Monster Hunters

by Nick Rozenblit
Monster Hunters Nicholas is optimistic, friendly, and funny. His favorite series is called Warriors by Erin Hunter. He also likes to play video games. His favorite video game is Roblox. He cares for his family and animals and his favorite animals are polar bears and cats. Nicholas is nine years old, but he is turning ten very, very soon!

“Mike was by himself. He was in a Dragon Cave. It was damp and cold, and Mike was really scared. There was a big Fountain of Fire below the King Dragon. He was fighting a flying dark red thing. He was fighting the king dragon.”

It all started with individuals who were monster hunters, Mike, Kevin, Chelsea, and Ruth.

Mike was by himself. He was in a Dragon Cave. It was damp and cold, and Mike was really scared. There was a big Fountain of Fire below the King Dragon. He was fighting a flying dark red thing. He was fighting the king dragon.

“Ahhhhhh!” said Mike as he got caught on fire. The dark scaled dragon just burned him with his fire breath. Mike ran at the dragon and sliced the dragon in half with his sword. Dragon got really hurt and fell to the ground.

“Did I kill him?” Mike asked. No, the dragon rose up and scratched him with his claws right in the face.

“Agh!” Mike screamed in pain. He was bleeding. Down his face with gushing blood. Mike ran at the King Dragon again and sliced him but instead of slicing him he first he jumped on the dragon’s arm. He jumped on his shoulder and stabbed him in his head. Finally, the dragon died. As he disintegrated into dust, more dragons came at Mike.

“Be ready,” Mike said to himself, and he killed all the dragons. Finally, he got what he wanted — the Sacred Sword, the most powerful weapon in the world. He still couldn’t believe he killed the most powerful dragon ever lived. The Sacred Sword was gold and unbreakable, and it had a diamond embedded in the middle of the handle. He went out and went to fight some more.

Meanwhile… Kevin was in the grasslands fighting thousands of zombies and a two-headed dragon. The grass was almost up to Kevin’s thigh in the middle of nowhere.

“This new planet is dangerous!” Kevin screamed as he was slashing the zombies. “I’m already burning!” he shouted. “Eh, at least I’m immune to fire,” Kevin said.

The two-headed dragon got really mad because Kevin didn’t get hurt. So it sprayed water out of its other head and almost drowned Kevin.

“Mmph!” said Kevin as he tried to breathe. He was drowning until…

Mike suddenly appeared. With his awesome new sword he killed all the zombies plus the two-headed dragon and broke the stone that was guarding the water that made Kevin drown.

“Hi,” said Kevin nervously. “How did you know I was here?”

“I was just wondering around fighting monsters looking for shelter,” replied MIke.

“Oh,” Kevin whispered in fear. Kevin was still scared about what just happened.

“My name is Mike. Do you have a shelter?” asked Mike.

“My name is Kevin. I don’t have a shelter. Want to go find one and team up?” Kevin said.

“Sure,” Mike said happily.

As they were wandering around, they heard something coming from the woods, so they got their weapons out. But instead of a monster, a small girl came out from the woods really really scared. She had brown hair and leaves were stuck to it. She was bleeding a lot and had a dagger in her right hand.

“You’re not monsters, are you?” the little girl asked.

“No,” they replied. “What’s your name?” they asked.

“Chelsea,” she replied. (Just so you know, I forgot to introduce this, but Mike was seventeen, Kevin was fifteen, Chelsea was ten, and Ruth was thirteen.)

“How much have you been fighting?” they asked Chelsea.

“I don’t know, but it’s been a lot of days,” Chelsea said. “Can I join you for fighting and team up?”

“Sure,” Mike and Kevin said.

All three of them were looking for shelter to sleep. They found a little cabin that was abandoned.

“Let’s sleep in there,” said Kevin.

“I’d rather sleep in the dragon’s cave,” Mike murmured.

As they approached, they got their weapons out in case any monsters were in there. When they went in, they heard a noise, but it was just spiders.

Chelsea said, “Should we break the spiderwebs and kill the spiders?”

“No! Well, yes. Break the spiderwebs, but don’t kill the spiders. They’re just harmless bugs.” But then…

Mutant spiders jumped out and attacked them.

“Ahhhhh!” they all screamed. But they all still fought back. After they killed all the mutant spiders, Chelsea found the lights. When the lights were on, they saw skeletons and spiderwebs.

“Looks like a lot of people died here,” said Mike.

“Yup,” Kevin agreed.

“Let’s clean this place up,” Chelsea said nervously.

After they cleaned the place up, they slept there for a night. “At least we have a shelter. We should track our places, so we can find it. Maybe it can be our home,” Kevin said.

They then went off into the woods, looking for other people. (I know what you’re thinking, Why don’t they have parents? Well this was why: their parents died because of the monsters, so the children want revenge.)

As they were searching, they saw a dragon. But immediately, the dragon died. “What just happened?” Chelsea asked.

As the dragon disintegrated, they saw another girl and slowly approached her.

“What’s your name,” Chelsea asked the girl.

“Ruth,” the girl said in pain. She was just caught in fire and was bloody. She was super scared.

“Why are you scared?” Kevin asked.

“How did you know I was scared?” replied Ruth.

“You look frightened,” said Kevin.

“Oh,” she said nervously.

“Want to team up with us?” Mike asked.

“Okay,” she said, feeling safe now.

“Let’s bring her to the shelter,” Chelsea said.

“Okay, let’s choose a leader,” Mike said. “I personally feel like I should be the leader.”

“Why do you think that?” Chelsea asked annoyed.

“Well, I have the strongest weapon, I’m the oldest, and I saved someone named Kevin,” replied Mike.

Noble enough, they all agreed, and Mike was their new leader.

As they were searching for the king of all monsters, Bast, if they killed him they just need to kill all the monsters in the world because Bast keeps on spawning new monsters. If he was dead, Bast wouldn’t be able to spawn new monsters anymore. And so they went off searching for Bast and his portal to bring him to a planet where no one can get to (well, they can get to it if they go in the portal).

As they were searching, they found lots of monsters and killed them. They still got hurt a lot.

They were all gushing blood. Ruth said, “We should really get stuff to stop our bleeding.”

“Yeah, we really should,” said Mike.

“Well, at least we can still fight and heal over time, just really slowly,” said Chelsea.

“You got that right,” said Kevin.

“Maybe we could craft access to chop down wood, and I have the strongest weapon, so we all have weapon, so we can get sheep, take the wool, and make it into little fluffy stuff. We could take the tree and maybe get some sap to make medicine. Then with the fluffy stuff, we could put it over our wounds to make the bleeding stop,” Mike said.

(This was what the characters looked like, if you’re wondering).

Ruth has blonde hair, white skinned, red eyes (not fully red, just the center), she has a light blue shirt green pants, and white shoes. Mike has blue eyes, light brown hair, a white shirt, red pants, and black shoes.

Chelsea has green eyes, blue shirt, white pants, and red shoes. kevin has grey eyes, blue pants, black shirt, and red shoes. Just so you know Mike was son of Poseidon, Ruth son of Hades, Chelsea son of Demeter, and Kevin son of Athena) Back to the story…

“Ruth! Mike! Kevin!” Chelsea screamed in fear.

“What!” Mike screamed.

“A dragon hoard!” Chelsea screamed in fear again.

The dragon heard Chelsea. They started running, but suddenly there was a 200 foot cliff. They couldn’t run anymore, so they fought back. Mike chopped off one of the dragon’s head, but suddenly, it grew back two more.

“I’ve heard of this monster before,” Mike said. “Hydra!” he yelled.

When they could run, they ran right to the shelter.

“We need wood to make a torch. The only way you can defeat a Hydra is by chopping off its head and lighting the neck on fire with the torch,” Mike said as he was hiding.

“I’ve stored some wood,” Ruth said.

“Great,” Mike replied.

Then, they made a torch with rocks and wood. They went out, Mike chopped off all of the Hydra’s heads, and quickly set the necks on fire. Mike got stabbed by one of their claws and was bleeding a lot. He was still alive, but really hurt.

As they got the fluff from the sheep they killed earlier, Mike put it on his stomach to heal.

“We need something better than sheep fluff,” Kevin said. “We need sheeps for beds.”

“How about we make rubber and take a tiny bit of sheep fluff to make bandages and wrappings?” Mike suggested.

“Okay, that will do,” Chelsea said.

“Okay,” Mike said. “We have to make teams. Ruth and I will cut down trees with our swords. Kevin and Chelsea, you kill sheep.”

“Okay,” they all agreed.

Ruth and Mike came back with 162 logs.

“All we need to do is turn the sap in this wood into rubber,” Mike said.

Meanwhile, when Chelsea and Kevin were killing sheep, they were attacked. But this time, not from a monster, but by a grizzly bear.

“This should be easy,” Chelsea said.

But it wasn’t. The grizzly bear was a monster. It transformed into a dragon.

“Actually, this is going to be hard,” Kevin said.

They kept on slashing the dragon until it finally died. They were all bleeding a lot. When they went back to the shelter, they came back with 652 pounds of wool.

“Great, now we just need to find leather,” Mike said.

“Maybe we can use the dragon skin as leather,” Kevin replied.

“Sure,” Mike said happily. At last, they were going to have four beds.

“Now we can sleep and also probably get annoyed, but still sleep!” Chelsea said excitedly.

“We need to make this shelter or bunker monster-proof, so they won’t annoy us at night,” Ruth said.

“Good thinking,” Mike complemented her.
“Thank you,” Ruth said.

Kevin and Chelsea were making beds, and Mike and Ruth were using sap to make rubber. Ruth and Mike finished make rubber. “Now we just need to add the cotton, also known as sheep fluff stuffing, onto the middle of the rubber,” Mike said.

Mike and Ruth finished at the same time as Kevin and Chelsea, and it was great timing. It was midnight.

Each of them went on their new bed and fell asleep immediately. In the morning, they went outside and collected some mint.

Then, all four of them went out and got some wood. They broke the back of shelter and then upgraded the shelter with the wood.

“Can we call the shelter home?” Kevin asked.

“Yes” Mike replied.

Their home was awesome. “Now we just need to go too the underworld!” Mike said.

“I thought you can’t get out once you go in,” Kevin said.

“Only for mortals, not demigods,” Mike said back.

They were searching and searching. “We should really get a car!” Chelsea complained.

“You’re right” Mike agreed.

Then they went and chopped some trees. Got sap, metal, and sand. Finally they had a car. they didn’t know where they going.

“We should really make a computer,” Mike said.

“You really know how to build anything!” Ruth said surprised.

Mike had the pieces to make a computer in his backpack, but he threw out the instructions because he didn’t need them. He was very smart. He removed the motherboard from its packaging, removed the processor from its packaging, inserted the processor into the motherboard, applied the thermal paste to the computer, attached the heatsink, installed the random access memory, and installed the backplate on the back of the case. They turned on the computer and it said, “You’ll find the Underworld in the country Russia, city Kazan.”

As they were driving to the Underworld, Mike asked Siri, “How many hours does it take to get to Kazan?”

“It’ll take two hours to go to the airport, and eighteen hours and thirty minutes to go to Kazan with the airplane,” said Siri.

“Okay, let’s go!” said Ruth happily.

“But we’ll need to stop by a hotel,” said Mike. “Siri, look up hotels.”

“Look, I found The Emerald Hotel,” Siri suggested.

“It looks like it’s really good, and it’s only $62. It has a massage place, a pool, lights for nighttime swimming, large parking lot, beautiful rooms, furnitures, and an awesome kitchen,” Mike said as he was driving to the airport.

“It’s $62 per night,” Ruth said.

“Oh,” Mike said.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter,” said Kevin. “I have like $375.”

“Good,” Chelsea said.

When they were at the airport, it was almost midnight. Finally, they were going to Russia. They were so excited to go to the hotel

When they got to Russia, it was six in the afternoon. They were in their hotel getting unpacked.

Ruth said, “Good thing they didn’t know about our weapons,” as they took their weapons out of their bag.

As they were resting, Ruth asked, “Can just chill out for a couple of days because we’re not timed, and I just want to look around first.”

“Okay,” Mike agreed. “I’ll be in the pool.”

“Right, son of Poseidon,” Kevin remembered. (If you think that the godparents died, well that’s not true. They’re immortal. If you keep on polluting, and there’s no more wilderness, then Pan will fade away. So only their foster parents died.)

Chelsea was exploring the forest. Ruth was looking around, and Kevin was practicing fighting in the forest so no one saw him.

Six days passed. They were finally ready to go into the Underworld. When they found the Underworld, it said on the dirt ground:


Αλίμονο σε όλες τις ψυχές που κατεβαίνουν εδώ


“Woe to all souls who go down here,” Mike translated.

Suddenly the ground opened.

They went in the hole. How deep was the hole? Chelsea asked herself. Suddenly the stopped falling.

“I think we’re there,” Ruth said nervously.

They opened the doors. Then they saw it, Bast’s throne was right in front of them. All of the ran at him at the same time. Mike stabbed him in the head, Ruth stabbed him in the chest and slice his heart in half, Kevin cut his arms of, and Chelsea sliced his body in half again and again until he finally died.

“Yes, we killed him,” Mike said.

Suddenly, four pearls floated down from where his chest was. Then, Mike passed out.




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