An Outlaw’s Tale

by Alexandre Saint-Sauveur, age 10

Lin’s Crazy Adventure

by Naomi D., age 10

Soulfire (Part One)

by Alter E. Alias, age 11

Flames (Haiku)

by Alter E. Alias, age 11


by Alexander Tucker, age 10

Germie Howie

by Hannah Shahidi, age 10

The Curse

by Ahaan Modi, age 10


by Ahaan Modi, age 10


by Ram Narayanan, age 11

The Wrong Door

by Mica, age 11

The Boy With Future Senses

by Elliot Kaner

The Final Battle

by Cleo Saltz, age 11


by Daniel Anton, age 11

Oh My Gosh!

by Lilli Taipale, age 10

Kyla, Lena, and Debby: The Fight to a New School

by Mbene, age 10

The Flynn Poem

by Chloe Muellers, age 9, Chloe L., age 10, Abigail F., age 10, and Ruby O., age 9

The Room Escape and the Employment

by Kiran Tikoo, age 10

Haunted House

by Joshua Monge, age 10

Kendall’s Story

by Lelia Cisse, age 10


by Alice C., age 11

The Fulton’s Cowrie

by Sky Stubbeman, age 10

The Portal of Time

by Christian Stubbeman, age 10

One in a Million

by Jaya Dhariwal, age 11


by Ava Orrantia, age 11

The Dark Thing

by Hugo Orrantia, age 11

Dragon Days

by Sophia T., age 10

Straying from the Path

by Ben Samuels, age 11

Jeff and Timmy Save the World

by Tristan M., age 10

The Butter Story

by Jack W., age 11

The Siblinghood of Art

by Jack Pagano, age 10

I Know the World

by Cleo Saltz, age 11

Wax Paper People

by Ben Samuels, age 11

A Bottle Flipping Story

by Anonymous, age 10

Rise of the Dabbing Bottles

by Anonymous, age 10

#What Happens When You’re On Your Phone

by Sebastian Merkatz, age 10

The Underworld

by Lucas Jacobs, age 10

The Smart Boy Who Could Write

by Gideon Bialkin, age 10

The Revenge of the Future Thanksgiving Turkey

by Beni, age 10

Gummy Bunnies are Tough

by Ruixi, age 10

The Ghost Story

by VJP, age 10

Bobzilla the Brick!

by Misty Brown, age 10

The Star, the Heart, and the Walking Fish (Part Two)

by Ben Samuels, age 11

Karen’s Diary

by Olivia Gao, age 10

The Elf’s Axe

by Nour Mokbel, age 11


by Ezra Mellor, age 10

All the Wrong Questions

by Yash, age 10

Nothing But Different (Part Two)

by Olivia Patterson, age 10

Sign Language

by Sigal Minsky-Primus, age 10

Back to Mars

by Ema Blanco, age 10

Emy’s Jazz Club

by Cecilia Cunningham-dePedro, age 10

The Scary Puppets

by Sammy Bialkin and Elliot Kaner, ages 10

The First Swan on the Moon

by Riley Dowell, age 11

A Stick Figure’s Life

by Noah, age 10

Why You Should Never Be King

by Izzy Weitzman, age 11

The Adventures of Bub (Book 1)

by Odysseus, age 11

The Basement of the Dead (Chapter 1.)

by Marie-Evelyn, age 11

The Break

by Laura Daniels, age 10


by Sarrah Ewing, age 11

Once Upon a Time

by Lea Karian, age 10


by Ava Orrantia, age 11

The Screen

by Ben Samuels, age 11

Girl and Squirrel (Part I)

by Pearl Barker Seidman, age 10

The Trampoline

by Marli Fisher, age 11

Locked Out (Part I)

by Ann Dai, age 10

The Sleepover That Changed My Life

by Emma, age 10

Harmony’s Destiny

by Ruixi, age 10

The Green Place

by Benjamin, age 11

The Fashion Show

by Sage Keith, age 11

Three Long Reasons Why Sahara Should Have a Puppy

by Sahara Asher, age 10

The Chronicles of Lincoln Middle School

by Paloma Divina, age 10

Blue Dragon, Red Warrior, Young Boy

by Rafael Prochnik, age 11

I Would Rather be Crushed by a Bowling Ball Than go to School

by Kiran, age 10

The Cloud Race

by Nina Vigil, age 10

Warren’s Welfare (Part One)

by Max Pohman, age 11

Atlantic (Excerpt)

by Maia Rose Wellington, age 10

Christmas is Here

by Ethan Outtara, age 10

Car Accident

by Viraaj Sarwahi, age 10

Calling All Teachers

by Emily Birman, age 11


by Elwyn M., age 11

Adventurous Kids

by Emmanuel Weintraub, age 11

The Golden Heart Chronicles (Excerpt)

by Sasha Rappaport, age 10

The Guy With The Top Hat

by Jaden Jacoby-Cooper, age 10

Expectations and Results of the 2016 Presidential Election

by Aarav Sethi, age 11

Why Minecraft is Educational

by Jordan Marshall, age 10

One Lost Doll’s Journey

by Lauryn Cooper, age 11

Fort Knox

by Ram, age 11

Helen Patrick Human

by Alice Xu, age 10


by Ria Dangayach, age 11

The Adventures of the Puppets

by Eyal, age 10

Nothing But Different

by Via, age 10


by Xueming (Samuel) Li, age 10


by Abraham Cunningham, age 10

Sandy Kayla

Maya Evans

Humans and Food, Finally Together

Luz Del Alba

The King

Leela Mandal

The Tale of Arcaror

Caspar Turner

The Attempt

Jack Samet

The Two Sisters

Sana Mehra


Jeremy Nam

Cherry-Red Sweater

Asmara Downey Twiss


Sophia Singh

My Life On The Street

Calista Finkelstein

Is There A McDonald’s In Beach Haven

Naomi Butler


Charlotte Stillman

When the Two Worlds Came Together 2

Aanya Sethi

A Grimm Life

Uma Bhaman

The Annoying Ravens

Niranjan Deshpande

War and Peace

Varun Gupta

The Three Wolves

Mireille Oppenheimer


Avantika Jagdhari

What Happened in 1870, Italy

Gwendolyn Lawrence

Behind the Screen

Hannah Shen

A Big Fall

Juliet Bu

Gilbert the Raccoon and the Fighting Rabies

Haley C.

The Package

Mia Blattmachr

Happy Day

Katie Thomson

The Journey

Lucy Paolini

What Makes A Hero?

Taylor Harris

The Finals

Shiv Shamdasani

W.P.A. Boot Camp

Jake Eaton

Last Resort: Antarctica

Charlotte Stroff


Juli Valencia

Heaven’s War: Chapter 1

Kayla Shapira-Stern

Royal Disaster


The Heist

Charlie Lehner

Island of the Flins


Fear the Fuzzy

Valentino Sella

Excerpt from Aliens Attack

James Pyne

The Village

Rebecca A. Reid

My First Earthquake

Margot W.

Lorenza’s Eventful Day

Kira Lopez

Nikki’s Message

Alicia Xin

My Chicken Experiences

Cassidy McKee

The Heart of an Athlete

Taylor Scott


Callista Sava

Election Day

Jonathan Pae


Arina Banks

Searching for Home, Chapter 1

Isabela Venegas-Ramirez

A Different Life

Mackenzie Wright

Fun Times

Madeline Guadalupe

The Knight Walks Into the Moonlight

Madeline Guadalupe

The Contest

Lily Z.

Jack’s Bakery


The Old Man and the Soda

Tamara Houck

Love for the Amazon

Catherine McCarthy

Two Sides of A Coin

Alex Torres

The Stranger

Joseph Glasson


Ben Cohen

The Bomb in the Building

Christopher Lee


Sencha G.

The Scary Night

Maria Huerta

The Enchanted Clock

Bianca Pelin

Hard Times with Luck, From Sarah’s Diary

Lily Martin

The Rise and Fall of Emily Dixons

N. Cain

Terry the Donut

Thomas C.

Dessert Disaster

Audrey Peng

Nacho Cheese for President


The Great Lunchbox Mystery

Julia Garcia-Lascurain

What Are the Chances?


Along the Road of Life

Ela Hebeka

Under the Skin

Elwyn M.

The Big Cat Adventure

Amerah-Taylor Bramble

Super Powers

Emilie Henry


Avantika Jagdhari

Ah Ha Moment


Football Players

Shiv Shamdasani

My City

N. Cain

The Peacock

Arina Banks

The Foxes’ War

Sophia Siqi Wang

Shakespeare Speech

Stephanie Fuentes


Manuela Speciale

Beauty in the Fields

Jennifer Kaechele


Kaylin Yagura


Mackenzie Wright

Awkward Family Reunions

Sey Stein

The Fight

Leila Zilko



Butterfly Away

Leah Braden

Dramatic Fall: The Dramatic Story of When George Washington Went Skiing

Laura Williams

The Smartest Gingerbread Man Runs the Marathon

Binah Friedman

E.V.I.L. Chronicles: The Opponent

Benjamin Azencott

Knight of the Chalice

Valentino Sello

Baltimore Kitty

Sydney Wiser

Finding the Gray

Sayee Edekar

Mitten’s Story

Stephanie Park

The Star, the Heart, and the Flag

Ben Samuels

What Happened to the Candy Shop?

Rachel Faino

Yellow Fever

E. Hankins


Grace Steiner

Butterfly Madness

Kiran Borzillary

Man’s Best Friend


Ice Cream Is Great

By Ram, age 10

Tim and Spud

By Ava Hosking, age 11


By Esme Fishman, age 10

Just a Girl, Part 1

By Fiona Shuldiner, age 10

The Revolution

By Max P., age 10

The Wedding

By Haskell Anderson, age 11

Alexander Percy Lawrence Peter Henry Winkharp’s Cellar Peddlers (Excerpt)

By Madeleine Berkowitz, age 11

Tornado Boy

By Simon Steingold, age 10

My Life

By Dahlia Shapiro, age 11


By Bina Klein, age 11


By Hugo Orrantia, age 10


By Sara Xu, age 11

Lost Kids

By Bina Klein (age 11) and Dahlia Shapiro (age 11)

Masters of the Universe (Excerpt)

Digonto Chatterjee

Riding A Pug

By Hunter Trylch, age 11

Pure Blonde

By Sascha Fleesler, age 11

Song of the Wolves

By Jaewon Yeo, age 11

The Secret Case File of Donald Trump

By Stun Zeed, age 11

The Terrrerian

By Dhanesh Tikoo, age 11

Unikitty in Big Letters

By Hunter Trylch, age 11

Through the Woods (Excerpt)

By Milo Gold, age 11

Who Made the Rockets?

By Minal Shaman, age 10

Camp River

By Jack Samet, age 11

Trent Pearson: The Lightning Man

By Adam Tang, age 10


By Isabella Gernandt, age 11

The Subway Tragedy

By Sophie Redvers, age 10

A Day at Work

By Barbara Weaver, age 10

The First Adventure of the Two Cats

By Anderson Steiner, age 10

Moon Shadows

By Maddie Slogoff, age 11

How a Snowflake Came to Life

By Sarrah Ewing, age 10

My First Year of Middle School

Anoushka Sawardekar

Mom’s Story Book

By Isaia Kohn, age 10

The Fire Prince

By Ava Orrantia, age 10

The Night of the Pug Banshee

By Henry Kaplan, age 10

The Lonely Glimmer of the Moon

By Maddie Slogoff, age 11

The Turning Point

By Lawrence Han, age 11

Rose Red

By Isabella, age 11

A Rough Current

By Hannah, age 11

The Ultimate Paintball Match

By Matt, age 10

Star Gazer (Excerpt)

By Isra Qadri, age 11

The Boy, the Woman, and the Forest

By Gracie Espinosa, age 11

Far Past Is An Unknown Thing

By Avery H., age 11

Odysseus and the Cyclops

By Siena Quinn, age 10

Flight Adventure

By Anonymous

The Scary Mystery: Chapter One

By Nikhil Narayan, age 11

The Art Thief

By Daniel Anton, age 10

Press One at the Tone

By Abel L. Torres, age 11

A Strange Day at Writopia

By Madeline (age 10), Izy Lusk (age 11), and Max Peters (11)

Pandora the Detective: How It All Began

By Sanya Sidhu, age 10

Another Peculiar Predicament

By Nikhil Gupta, age 11

My Life as a Dog

By Juliet Bu, age 10

The Mermaid Who Stole a Diamond

By Julia Aram, age 10

Element of Silver (Excerpt)

By Asbah Qadri, age 11

An Amber Story

By Maya Nichols, age 10

When I Went Down the Rabbit Hole

By Chloe, age 11

Seasonal Haikus

By Siena R. Quinn, age 10

The Electric Masterpiece

By Anonymous

Choose Your Own Adventure, Sort Of

By Izy Lusk, age 11


By Nikhil Gupta, age 11

How Lego Was Created: A Series

By Grady Ramberg, age 10

Lilly the Cat

By Brook Brownstein, age 11

The Unbelievable Man

By Ziara Pichardo, age 10

The Lady Sings

By Ziara Pichardo, age 10

The Man

By Darobo Acceber, age 11


By M. Francisca Vivanco, age 10

The Coat of Nature

By Natalie Panitkin, age 11


By Sarah Arevalo, age 11

Mourning in its own Light

By Scarlette Roy, age 10

The Young and the Youth

By Scarlett Roy, age 10

As It Floats Down

By Daniel Plotkin, age 10

Saving Santa

By Natalie Frank, age 11, Maigan, age 11, and Hannah Frank, age 12

Words and Hearts

By Mary Root, age 11


By Mary Root, age 11


By Violet DiBiasio, age 10

How Evil Came to Be

By Siena Quinn, age 10

December 13 1972

By Collin, age 10

The Witch Books

By Mariema, age 11

The End of Time

By Elle McMahon, age 10

When You Kiss Me Goodnight

By Madeline Slogoff, age 10

Best Friends

By Lily Stein, age 11

The Big Fright

By Sreejato Chatterjee, age 11

Boo-Goo Land

By Lena DiBiasio, age 10

Circus Monkeys

By Naomi Laronne, age 11

The Machine

By Daniel, age 10

Forgotten Words

By Molly Breckman, age 11

The Change

By Max P, age 10

The Black Hole

By Mariah Mendoza, age 11

West Poo

By Masara, age 11

A Strange New World

By Claire Abrams, age 11

The Attack of the Slender Men

By Lawrence Han, age 10

The Girl Who Went To Ecuador

By Juliana Valencia, age 10

The Glass Slipper

By Juliet Bu, age 10

Don’t go into the dark

By Ryen Jones, age 11

Zombie Attack!

By Adam Tang, age 10


By Sophia Torren, age 11

Big Dude’s Escape

By Minal Shaman, age 10

A Story of Fred and Bob

by Thomas Clark, age 9


by Finn, age 10

Win Torture: The History of Plot Day

by Andranik Kaladjian-Webb, age 10


by Amah Assoumou, age 11

Who I Am Inside

by Gabi Swamy, age 8

Video Games: Not Just Fun

by Christopher McCarthy, age 11

What Is Being Rich?

by Emilia Marshall, age 11

Trip to Yesterday

by Juliette Putman, age 10


by Leila Jackson, age 11

Two Fingers (An English to English translation of “One Heart” by Li-Young Lee)

by Elijah Menla, age 10


by Zeyna Ilahi, age 11

Three Hours Til Morning

By Bella Orelowitz, age 11

The Whale

By Andie Dougherty. age 10