by Dylan Vernor, age 9

The Baker and The Talking Cakes

by Sarah Rubinstein, age 9

A Sweet Poem

by Zalah Blount, age 9


by Dylan Vernor, age 9

Talent Show Drama

by Grace Wu, age 8

Mommy, He Slapped Me!!!

by Henry Melmed, age 9

The Adventure of Princess Awesome!!!

by Sasha Larrabure, age 9

Lazy Saturday

by Hugh V., age 9

The Clown Meets the Mouse

by Caleb S., age 7

The Bully Story

by Dalia Mullens, age 9

Princess Mermaid

by Cecilia M., age 6

The Miracle

by Daniela R. Thomas, age 6

The Travel Through Time

by Jay Tikoo, age 9

Finley’s First Charm Bracelet

by Maya Mera, age 8

The Flynn Poem

by Chloe Muellers, age 9, Chloe L., age 10, Abigail F., age 10, and Ruby O., age 9

iPhones: According to Stripes

by Eavan Anderson, age 9

The Adventures of Bowser and Chip

by Amelia Khemani, age 8

The Quiet River Whispers to Me

by Maya Angiello, age 7

The Three Witches

by Madison Mailutha, age 7


by Dalia Mullens, age 9

Beaver and the Great Days

by Amelia Khemani, age 8

Waiting For Spring

by Jeeya Deepak Ballaney, age 7


by Daniela R. Thomas, age 6

Behind That Door…

by Mia Bauernebel, age 9

T-Shirt Trouble

by Luca F., age 8

Pokemon Showdown is Life

by NBZ, age 8 and David M., age 8

The Girl, the Grandma Ghost, and the Goblin

by Sophia Backer, age 7

Today At

by Ean Rashid, age 7

Alison the Mermaid

by Arie, age 7

Booger and Booger, Jr.

by Henry Melmed, age 9

Penny Tree

by Noa K, age 8

The Three Teddy Bears

by Samantha Li, age 8


by Grace Zhang, age 7

Helena the Husky Goes Camping

by Gabriella M., age 9

A Trip to Colombia

by David Moreno, age 8

Lucy the Pegasus (Part One)

by Sanaa Huda, age 9

Sports Acrostic

by Rishad V., age 9


by Rashna V., age 9

Happy Birthday Suzy Walter!

by Leila Cisse, age 9

Super Mouse and the Diamond Thief

by Dean Gabai, age 8

Dying Wolf (a sestina)

by Aoife O'Connell, age 9

Cutie, Harry, & Friends

by Addy, age 8


by Anonymous, age 8

Finley’s First Day of School

by Maya Mera, age 7

One Hundred Years Ago

by Anabel A., age 8

The Crime

by Om Sanan, age 9

Lucy and Her Friends

by DPK, age 9

The Starving Dinosaur

by Sage Abbey, age 8

Pac-Man is HERE

by Aliya, age 9

The Mysteries of the Magic Pencil

by Sameer Gupta, age 9

Helena the Husky: A Diary

by Gabriella M., age 9

The Crazy Adventure

by Alisha, age 9

Owlette and Sugar

by Gianna Scherma-Todaro, age 8

The Day the Crayons Went to the Moon

by Ido Shalev, age 8

All About My Family

by Alma Elli Shalev, age 6

Mr. MacaroonVoh

by Jeeya Deepak Ballaney, age 7

Bensy and His Quest

by Hugh Vickery, age 9

The Cyclone and the Beach

by Seth Huse, age 9

Birdie and the Great Days

by Amelia K., age 8

Ali’s Birds

by Tamar Koren, age 7

The Diary Adventure

by Anav Ahaan Arora, age 8

Mr. Maniac

by Eshaan Dangayach, age 8

The Meteor

by Eavan Anderson, age 9

Madison the Writing Fairy

by Rachel, age 8

The Ghost

by Madhav, age 9

I Heard a Noise

by Talia Walsh, age 9


by Madhav, age 9


by Dalia Mullens, age 9

The Two Friends

by Isaac Lazaroff, age 9

My Pet’s Life: A Series

Eshan Sharma


Hannah Diker

The Tale of the Alien and the Human

Mia Dorman

Magic is Really Real

Hannah Shahidi

The Other Side of Me


Diary of a Shy Girl

Rose Sussmann

The Future Earth’s Concrete Takeover

Maya Giordano


Odessa Kanarick

Just Run

Olly Coward

Glitter and the Magical Fig, Part 1

Olivia Dewar

The Alien Invasion

Liam S.

Boing and the Evil Noodles

Eliza Treuhaft

Unknown Worlds

Ram Bhaman

Animals Running Away

Gabe Valencia

Marigold and Luki-luki

Izzy C.

The Goblet of Doom

Lilly Gordon

Gummy Wars

Mira S.

The Turtle’s Adventures with Friends

Amelia Santos

The Weird Things

Caden Lewis-Shickman

Undaunted Courage

Aaron Gao

Michael Gets Sucked Into A Game

Christopher Wang

Long Live King George!

Lila Wattenberg

Travels in Time: Rosie in the Revolution

Jade Kraut

Funny Culprits

Evelyn Worcester


Caroline Dupree

Jungle Story

Dea Yavich

Quest for the Overworld

Haohan Sima

The Witch of Staten Island


Hawaii Gone Bad


The Day That Jack Ran Away

Estela Ramos

An Intruder Mystery

Aarushi Kanigicherla

The Mysterious Box

Sophia Glasson

Tooth Fairy Trouble

Ellanie Fernandez


Sam Zwick-Lavinsky

Aliens At Mars


Cookie Dough’s Adventures in the Bedroom

Liam Oliver

The Weird Week

Belen Haro


Camille Davis

The Adventure of Christian and the Ancient Tour Guide


The Weird Potion


Harry Potter


Lost/The Lucky Quarter

Asha Tallapragada

The One-Dollar Bill

Nyla Blake-Soden

Days on Pages

Nick Jumper

Tales of a Toad

Madeleine Ford

The Dead Chicken

Odessa Kanarick


Yazmine Geula

A TV Detective

Rashna Vaghaiwalla

Middle School, My Terrible Luck

Fatima Fofana

Gummies in Times

Jessie Mitnick

The New Dentist (Part I)

Ellie K.

The One and the Best Girl: Books IV and V

Hudson Graybill

The New Dentist (Part II)

Ellie K.


Leila Cisse

The Peculiar Elephant

Caitlyn Yang


Ruby Oriol


Amina Fofana


Sienna Lee

Zachary and All of His Adventures

Zachary Ishibashi

The Magic Flower

Maya Inal

The Thief

Nathaniel Shalam

Emoji Sisters

Leah Marquardt

The Missing Parrot

Cat Tran

Fred the Penguin

D. Clark

Animal Story

Aliya Raofield

The Poison Hotdog

Jacqueline Rose



Linsay the Dragon’s Adventures in Fairyland, Part 1: The Only Dragon Left in the World

Jisu Yee

A Jail Play


Rainbow’s Adventure

Sophia Houck

The Blood Bone

Luke Avalon Williams

Gem Stones

Rashna Vaghaiwalla

A Tall Disaster

Rishad Vaghaiwalla

The Boy Who Discovered Life

Danil Slater

The Mysterious Monster


Forever in My Heart


Spat’s Big Adventure

Yazmine Geula

The Middle

Colton Rooney

The Suitcase in the Library

Shiri Podhoretz

Piano Lessons


Inspired by Monet

Parker Yates

One Day 3 Million Trillion People Died

Eitan S.

My Move

By Sophia Birman, age 8

A Second Chance

By Summer Boxer, age 8


By Andrew Chen, age 9

The Necklace Chase

By B. A., age 9

The Banana’s Life Change

By Martin M., age 9


By Isabella, age 8

Star, My Doll

By Zalah Blount, age 7

The Titanic

By Viraat, age 7

The Drum Set

By Messi Berko, age 9


By Alejandra, age 8

Thanksgiving Turkey

By Leyna Amin, age 9

Ogre and Sophie and Most of All Sophia

By Charrise Cheung, age 7

The Ice Cream Monster

By Pablo Mendoza, age 7

The Adventures of Digger and Scrappy

By Amelia Khemani, age 7

Dream Country

By Chloe Zhou, age 7

Never Betray Someone

By Matthew Diaz, age 8

A Vehicle That Can Fly: The War Against Syria

By NBZ, age 7


By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8

The Sun

By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8

The Wind

By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8


By Soleil Wizman, age 8

Creme Brulee

By Niamh Flynn-Niedner, age 9


By Georgia L., age 7

The One and the Best Girl: Book III

By Hudson Graybill, age 8

The One and the Best Girl: Book II

By Hudson Graybill, age 8

The One and the Best Girl: Book I

By Hudson Graybill, age 8

Pete the Pirate Cat and Charlotte

By Nalani Reed, age 8

Sucked In

By Elliana Lilling, age 9


By Tatum Z., age 8

Haunted House

By Ambrocio Mendoza, age 7

Battle of Revenge II: Traitors

By Diego Gonzalez Garcia-Torres, age 9

I Can’t Remember the Last Time I Used a Tissue

By Abe Effress, age 9

My Home

By Tatum Z., age 8

Kitty Ranchero’s Adventures

By Layla Andrade Lantz, age 8

Diary of a Rebel

By Ruby Addie, age 9

The Facts I Learned About Jupiter

By Reese Z., age 8


By Ruby Addie, age 9

The Town of Randomness

By Abe Effress, age 9

The Big Crystal

By Gianna, age 7

I Never Wanted a Coffee Shop

By Sofia Gonzalez, age 8

The Amazing Adventure of Bob

By Liam W. Lui Martin, age 7

Omar’s Great Adventure

By Aman, age 7

How Burritos Came To Be

By Lela Gavasheli, age 9

Prince Almando

By Cleo Saltz, age 9

The Life Cycle

By Ila, age 7

The Time Machine

By Logan Koplovitz, age 9

The Video Game

By Noah Um, age 9

Becky’s Diary

By So-Ahn Kieffer-Kwon, age 9

The Truth About Trump

By Sally Ramberg (age 8), Grady Ramberg (age 10), Henry Kaplan (age 10), and Eve Kaplan (age 9)


By Sheena Bakare, age 9

Marker the Marker

By Noah Granada, age 7

And His Name is John Cena

By Grant P., age 9

The Trip

By Adhvika Karthik, age 9

Buzzer’s Adventure

By Alex S., age 8

Pink Is Pretty

By Anonymous

Caribbean Adventure

By Aaron Gao, age 9

Madison and Mousey

By Rachel Alcazar, age 9

A Halloween Story: Series 2

By Christina, age 8

The Living Fart

By Miles K., age 9

Saving Dad

By Alisha Tomashevsky, age 8

How Humans Were Made

By Eve Robin Kaplan, age 9

Annie’s Time Machine

By Caroline Carr, age 8

Hamsterly Ever After

By Kate Lee, age 6

Autumn Tree

By Alessandra Cipollone, Age 9


By Andrew Chen, age 9

Switching Sides

By Grace Alpern, age 9

Greek Gods

By Luca O, age 9


By Katherine F. age 9


By Eve Root, age 9

The Quest to stop the monsters

By Aaron Gao, age 9

Nameless the Blameless & Congress

By Gabe Schierkolk, age 8


By Noah Um, age 9

Elliot’s Adventure

By Romi Drubetskoy, Age 9

SAM’S BIG ADVENTURE [ + the mailman ]

By Dalya Shaman, age 7

A Halloween Story

By Christina M, age 8

The Bullying Lily

By Alisha T, age 8

Gone, the Eraser

By Rafael Luttmann, age 9

Rusted tin cottage

By Kai-Shan Kwek-Rupp, age 9

The Legend of Games

By Haeun Kang, age 8

Qwercle’s Journey

By Lila Harris-Franks, age 8

Leila’s story

By Leila Cisse, age 8


By Alex, age 7

A Great Basketball Season

By Ryan, age 8

A Dogs Story

By Cana Yao, age 7


By Nicole, age 9


By Maddy, age 8

Gabriel’s story

By Gabe, age 7

The Adventures of Taco Dog

By Wolf C, age 9

Andrew’s Story

By Andrew Gu, age 10

The Minecraft Cheater

By Maxwell Berkow, age 9

Max’s Story

By Maxwell Berko, age 9

My Big Family

By Avery Sohn, age 9

Native American Legend

By Xuming Li, age 9

The Army

By Mark Pena, age 8

The Caught Happy and Sad

By Arthur Caer, age 9

The Day in Space

by Lena Gore, age 9

Tiger Girl

by Sheena Bakare, age 8


by Truman Muffett, age 7


by Alexander Harris, age 9

Valley Crescent’s Discovery: Book 1

by Asha Tallapragada, age 7

Valetr Valr Vapr

by Angeliki, age 6

Two Against One (Excerpt)

by JCG, age 9

Unicorn Rapunzel

by Rachel Abulafia, age 9

Tom Anderson

by Aayan Mittal, age 8

To The Moon

by Casey Macron-Davis, age 9

Three Fun Stories

By Savnika T, age 8

The Werewolf

by Olivia Waymer, age 9

The Werewolf

by Demetri, age 8

The Stray Cat!

by Mia B, age 8

The Soccer Tournament

by Spencer Eng, age 9

The Sound of Silence

by Truman Muffett, age 7


by Lucien Shih, age 9

The Secret World

by Maya Zervigon, age 9

The Rice Krispie Treat

by Maya, age 7

The Rainy Day

by Bret Glasser, age 7

The Race

by GR, age 8

The Perfect Pet

by BSG, age 9

The Park Adventure

by Devan Soni, age 7

The Paint Bomb Attack

by Emily Wang, age 8

The Mystery of the Black Figures

Ameneh Vaskio, age 8

The Nerd Clan

by Isioma Okoh, age 9

The Mixed-Up Poem

by Sonya, age 7

The Mysterious Bully in School

by Angela Ortiz, age 7

The Main Murder

by Soa Andria, age 8

The Long Walk

by Nellie, age 7

The Magical Journey

by Mariam Choudri, age 9

The Little Light

by Penelope Sheer, age 9

The Kid Who Tried To Get A Concussion

by Langdon Ottman, age 9

The Ice Princess

by Ariana Alban Martinez, age 9

The Ice Key

by Big Ben, age 9

The House Brain Gives Baby Trap Troubles for the Jedis and the Adam’s Family

by Rossi, age 8

The Four Powers: Chapter 2

by Matthieu Choueiri, age 9

The Fish

by Kuipi Lam, age 8

The Girl Who Could Run Like The Wind

by Leah, age 8

The Evil Land

by Brianna Finnegan, age 11

The China Bunny

by Anonymous, age 8

The Cruise

by Sylvie Pearl Gross, age 9

The Christmas Portal

by Aiki, age 9

The Boy Named Dave

by Beauty Davis Hurley, age 7

The Bird and the Worm

by Char-Char, age 8

The Battle of Hope

by Emma Crick, age 7

The Balloon

by Sonya, age 7

Swirls of Color

by Kayla Aldahondo, age 9