Potato Lady and the Big Party Bash

by Maxanne Wallace-Segall, age 8
Potato Lady and the Big Party Bash Maxanne Wallace-Segall is eight years old. Her favorite things to do are graphic noveling, writing fiction, swimming, going on family trips, and she likes to sing and act. She lives in New York with her mom Rebecca, who founded Writopia, her dad Jeremy, her sister Joelle, and who could forget her pleco, Big Guy Blubber and her puppy, Oskie. Enjoy this story.

“Potato Lady had big ideas… “


  • Bruce Wallace says:

    I love the Potato Lady. The artwork is beautiful and I can’t wait for Chapter 2.

  • Grandpa Jeff says:

    Scary! Nightmare stuff. You never know whether or not a ghoul, ghost or goblin might show up and whisk you away.
    Nicely conceived and executed! Carry on, my dear!

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