Haunted Teddy Bear

by Camila Belmont Lutz, age 9

Color Wars: The Ghouls Strike Back

by Elijah Fingerman, age 9

Finding the Keys

by Sophia Chew, age 9

Guide for Being EVIL, I Mean Eating a Bunch of Cotton Candy and Being Super Cute.

by Amalia Ichilov, age 9

The Story of the Unfortunate 2

by Eisei, age 9

Detective Story

by M. F., age 9

On a farm

by Yusuke Ho, age 8


by Jigisha Singh, age 9

A Japanese Poem: Life in Stories

by Alyson A., age 9

The Horror Mustache

by Leandro Triana, age 7


by Lily, age 8

GOD DIARIES: Diary of the Messenger Boy

by Belen Haro, age 10

Queen Alison and Queen Maia

by Christina Merikas, age 9

Silvermoon’s Song

by Ariadne Civin, age 9

Emma and the Cat

by Hanna Barlow, age 9

The Adventures of Peroni and Stella: Syrup Stopper

by Matthew Shagiev, age 8

Blue Bean: A Limerick

by Alyson A., age 9

Cherry trees in the wind

by Yusuke Ho, age 8

The Baguette Fight

by Amalia Ichilov, age 9

Vacation Blackberry Crumble

by Tamar, age 8


by Tamar, age 8

Zeef: Fart Detective

by Zakhur Morales, age 8

Melissa and the First Day of School

by Nicolo Petrosino, age 8


by Alice Etheridge, age 8

Sperm Whale 2: Sperm VS. Squid

by Liam Farley, age 8

Mittens the Hero

by Caroline, age 7

Otto and Max’s Adventure

by Leo A., age 9

The Story of the Unfortunate

by Eisei Kori, age 9

Arresting Criminals

by Sophia Chew, age 9

Color Wars: The Beginning

by Elijah Fingerman, age 9


by Eisei Kori, age 9

The 100 Awesome Rules of How Not to Be Stupid

by P.W., age 9

From the Diary of Dinah Arena

by Solé Cook, age 9

The Life of a Totally Average Person

by Gala Kamal-Bourdelois, age 9

The Life that No One Wants

by Anna Ashikhmin, age 9

The Soccer Game

by Vic, age 9

Peculiar Foods

by Judith Huang, age 9

Buckingham Puck and the Light Figure

by Julianne Tran, age 8

Mr. Macaroonvoh and the Dog

by Jeeya Deepak Ballaney, age 7

Will You Take The Chance?

by Sadie Walsh, age 9

Animals Talk

by Lillian, age 7

The Visitors

by Niko Boris Butler, age 9

The Chicken Savior

by Chicknugget, age 9

Detective James Slute and the Murder on L Street

by Hendrix Kahlon, age 8

My Butt is on Fire

by Noa Horowicz-Mehler, age 8

Nina: An Awesome Trip to Auckland

by Zachary Mullens, age 7

Dan and Dan’s Friends: Adventures of Friendship

by Soham Sethi, age 9

Ten Roads

by Eunsu Kang, age 8

Krispy Kreme

by Tristan Salaam, age 9

The War That Saved My Life

by Alex Gan, age 9

A Soccer Dream

by Chloe Kim, age 9

Princess Sadie and the Time Machine

by Christina Merikas, age 9

The Diary of a Cat with a Crazy Owner

by Leyla Bayraktar, age 9

Potato Lady and the Big Party Bash

by Maxanne Wallace-Segall, age 8

The Toaster

by Rafi Rogers, age 9

The War that Came to Peace

by Harper C., age 8

Blackout Poetry

by Hayden del Valle, age 9

Ornette’s Adventure

by Olivia Hicks, age 8

A Book About Space

by Mira Kanodia, age 8

Josh’s Samsung Phone and Computer

by Ludivine M., age 8

Messy May

by Luna K., age 8

Man in the Shadows

by Horus K., age 9

Alien Plant

by Horus K., age 9

The Flying Pig

by B. Rosenblatt, age 8

The Strong Genie

by Benjamin Afrasiabi, age 9


by B. Rosenblatt, age 8

The Snow Adventure

by Benjamin Afrasiabi, age 9

The War That I Fought For

by Lucie, age 9


by Lucie, age 9

The Friend Fight

by Sophia Ahmed, age 8

Trouble Doubles

by Iris Lau, age 8

Nick and The Championship Soccer Game

by Akshay Setty, age 8

The Mysteries of Clara

by Soleil Pilato, age 8

The Squish

by Ariadne, age 8

The Cats, the Battle, and the Secret British Spies

by Eva Woodruff, age 8

The Mighty Warrior

by Ravi C., age 8


by Peyton Q., age 9

Dinosaurs Come Back

by AG, age 7

Cop and Bob

by AG, age 7

The Baby Panda Bear and Me

by Lucas Lee, age 7

Ninja Fight

by Iacopo, age 9


by Soha Chhapra, age 9

King of the World

by Sophia Backer, age 7

The Book of Man Bun

by Daniel Rodriguez, age 9

Georgia’s Big Day

by Samara Chopra, age 8

Cooking is Hard!

by Claire, age 9

Emotion Poems

by Mylee Rhow, age 8

Today I Feel…

by Kate Lee, age 8

The Complicated Way

by Jane Cooper, age 9

Joe the Bird

by Shaleen Sheth, age 8

The Book With No Title

by Emily Eng, age 8

The Class Election

by Quade, age 9

Josh and the Bully

by Asher Drew, age 9

A Mermaid’s Home

by Claire Efran, age 8

The Adventures of a Young Girl

by Kari Manzo, age 9


by Nate, age 8

The Pencils’ First Weekend

by Anonymous, age 8

Ethan and the Elephant

by Pranay Kaveri, age 8

The Really Bad Cold

by Pranay Kaveri, age 8

Peanut Butter and Jells

by Ami Keller, age 7

The Battle Cats

by Sean, age 7

The Kings’ War

by Sean, age 7

A Green Galaxy

by Rachel Horn, age 9

The Emoji Story

by Sierra Chang, age 7

The Trouble with Babysitting

by Olivia Devins, age 9

The Baby Turtle

by Claire, age 8

The Sleepover

by Claire, age 8

Super Dog vs. Super Cat!

by Ezra Kruger, age 7


by Cooper Stacey, age 8

The Life of Jorden

by Malena G., age 8

The Big, Old, Dusty Book

by Olivia Dannibale, age 9


by Soleil Pilato, age 8

Bill Gates: A Biography

by NBZ, age 9

The Monopoly Twist

by Sean, age 7

The Bad Dreamer

by Lily Smith, age 8

Land of the Dead

by P.L. Sullivan, age 8

Hammy the Hamster

by Anchine Liu, age 8


by Sonya Inal, age 9

The Unlucky Charm Bracelet

by Haya, age 9

Mia’s Diary

by Avani V., age 9

The Game

by Hudsy, age 8

The Monster Chronicles

by Sanaya Rustam Dastur, age 8

A Date at the Fair

by Lily M., age 9

The Story With No Name

by Asha Tallapragada, age 9

Plum the Golden Retriever

by Lora Wu, age 7

Crayon Monster

by Daylin J., age 7

Spike The Cat and His Discovery

by Sophie Uribe, age 7

Fire and Ice: A New Home

by Anthony Bommarito, age 9

Snakes Go to War

by Aaron Fattal and Allipica, ages 7

Sugarpaws One: Partners in Mischief

by Sienna Hwang, age 9

Bloody Funny Story

by Pragnya Jois, age 9

Class 306 And Mr. Broom

by Zaharek, age 9

The Great Adventure

by James Bradley Kakivelis, age 7

The Story of How a Brother and Sister Become Spies

by Jasper H., age 9


by Shaleen Sheth, age 8

Naruto and the Evil Wizard

by Kiichi Como, age 8

The Escape

by Teresa Dean, age 9

Caterina’s Gold

by Aiki Nasu Kapila, age 9

The Makr

by Neil M., age 9

Falling Petals

by Nanami, age 9


by Dylan Vernor, age 9

The Baker and The Talking Cakes

by Sarah Rubinstein, age 9

A Sweet Poem

by Zalah Blount, age 9


by Dylan Vernor, age 9

Talent Show Drama

by Grace Wu, age 8

Mommy, He Slapped Me!!!

by Henry Melmed, age 9

The Adventure of Princess Awesome!!!

by Sasha Larrabure, age 9

Lazy Saturday

by Hugh V., age 9

The Clown Meets the Mouse

by Caleb S., age 7

The Bully Story

by Dalia Mullens, age 9

The Miracle

by Daniela R. Thomas, age 6

Princess Mermaid

by Cecilia M., age 6

The Travel Through Time

by Jay Tikoo, age 9

Finley’s First Charm Bracelet

by Maya Mera, age 8

The Flynn Poem

by Chloe Muellers, age 9, Chloe L., age 10, Abigail F., age 10, and Ruby O., age 9

iPhones: According to Stripes

by Eavan Anderson, age 9

The Adventures of Bowser and Chip

by Amelia Khemani, age 8

The Three Witches

by Madison Mailutha, age 7


by Dalia Mullens, age 9

Beaver and the Great Days

by Amelia Khemani, age 8

Waiting For Spring

by Jeeya Deepak Ballaney, age 7


by Daniela R. Thomas, age 6

The Quiet River Whispers to Me

by Maya Angiello, age 7

Behind That Door…

by Mia Bauernebel, age 9

T-Shirt Trouble

by Luca F., age 8

Pokemon Showdown is Life

by NBZ, age 8 and David M., age 8

The Girl, the Grandma Ghost, and the Goblin

by Sophia Backer, age 7

Today At

by Ean Rashid, age 7

Alison the Mermaid

by Arie, age 7

Penny Tree

by Noa K, age 8

Booger and Booger, Jr.

by Henry Melmed, age 9

The Three Teddy Bears

by Samantha Li, age 8


by Grace Zhang, age 7

Helena the Husky Goes Camping

by Gabriella M., age 9

A Trip to Colombia

by David Moreno, age 8

Lucy the Pegasus (Part One)

by Sanaa Huda, age 9

Happy Birthday Suzy Walter!

by Leila Cisse, age 9

Super Mouse and the Diamond Thief

by Dean Gabai, age 8

Dying Wolf (a sestina)

by Aoife O'Connell, age 9

Sports Acrostic

by Rishad V., age 9


by Rashna V., age 9

Cutie, Harry, & Friends

by Addy, age 8


by Anonymous, age 8

Finley’s First Day of School

by Maya Mera, age 7

One Hundred Years Ago

by Anabel A., age 8

The Crime

by Om Sanan, age 9

Lucy and Her Friends

by DPK, age 9

The Starving Dinosaur

by Sage Abbey, age 8

Pac-Man is HERE

by Aliya, age 9

The Mysteries of the Magic Pencil

by Sameer Gupta, age 9

Helena the Husky: A Diary

by Gabriella M., age 9

The Crazy Adventure

by Alisha, age 9

The Day the Crayons Went to the Moon

by Ido Shalev, age 8

All About My Family

by Alma Elli Shalev, age 6

Owlette and Sugar

by Gianna Scherma-Todaro, age 8

Mr. MacaroonVoh

by Jeeya Deepak Ballaney, age 7

Bensy and His Quest

by Hugh Vickery, age 9

The Cyclone and the Beach

by Seth Huse, age 9

Birdie and the Great Days

by Amelia K., age 8

Ali’s Birds

by Tamar Koren, age 7

The Diary Adventure

by Anav Ahaan Arora, age 8

Mr. Maniac

by Eshaan Dangayach, age 8

The Meteor

by Eavan Anderson, age 9

Madison the Writing Fairy

by Rachel, age 8

The Ghost

by Madhav, age 9

I Heard a Noise

by Talia Walsh, age 9


by Madhav, age 9


by Dalia Mullens, age 9

The Two Friends

by Isaac Lazaroff, age 9

My Pet’s Life: A Series

Eshan Sharma


Hannah Diker

Magic is Really Real

Hannah Shahidi

The Tale of the Alien and the Human

Mia Dorman

The Other Side of Me


Diary of a Shy Girl

Rose Sussmann


Odessa Kanarick

The Future Earth’s Concrete Takeover

Maya Giordano

Just Run

Olly Coward

Glitter and the Magical Fig, Part 1

Olivia Dewar

The Alien Invasion

Liam S.

Boing and the Evil Noodles

Eliza Treuhaft

Unknown Worlds

Ram Bhaman

Animals Running Away

Gabe Valencia

Marigold and Luki-luki

Izzy C.

The Goblet of Doom

Lilly Gordon

Gummy Wars

Mira S.

The Turtle’s Adventures with Friends

Amelia Santos

The Weird Things

Caden Lewis-Shickman

Undaunted Courage

Aaron Gao

Michael Gets Sucked Into A Game

Christopher Wang

Long Live King George!

Lila Wattenberg

Travels in Time: Rosie in the Revolution

Jade Kraut

Funny Culprits

Evelyn Worcester


Caroline Dupree

Quest for the Overworld

Haohan Sima

The Witch of Staten Island


Jungle Story

Dea Yavich

Hawaii Gone Bad


The Day That Jack Ran Away

Estela Ramos

An Intruder Mystery

Aarushi Kanigicherla

The Mysterious Box

Sophia Glasson

Tooth Fairy Trouble

Ellanie Fernandez

Aliens At Mars



Sam Zwick-Lavinsky

Cookie Dough’s Adventures in the Bedroom

Liam Oliver

The Weird Week

Belen Haro


Camille Davis

The Adventure of Christian and the Ancient Tour Guide


The Weird Potion


Harry Potter


Lost/The Lucky Quarter

Asha Tallapragada

Days on Pages

Nick Jumper

Tales of a Toad

Madeleine Ford

The One-Dollar Bill

Nyla Blake-Soden


Yazmine Geula

A TV Detective

Rashna Vaghaiwalla

The Dead Chicken

Odessa Kanarick

Middle School, My Terrible Luck

Fatima Fofana

The New Dentist (Part II)

Ellie K.


Leila Cisse

Gummies in Times

Jessie Mitnick

The New Dentist (Part I)

Ellie K.

The One and the Best Girl: Books IV and V

Hudson Graybill

The Peculiar Elephant

Caitlyn Yang


Ruby Oriol


Sienna Lee


Amina Fofana

The Magic Flower

Maya Inal

The Thief

Nathaniel Shalam

Zachary and All of His Adventures

Zachary Ishibashi

Fred the Penguin

D. Clark

Emoji Sisters

Leah Marquardt

The Missing Parrot

Cat Tran

Animal Story

Aliya Raofield

The Poison Hotdog

Jacqueline Rose



Linsay the Dragon’s Adventures in Fairyland, Part 1: The Only Dragon Left in the World

Jisu Yee

A Jail Play


Rainbow’s Adventure

Sophia Houck

The Blood Bone

Luke Avalon Williams

Gem Stones

Rashna Vaghaiwalla

A Tall Disaster

Rishad Vaghaiwalla

The Boy Who Discovered Life

Danil Slater

The Mysterious Monster


Forever in My Heart


The Middle

Colton Rooney

The Suitcase in the Library

Shiri Podhoretz

Spat’s Big Adventure

Yazmine Geula

Piano Lessons


Inspired by Monet

Parker Yates

One Day 3 Million Trillion People Died

Eitan S.

My Move

By Sophia Birman, age 8

A Second Chance

By Summer Boxer, age 8


By Andrew Chen, age 9

The Necklace Chase

By B. A., age 9

The Banana’s Life Change

By Martin M., age 9


By Isabella, age 8


By Alejandra, age 8

Star, My Doll

By Zalah Blount, age 7

The Titanic

By Viraat, age 7