Color Wars: The Beginning

by Elijah Fingerman, age 9
Color Wars: The Beginning Elijah Fingerman is 9. He lives in New York, NY with his family. His hobbies include spending time with his baby sister, playing video games, practicing his debate skills, reading, and building amazing creations with his legos. "Color Wars: The Beginning" is the first book in the Color Wars trilogy.

“Blue, the leader, wanted Color World to be safe from the Ghoul Eraser. The Ghoul Eraser is a giant, black eraser that can wipe colors off the face of Color World. There is only one color who knows the weakness of the great Ghoul Eraser… White.”

Once, there was a land named Color World.

There was:

  1. A leader
  2. A blacksmith
  3. A treasurer
  4. A designer
  5. An enchanter
  6. A gardener


And much more!


Blue, the leader, wanted Color World to be safe from the Ghoul Eraser.

The Ghoul Eraser is a giant, black eraser that can wipe colors off the face of Color World.

There is only one color who knows the weakness of the great Ghoul Eraser… White.

Long ago, White set off to destroy the Ghoul Eraser.

He used the biggest sword ever, but the sword was too dull.

White failed, but… White found out the weakness of the Ghoul Eraser.

White heard him say it in his dreams.

He was sneaking into the eraser’s lair to make a sneak attack, but the eraser was taking a nap.


Blue: The leader

Red: The blacksmith

Yellow: The treasurer

Orange: The designer

Purple: The enchanter

and Green: The gardener.

Together, they set off to White’s hut, even though he lived on the other side of Color World.


“Well,” said Blue. “All of our supplies are packed and ready. Purple! Gray!”

Gray, the engineer, who was eating his snack (a sandwich with his favorite drink, gray dye), and Purple, who was meditating, both came to the garage.

“Yes, Blue?” said Gray and Purple.

“Gray, can you build a seven-seat car?” asked Blue.

“Make that eight-seat,” said Gray.

“Why?” asked Blue.

“I can lead you to White. I’m… I’m his brother,” said Gray.

“WHAT?!” said Blue.



“I was one year old. I had just memorized White when he left. It was so sad for me. I cried for a whole year,” said Gray.

“So, you know the Ghoul Eraser’s weakness?” asked Blue.

“No, frankly,” said Gray.

“Aw. It would have saved us a huge amount of ti — ” said Blue.

“I know. I know,” said Gray.

“… ” said Blue.

“The car?” said Gray.

“I almost forgot! You can start. Purple, help him get the pieces, and enchant the car after it’s finished,” said Blue.


“Done!” said Purple and Gray.

“Okay,” said Blue. “Color Clan!” Color Clan! echoed Blue’s voice.

Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green came into the garage.

“Ready?” asked Blue.

“Yes!” said Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Gray.

And so, they started the journey of their lifetime.


“Oh no!” said Orange. “It’s the Gorge of Doom!”

“We can build a bridge,” said Blue.

“But how will we get the pieces to the other side?” asked Orange.

“… ” said Blue.

“I know!” said Red. “Purple can use his flying spell!”

And so, they built a bridge and continued their journey.


“A sign!” said Green.

The person who knows the missing quote will help you move ahead. Find Note and have him help you or you’ll lose a head. -Discord,” read Blue.

“Note? Discord? They’re my cousins!” said Gray.

So, Gray led them to Note’s house. Note uses vibrations to speak, and he changes color with his emotions. Gray figured out what Note was saying, and Note joined the crew.

“{({|})},” said Note. Welcome.

Note has his own car, so all was good. And so, they moved on.


“A bridge!” said Blue.

“Note, can you use your vibrations to see if the bridge is stable?” asked Gray.

“{|},” said Note. Yes. Note did his job. “[|] {|||} () {{|}},” said Note. The bridge is stable.

They crossed the bridge, and so, they continued their journey.


“Hot-hot-hot-hot!!” said Red. “A-hot-lava-hot-pit-hot!”

“Ouch,” said Blue. “That looks like it hurts. Purple! Can you freeze the pit?”

“Yes,” said Purple.

Purple froze the pit and so, they continued.



“I see the hut!!” said Green.

Yes! thought Blue. We made it! But… maybe… we should turn back. I mean, someone… could get hurt. Maybe even… He gulped. … Die. Blue’s face twisted into a face of doubt. No. We have to move on. Even if we die, we will die an honorable death. We can’t turn back. Not now. Blue regained his confidence.

And so, they continued.


“We made it!” said Purple.

“Let’s go in!” said Blue.


White couldn’t talk. He was too weak. White gave the weapon and died. Then they set off for the Ghoul Eraser.


“We made it,” said Blue.

“ROOOOAAAAAR!!!” roared the Ghoul Eraser.

“Color Clan! Distract him!” shouted Blue.

Purple froze the Ghoul Eraser, and Blue shot him. The Ghoul Eraser was destroyed.


The Color Clan came back, and there was tons of celebrating. Right after, there was a funeral for White. But, far away, a loud noise was heard. “ROOOOOOAAAAAAAR!!”


The End (for now… )


Elijah Fingerman is eight and a half. He lives in New York, NY.

His hobbies are playing with his baby sister, playing video games, reading, playing with his legos, and watching TV. “Color Wars: The Beginning” is the first book in the Color Wars trilogy.




“I love the content. Very inventive. Reminds me of a story I read in Russian when I was little — Lev Kassi, ‘My dear boys’ (‘Dorogie moi malchishki’).”

-Eugenia Fingerman


“I think it’s very cool.”

-Alexander Fingerman


“Wonderful, imaginative story. I love the obstacles they come up against.”



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  • Vladimir Shepel says:

    I’m very proud of Elijah’s Fingerman story published in magazine . Very interesting story and very bright colors . Fantastic ! May be Elijah will not become professional writer , but great future , I hope , is waiting for him . Good luck !

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