I, Broken Girl

Daniela Avrekh, age 9
I, Broken Girl "Daniela Avrekh is a nine-and-a-half poetry and fiction writer. She loves reading fantasy, science fiction, and realistic fiction. Her favorite book series is The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Avrekh currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, traveling between her two parents' houses. She has a dog, two cats, and a little brother named Eliot. Avrekh also enjoys spending time with her stepmom, Emily. You can find her at her desk, typing furiously away at this or that project."

Can you see?
Can you see what is happening?
Can you see I am suffering?

Can you see?

Can you see what is happening?

Can you see I am suffering?

No. You do not.

No. You only saw a weak, mindless girl.

No pity. Just a girl who has gotten a taste of this world.

I have tasted it before.

I have been in it before.

I am not naive or dumb.

My name is Sarah.

My name is ordinary.

My name is not like me.

Me. The broken, tired girl.

Me. Who has not seen love for years.

Me. Who no one cares for.

My possessions are gone.

My hope is dim.

My heart is cracking.

Before, I was happy.

Before, I was loved.

Before, I was truly me.

After, I was broken.

After, I was looked upon as less.

After, I was changed.

Now, I am broken.

Now, I am looked upon as less.

Now, I am drowning.

We, the broken.

We, the crybabies.

We, the changed.

Do you see the truth now?

Do you feel my feelings now?

Do you remember me now?

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