My 20’s Diary

by N. Graham-Lawrence, age 11
My 20’s Diary N. used to live in Canada, but he now lives in New York. He likes reading Michael Vey books and Marvel Comics. He likes to go outside a lot and touch animals.

“My name is Billy, and I just turned 20, and it feels freaking awesome. I just started my first week at NYU majoring in advanced chemistry and minoring in algebra.”

My name is Billy, and I just turned 20, and it feels freaking awesome. I just started my first week at NYU majoring in advanced chemistry and minoring in algebra. It was a perfect choice. My family is very proud of me since I got into a good college but also because I’m Hispanic and I’m in a good college. I will write every year.

-Age 20


I woke up with pangs of hunger. That’s when I remembered… today was my family’s monthly brunch. I ran to the fridge where they put their requests. I put my bathrobe on and rushed to the store with the list. I ran to the local plaza. They have everything except… bacon!!! My family was going to kill me. My family was five minutes away. The nearest store was ten minutes away.

My aunt called me and asked, “Where are you?”

“I’m driving home right now.”

“If you’re not back there with all the food, I’m gonna kill you.”

“I’ll call you back, people are staring.”

I ran to the car and drove at sixty miles per hour to the next store. A police officer

stopped me. I thought, I’m dead. I told the police why I was driving so fast, and the police officer understood and let me keep driving. I grabbed the bacon, skipped the line, and threw the money to the cashier. I drove home, and now my family was two minutes away. I took a dangerous shortcut through hunting grounds. Somebody shot the window while aiming at a deer, but I kept driving. I made it home, but I had forgotten that I had to set the table and microwave all the food. I locked the door completely, bolted it shut, closed all the curtains, and turned off all the lights. I shoved all the food in the microwave at once. The bacon went into the oven. My family knocked on the door. I took the food out and set the table. I unlocked the door, opened the curtains, and turned on all the lights. I opened the door, and immediately my grandma slapped me in the face.

“I know when you are lying. I heard your conversation with your aunt, I was in the car. Now give me a hug.”

“Auntie, why do you always have to have Grandma in your car ?” I said while hugging my grandma.

“So I can tell when you are lying.”

I remembered ten-year-old Little John has to make brunch next month while everyone came in. Then I remembered that next month was just a test. Poor me will have to keep making breakfast until John is at least 20… Ugh.

– Age 21


It’s my second year in NYU, and my parents say I’m lucky that I got into a good college because other people my color don’t get a good education. This year I have to go to a prom, and it was mandatory. Weirdly, someone asked me already. I’m like, what!!! I asked my friends what I should do.

They said, “Just do it.”

I said, “Okay.”

I had to get ready for the big day. The next day, we gathered in the gym for prom. Our teacher made us go with the person that asked us out. I stood next to Linda. We danced and agreed to see each other again. Three days later, she ghosted me. She used me for grades. I have not focused on brunch.

-Age 22


I need to focus. My grades have been dropping. They have mostly been on average B’s since last year. That’s why I’m only writing this much. Until I go back to getting A’s, I will not write.

-Age 23


Well, I finally got that A ten times in a row for the end of year test, and it’s summer break. I want to have fun, and I’m ignoring brunch. I’m going to go to Splish Splash for a whole day. I invite my friends over for us to drive there. Since it’s in upstate New York, we have to pack a lot of snacks and jackets in case it rains.

It took a one hour drive, and then we made it. We ate lunch there, which was Subway. We went on every single water slide until six o’clock PM. That was one of the funnest days of my life. My grandmother sent me a text message and gave me the devil mask face. I feel bittersweet. Then my grandmother said, We went to IHOP instead, which was better than your food. I was so offended that this day became sweet. Since my grandmother roasted me, I realized that I didn’t miss making brunch today.

The next day, my friends and I went to Camelback Beach. It took us a four hour drive. It was very exhausting. I went on this huge water slide. When I fell into the pool, it was so fast that I broke my leg. I had to be saved by a lifeguard, and we had to go home right away. After my friends dropped me off, my family brought me to the hospital and sued Camelback. I told them not to, but they did it anyways. We won the case, and we got $100,000. Our lawyer was trash.

I couldn’t do things for a whole three weeks, and I’m definitely not going back on any waterslides soon. So we went camping. We put out food in a tight refrigerator so bears can’t get in it, and we tried to avoid camping in the hunting grounds. We set up a fire on a ridge near a mountain, and it was really exciting. I got third shift to watch the campfire and keep a lookout. We drove back home the next day. I can’t wait for next summer break.

-Age 24


This year I graduated, and I’m so excited!!! We’re graduating in Hersheypark Stadium. They do this to make it special. They didn’t want to have it in New York since most of us live in NYC. We all got a certificate, and our valedictorian gave us a wonderful speech and told us to throw our hats in the air. It was a sight to see. When I’m 30, I’m going to start to get my PhD. I’m ignoring brunch.

-Age 25


I teach chemistry at Brooklyn Tech. There are a lot of students, and I’m kind of nervous. The students are nice though. I think I should stay at this job until I turn 30. It’s really fun, and we do a lot of experiments. I think being a teacher has really improved my life. I have to focus on teaching.

-Age 26


Somebody got me arrested today. When I told the cops, they said, “Save it for the judge.”


Five days later…

When they looked for evidence of me at the supposed scene, they found nothing. We had a trial, and they arrested her. That “her” was Linda. The last time I met her was at NYU for prom. My family is glad I didn’t get arrested. We’re going to IHOP for brunch.

-Age 27


It’s summer break again, and I have to prepare for my class next year. This year for summer break, I decided to stay inside and catch up on all the shows I missed. Mostly American Ninja Warrior, which is a very funny show and is very awesome. This teacher life is pretty weird. Your summer break is not really a summer break. You are still working! Brunch is off. I invited some of my most interested students to a science fair at my old elementary school. When we were leaving, they said, “That was impressive.” I am ready for next year.

-Age 28


In my class, there was a bully. I freed a bunch of people from their lockers. The bully’s name was Alin. He was very cruel, and he never pays attention. I don’t know how he’ll survive in life. I hope he’s able to get over his cruelty. I hope he doesn’t become a criminal. He’s been sent to the principal and the guidance counselor many times. I hope he turns his life around.

-Age 29


This year, I went on a date. It went pretty well. Both of us majored in science. We had good conversation. It wasn’t awkward, Her name is Jada. We walked home together because we live in the same apartment building. So we know each other pretty well. Our parents said we can get married. We both were like, “Not yet.”

-Age 30


I quit my job and went to graduate school at Northwestern. I got married to Jada. We now live in the same apartment building. I can’t wait for what’s going to happen next. Little John has to make brunch now.


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