Adapting to Life

Jonathan Zhang, age 10

Found But Forgotten

Ren L., age 10

Treasure Map

Gabriel Gordon, age 11

Kenzie’s Failing School

Anna Xu, age 10


Eileen Sofia, age 10

Let It Out

Troi G., age 10

Wolf Quest — A Breeze Acoming – Book 1 –Wind’s Crossing

Lillia Erdman, age 11


Young Talent, age 11

Why We Shouldn’t Have Borders

Clyde Brittelle, age 10

The Blue Bunny

Obed Otto, age 10


Lark, age 10

Tuck’s Grand Adventure

Lark, age 10

The Afterthen

Sydney O, age 10

Aunt Marge’s dream

Sabine Song, age 11

A Day of Inspiration

by Aliyah Daley-Reinisch, age 11

Ultraviolet & Infrared

by Obed Otto, age 10

The Moon

Laila Menai-Duarte, age 10


Skylar S Rosado, age 11

The First Place Winner

Ellie Plitas, age 11

B-day Celebrations

Anna Xu, age 10


Anali, age 10

The Isolation Experiment

Nola Baldassare, age 10

The Little Mushroom

Ricky, age 11

Hair to Fire, Fire to Hair

Ilan Rosenstock, age 11

City of the Forgotten People

Magdalena Berthiaume, age 11

City in the Sky

Milan Seeff, age 10

Black Magic

Athena Patrickios, age 11

A Kid Can Face War

Amy Martinez Calero, age 11

Being a Gumball

Michelle Shi, age 11

Why School Should be Shorter

Younus Sultan, age 10

Don’t Take the Best of Me

Maya Martinez, age 11

From the U.S. to Japan

Gabe Boorstein-Foss, age 11

Lucy the Teacup

Skylar Rosado, age 11

The Creature

Nasheeta Rahman, age 11


Hunter Liss, age 11

The Escapists

Emma B., age 10


by Amogh Akella, age 11


by Maya Graff, age 11

Racism by Cops

by Kofi Asante-Abedi, age 11

The Crazy Meatball Incident

by Cameron Dibadj, age 10

The Value of a Trophy

by Olivia Xu, age 11

Where Have All The Goslings Gone?

by Anonymous, age 11

UFO Universe

by Ava McLaughlin, age 10

The Doll

by Stella Brothers, age 11

The 2 Cat and 1 Monkey Friend

by Joe Mendoza, age 10

My Journal

by Kevin Mendoza, age 10


by Julia Rosenthal, age 9

Scary and Short Stories

by Manuela Concha, age 10

Dragon Story

by Ellie, age 10

The Unicorns and One Pony

by Sophie, age 10


by Ellie Newton, age 10

Straws Are Bad

by London Schuman, age 10


by Maya Cohen, age 10

Blue’s Story : A Novel By Mae Benne

by Mae Benne, age 11

Sylvia and the Wishing Tree

by Zoya Sarangan, age 11


by Christina Merikas, age 10

December 19th

by Caroline Kollander, age 10


by Ellie Plitas, age 10

The Adventures of Julia and Lucia

by Sophie Plitas, age 10

Roman Story

by Leon Hecker, age 10


by Sylvie Holder-Foster, age 10

RANDOM (Ridiculously Awesome Neatly Done Ominus Man)

by Zahir Chappelle, age 11

Jamie and the Swallow Nest

Analise Chen, age 11

Bad Guys Never Win

by Lanai Blake-Soden, age 11

The Unfortunate Tale of Mr. Dirk Chepe

by Hannah Hiller, age 11


by Nathan Bachmann, age 11

The Thought Trilogy

by Jack Beauclair, age 11


by Magnus Nesdale, age 11

Lost in Time

by Shawn Qiu, age 11

Cookie the Bear

by Isabella Paredes, age 11

Agent Puppy

by Alejandra, age 11

Sins and Crimes

by Zoe Becker, age 11


by Emily Cornier-Lugo, age 10

The House

by Henry Cornier-Lugo, age 11

Short story made after a lot of begging

by Sahn Choi, age 10


by Parker, age 10


by Nikhil Rughwani, age 10

Life of a Boy with Powers

by Leo, age 10

A New Kind of Freedom

by Claire HB, age 11

World of Women

by Lily Martin, age 10

Secrets in the Shadows

by Beatrix Gruver, age 10

Lost in the Forest

by Teresa Dean, age 11

A Bad Month to be a Turkey

by Gabe Horowitz, age 10


by Lily Brady, age 10

The Corrupted Candyland

by Hannah Hiller, age 10

Park Poems

by Colette Wang, age 11

My Life in the Birchwood Forest

by Lilla Burke, age 10

Death Escape

by SC, age 11

Fend For Yourself

by Jane Cooper, age 11

Night in the Grocery Store

by Yian Zhao, age 10

New York City

by Mia G. Desai, age 11


by JX, age 10


by Livia K, age 11

Nothing But Nonsense

by Leslie Gill, age 11


by Jordan Tsao, age 10


by Sama Daga, age 11

The Great Big Ocean

by Anushka Ring, age 10

Endor’s Life

by Alan Medina, age 11

Far from Normal

by Elan Wang, age 10

Just Edward

by Oliver Sterling, age 11

Carter & His Mad Lunchbox

by Chloe C., age 11

The Flower of Cator

by Michelle Lee, age 11

The Adventures of Chester Lansbury

by Gala, age 11

Fighting For Health

by Lily, age 11

Molly’s Birthday

by Karla, age 11

Experiment Gone Wrong

by Tori Kim, age 10

My Most Important Object

by Gustavo Martinez, age 11

Treating Things with Respect

by Luis M., age 11

Elijah’s Memoir

by Elijah Placide, age 10

The Woman

by Journe’ih Sultan, age 11

The Princess’s Daughter

by Evangeline D’Amico-Fernandez, age 10

The Wise Old Tree

by Joah Karnik Kraft, age 11

The Sacrifice of Traxon Laxon

by Anonymous, age 11

My Bracelet

by Mel, age 11

The Last Wizard

by Olivia English, age 10

Berniece and her Amazing Adventures

by Kayla, age 11

Advice of the Century

by Sama Daga, age 11

The Night of The Halloween Fair

by Ashwin Pathiyal, age 10

When You’re Poor and You Still Live In Your Parent’s Basement When You’re Thirty: Enter the Whipped Cream Contest

by Aditya Pathiyal, age 10

Cakes, Tennis, and Moving!

by Aditya, age 10

How I Write

by Nabiha Islam, age 10


by Kayman Mangan, age 11

Jason Lesley Mason

by Juliana Leb, age 10

Bloody Mary

by Amélie Stambouli, age 10


by Natalia Marquez and Audrey Grueber-Hoang, age 11

Far From Home Plate

by Juniper Brinegar, age 10

A Painted Life

by Sobee, age 11

Anything for Bacon

by Charlotte Symons, age 11


by Eli Leichter Wilson, age 11

Bird Over Dove

by Phoebe Dowling, age 10

Endangered Turtles

by Emily Rose, age 11


by Chloe Lee, age 11

Waking up and falling asleep

by Chloe Lee, age 11

The Plantation

by Phoebe Dowling, age 10


by Maya, age 11

Sugar on Her Quest

by Ellie, age 10

The Not-So-Ordinary Hero

by Evangeline Flynn, age 10

Save Natural Resources – Before It Is Too Late!

by Yifei Liu, age 10

Nogill Origin Story

by Ricky Washington, age 10

Help the Animals

by Sophia Kohler, age 10

Hidden Under

by Grace Koch, age 11

Another Year Without You

by Sabine P-J, age 10


by Kathryn Grant, age 10

Detective Frog

by Noah Kelkar, age 10


by Teia Bouganim, age 10

Jack’s Saviors

by Amelie Rose Miller, age 10

Funtime Foxy Gets A New Pet

by Kala Jordan-West, age 10


by Hudson Zimmerman, age 10

Amber Diaries

by Catalina Guzman-Charleston, age 10

The Anderson Sisters

by Allegra M., age 10

AL the Alien

by Noah, age 10

Glooey Glob the Alien

by Arthur LD, age 11

Olivia Kokoefer

by Anonymous, age 11

the big issue

by David Etra, age 10

Cloudy With a Chance of War

by Maximilian Riccardi, age 10

What Happened?

by Leila Cisse, age 11


by Nikhil Roy, age 11

Cat The Cat!

by Kala Jordan-West, age 10

The Dark Lord and the Prince

by Elias Chatzicharalampous, age 11

Cinnamon’s Story

by Ariadne T.C., age 10

The Pearl Necklace

by Ava Pennachio, age 11

Looking For Joy

by Siroos Pasdar, age 10


by Hudson Zimmerman, age 10

Just a Nightmare

by Emilio, age 10

Little Short Nuggets of Life

by Eli Leichter Wilson, age 11

the man in a bird suit that hardly looked like a bird. but i shot it down anyway. like a bird.

by Scarlett Simpson, age 10

Sharpclaw (Chapter One)

by Kai Tschopp, age 10


by Meena Kodali, age 10

The Lost Princesses

by Danielle Alcantara, age 11

The So-Called First Book of Stickman

by Waylon Tse, age 10

The Stolen Diamond

by Niko, age 11


by Maddie L, age 11

Unicorn Academy

by Catalina Guzman-Charleston, age 10

The Crime Kitty

by Isabella P., age 11

The Adventures of UNICAT!

by Alejandra P., age 11

The Classroom Escapade

by Remi Steele, age 10

Lily Big Help and Her Idea

by Allison R. Santana Carreno, age 10

Another Life

by Riya Undavia, age 11

Panda Spies

by Kona Sullivan, age 10


by Anabelle Wong, age 10

Emma Williams

by Isabel Brewer, age 10

Circus of Talents

by Ciri Perlstein, age 11


by Sole Cook, age 11

The Adventures of the Cat Club

by Georgia, age 11


by Kai Tschopp, age 10

Journey to the Heavens

by Zoya Sarangan, age 10


by Teia Bouganim, age 10


by Aleena, age 10

What Blood Can Do

by Gaia Wude Treglia, age 10

Beauty at Its Finest

by Gabbie, age 11

Lost in Outer Space

by Maria Gia-Bao Cordova, age 10

Is a Kiss Just a Kiss?

by Riley H, age 10

Under The Same Stars

by Lelia Washburn, age 10

Christmas Eve Tree

by Cassie, age 10

The Dryplace

by Sophie Allen, age 11

Pencils and Alligators

by Willow Kedem Kaplan, age 11

Looking For Joy

by Siroos Pasdar, age 10

The Bored Hero

by Kazimir Bobrowski Wang, age 11

Pig Island

by Piper Kennedy, age 10

The Legendary Monument

by Aleena, age 10


by Layla, age 11

I Am Not Friends With My Nose Anymore

by Harry Eichelberger, age 11


by Dalia Mullens, age 11

My Sacred Friend

by Claire Lee, age 11

Winter and Scott

by EmmaLina Eckstein, age 10

Bick the Cat

by Luli Galinson, age 10

PLANES: Chapter One

by Anonymous, age 10

Dear Diary, “Amelie”

by Anabelle Wong, age 10


by Rafael Goldman-Kunin, age 11

Corn Nut the Chipmunk

by Gabriela Gauna-Torres, age 10

Killer Refrigerator

by Toma Jackson, age 11

Diary of a 10-year-old Artist

by Jack Beauclair, age 10

Busch Gardens

by Marlo Feldman, age 10

The Life of Ash

by Henry Quinn, age 10

Clean-Up’s Adventures

by Zoe Rullman and Zoe Rosenberg, age 10

Honey’s Storm

by Ariadne, age 9

A Cat Called Sunny

by Louise, age 10

The Duck Dilemma

by Sophie Allen, age 10

Who To Trust

by Aleeza Shekhani, age 11


by Alexander Pascal, age 11

Being on the Verge of Death: Chapter One, Just Great

by Yoonha S., age 11


by Katie Lee, age 10

Adventures of Hazel Hollyblade

Zoya Sarangan, age 10


by Julia D, age 10

The Invasion of the Good Boyes

by Anthony Augustus Marchese, age 11

The Night of the Hamsaurus

by Max Riccardi, age 10

My Swim Test Adventure

by Julia Alemany, age 11


by Roxy Howell, age 11

Too Short

by Kazimir Wang, age 11


by Rafael Goldman-Kunin, age 11

The Guy Who Only Struck Out

by Jonathan Nallengara, age 10

Air France 447

by Kevin H. Morikawa-Nascimento, age 10

Forever Standing

by Ava Barcelona, age 11

Even Death Has Morals

by Charlie Shiff, age 11

What He’s Become

by Ava Barcelona, age 11

Beautiful: A Feminist Fairy Tale

by Sofie K., age 11

Put on Your Game Face

by Anna Vertin, age 11

Dagger and the Bloodwolf

by Daniel Piscitelli-Cruz, age 10


by Halle Stipanov, age 11

A New War

by Gabe S., age 11

The Road Trip

by Bronwyn McAlister-Rogers


by Logan R.

Shadow Their Attack

by Anonymous

Gone Girls

by Phoebe S.

The War for Aspadus

by Ian Feliciano

Water “The Elixir of Life”

by Anonymous

When Owner Left Me

by Anna B

Kingdoms Dragon’s Game

by Abner Scudder

Writopia Land

by Amy Martinez

The Life of a Garbage Can

by Kayla A., age 10

Secret Samurai

by Sahir Sadat, age 10

Two Doughnuts Sometimes Make the Perfect Match

by Sumaiya Jessi, age 11

The Drawing Book

by Xitlally, age 11

Sad Life of Peter

by Debmallya Ghosh, age 11

Life of a Hermit Crab

by Lucas G, age 10

Adventure of the Orphanage

by Crystel Flores, age 11

A Puffy Phenomenon

by Lola N. Sanchez, age 10

The Canvas Who Wanted to be Loved

by Sierra Johnson, age 10

The British One

by Anna Ashikhmin, age 10

The Debate Over the Weirdest Things

by Gaia Wude Treglia, age 10

Horse Tails

by Aurelia Larson, age 10 and Matilda Beyer, age 10

Baseball Fever

by Kayla A, age 10


by Soham Sethi, age 10

I Am Mehoko

by Eleanor S.W. Hamilton, age 10

Aria’s Story

by Nuha Basher, age 11

Twin Towers

by Leyla Bayraktar

Special Sandwich

by Elizabeth Salguero, age 11

The Monster that Betrayed

by Isabella Tang, age 10

Foresta Sparking Chapter One

by Mattan Bader, age 11


by Hayden Becker, age 11

Keep Trying

by Giselle Vidals Hernández, age 11


by Ahana Chakravarty, age 11

Poverty and Hunger in NYC

by Ryan Streeter, age 11

The Situation

by Anonymous, age 11

A Love For Liberty

by Leah Josephson, age 11

I Won’t Stop Fighting

by Nellie Bradford-Armstrong


by Zeke Williams, age 10

Moving Away

by Eva Djordjevic

The Orphans

by Tina Rodriguez

The Adventures of Melissa Momper

by Caroline Dupree

Tips to Business

by Henry Dahl

When I Woke Up

by Jonas Coats

Selena and the Big Secret

by Alisha Subhahnoor

The Donkeys

by Sophie Rinzler

The Bad Sleepover

by Cara H.

The Signs of Summer

by Amali Maxine Phillips

Treasure in Washington Monument

by Marielle Keum

Out There

by Kiyomi W.


by Hudson L

Something Broken

by Emily Rose

Priya: War Hero

by Reya Nair, age 10

The Faded Sword

by Olivia Romano, age 11

The Witch and Isabella

by Isabella Getahun, age 10

Tim, the Mouse

by Christopher, age 11


by Ethan F., age 10

I Forget

by Bex Segal

Five Years of Him

by Hypatia


by Zen L Keshwani

Truth or Lie

by Sylvia K.


by Aditya Viswanathan