eve, age 7

The Cheetah Who Loved Coca-Cola

by Hadrian Stewart, age 7

Anything for Bacon

by Charlotte Symons, age 11

The Cow-Pocolips

by Tilly Salgo, age 8

The Calf Who Lost Her Mom

by Tony Zheng, age 9


by Eli Leichter Wilson, age 11

The War

by Leon, age 8

The Mess

by Anonymous, age 8

Sprinkles the Donut

by Lucia Smith, age 8

The Cupcake and the Cake

by Emma Wang, age 8

The Days at the Museum

by Matthew, age 8

Three Fingers

by Samantha Lynn McCulloch, age 8

The Fire Breathing Flying Cow and the Cake and Cat

by Liliana (Lily) Wu, age 8

The Plantation

by Phoebe Dowling, age 10


by Maya, age 11

Sugar on Her Quest

by Ellie, age 10

Blobby’s Problem

by Oliver, age 8

Lightning Thunder

by Charlotte Berenbom, age 7

The Not-So-Ordinary Hero

by Evangeline Flynn, age 10

Nogill Origin Story

by Ricky Washington, age 10

Hidden Under

by Grace Koch, age 11

Another Year Without You

by Sabine P-J, age 10


by Kathryn Grant, age 10

Detective Frog

by Noah Kelkar, age 10

Appalled at the Art Museum

by Ike Smith, age 7


by Teia Bouganim, age 10

Jack’s Saviors

by Amelie Rose Miller, age 10

The Time When Unicorns Existed, or Shall I Say the Time When I Got Famous, or Maybe Not

by Ruqayyah Osman, age 8

Amber Diaries

by Catalina Guzman-Charleston, age 10

The Anderson Sisters

by Allegra M., age 10

AL the Alien

by Noah, age 10

Glooey Glob the Alien

by Arthur LD, age 11

Olivia Kokoefer

by Anonymous, age 11

the big issue

by David Etra, age 10

Cloudy With a Chance of War

by Maximilian Riccardi, age 10

What Happened?

by Leila Cisse, age 11

The Dark Lord and the Prince

by Elias Chatzicharalampous, age 11

Cinnamon’s Story

by Ariadne T.C., age 10

The Pearl Necklace

by Ava Pennachio, age 11

The Story About How A Banana’s Face Got Peeled Off

by Maria Guzman-Charleston, age 7

Tsunami Boy

by E. C. Justice, age 9

Looking For Joy

by Siroos Pasdar, age 10

Goo Goo’s Story

by Marielle P. Mignone-Sankoorikal, age 6

Just a Nightmare

by Emilio, age 10

Spell Casters

by Ian Nguyen, age 9

The Road Boys: The Halloween Mystery

by Ido, age 9

The Road Boys: The Labor Day Mystery

by Nikan, age 9

the man in a bird suit that hardly looked like a bird. but i shot it down anyway. like a bird.

by Scarlett Simpson, age 10

Sharpclaw (Chapter One)

by Kai Tschopp, age 10

The Fennec Fox and the Clouded Leopard

by Alexander Cao, age 8

Ketchup Pool

by Lucas Castillo, age 6

The Gingerbread Man

by Ruqayyah Osman, age 8

The Game Show

by Joaquim ADP, age 8

Aliens Living on Mars

by MacHenry, age 8

Lea’s Unicorn (Books One and Two)

by Cameron Green, age 9

Gummy Bears V.S. Pirates

by Alexander Cameron Winyard, age 7

The Lost Princesses

by Danielle Alcantara, age 11

Went to the Movies

by Lindeng Shen, age 7

The So-Called First Book of Stickman

by Waylon Tse, age 10

The Stolen Diamond

by Niko, age 11


by Lucas Lee, age 6

The Humbug

by Andrew Wu, age 9


by Maddie L, age 11

A Bad Day (Kinda)

by Everett Chen, age 9

Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows

by Sydney, age 8

Unicorn Academy

by Catalina Guzman-Charleston, age 10

Journey to the Rest of the Universe

by Masua Chaiken, age 8

The Mom and the Sweetie and the Dad

by Alexa Taveras, age 7

The Rabbit and Her Mom

by Abigail Urvat Balaj, age 6

The Crime Kitty

by Isabella P., age 11

The Adventures of UNICAT!

by Alejandra P., age 11

The Hot Dog Robber

by Nery Monge, age 9

The Classroom Escapade

by Remi Steele, age 10

Lily Big Help and Her Idea

by Allison R. Santana Carreno, age 10

Panda Spies

by Kona Sullivan, age 10


by Atticus Riley, age 9


by Anabelle Wong, age 10

Emma Williams

by Isabel Brewer, age 10

Dragon Time (Part Two)

by Max Khankin, age 8

The Weird Pig

by Lulu, age 9

The Head Family

by Ranbeer Arora, age 9

The Murder Mishap

by Miya Wang-Habib, age 8

Laura on 318th Street

by Poppy Dubs, age 8

Circus of Talents

by Ciri Perlstein, age 11


by Sole Cook, age 11

Princess Lou’s Adventure

by Willow Glenn, age 9

The Adventures of the Cat Club

by Georgia, age 11


by Kai Tschopp, age 10

Journey to the Heavens

by Zoya Sarangan, age 10


by Teia Bouganim, age 10

The Sloth Who Gave Up Being Mean to the Pythons

by Millie Tucker, age 7

What Blood Can Do

by Gaia Wude Treglia, age 10

Beauty at Its Finest

by Gabbie, age 11

Softy the Unicorn

by Amrisha Kumar, age 9

Star and the Dilemma

by Lucy Q., age 8

Revenge of the Demon Chicken

by Ian Nguyen, age 9

Lost in Outer Space

by Maria Gia-Bao Cordova, age 10

The Happy Dragon

by Millie Tucker, age 7

Is a Kiss Just a Kiss?

by Riley H, age 10

Under The Same Stars

by Lelia Washburn, age 10

Christmas Eve Tree

by Cassie, age 10

The Dryplace

by Sophie Allen, age 11


by Alexandra Keyworth, age 9

The Mirror

by Simone Washburn, age 8

Pencils and Alligators

by Willow Kedem Kaplan, age 11

Looking For Joy

by Siroos Pasdar, age 10

Knights At Sunset

by K. Shah, age 9


by Ariel Horace, age 9

The Bored Hero

by Kazimir Bobrowski Wang, age 11

Pig Island

by Piper Kennedy, age 10

The Amazing Fluffy’s Adventures

by Annika, age 8

copy and paste adventure: part one

by Seiji, age 7

Jonas and Matthew

by Matthew H., age 9

Stranded in Paradise

by Paloma Wilkinson, age 8

My Sacred Friend

by Claire Lee, age 11

Winter and Scott

by EmmaLina Eckstein, age 10

PLANES: Chapter One

by Anonymous, age 10

The Bad Ghost

by Kabeer Arora, age 9


by Juno Brandt, age 8

Arctic Jungle Adventure

by Monte Lang, age 6

Thrasi’s Pot of Gold

by Lora Wu, age 9

Funky Fairy Tales

by Gabriella M., age 8

A Trip to Yellowstone

by Lora Wu, age 9

Simone La Unicorn

by Penny Smith, age 9

Busch Gardens

by Marlo Feldman, age 10

Ruth to the Rescue

by Masua Chaiken, age 8


by Simone Washburn, age 8

The Paint Palette

by Poppy W, age 8

Being on the Verge of Death: Chapter One, Just Great

by Yoonha S., age 11

Adventures of Hazel Hollyblade

Zoya Sarangan, age 10

When Hot Dogs Take Over the World

by Beatrice Mayne-Chang, age 9


by Roxy Howell, age 11

Too Short

by Kazimir Wang, age 11

The Guy Who Only Struck Out

by Jonathan Nallengara, age 10

Sean and Alex

by Sean Li, age 9

The Strong Pencil, the Weak Eraser, and the Evil Microphone

by Sean Li, age 9

Even Death Has Morals

by Charlie Shiff, age 11

What He’s Become

by Ava Barcelona, age 11

A Friend’s Secret

by Lara Veedon, age 9


by Karen Lefcourt-Taylor, age 11

Beautiful: A Feminist Fairy Tale

by Sofie K., age 11

Put on Your Game Face

by Anna Vertin, age 11

Dagger and the Bloodwolf

by Daniel Piscitelli-Cruz, age 10


by Halle Stipanov, age 11

A New War

by Gabe S., age 11

The Diary of Sir Littleton III

by Lily Quintanilla, age 9


by Ellie Pilko, age 8

Coco At The Circus

by Audrey Tian Yi O'Neill, age 8

Faller Killed Killer

by Dheer Seth, age 8

The Twins that Never Fight

by Olivia Tucker

The Evil Santa

by Sebastian Czaplicki, age 8

War of the Fruits

by Amdo Goodman

The Road Trip

by Bronwyn McAlister-Rogers


by Logan R.

The Great Snowball Fight

by Amdo Goodman

Maddy the Gymnast

by Alice Liao