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The Dead Walk Again

““We got another fever, Taylor!” the doctor said. I sighed. The Fever had been going on for a while. So many people had gotten it. No one knew how it started. We couldn’t stop it. Many people had gone insane because of it. There was so much grieving and sadness. Everybody thinks it’s the apocalypse because no disease has ever been so bad. “

Three Short Words

““Ready?” Aliyah Goldstein asked her co-worker, Dennis Root. They were partners on the designing job for Verizon, using Dennis’s big imagination and Aliyah’s artistic talent. They were the perfect team. But we must go back to deep, deep history.”

Yorkout, Part 1

“On top of Mount Forgetfulness, a hooded figure looks down to the bottom. He is looking through the Ultimate Water Wheel, which is just like a regular water wheel except it has scoops on it and uses lava instead of water. The lava travels down and curves around to a place called Town Town where the lava is used in furnaces to make something for a secret government project called Pain.”

Dr. James Leonard

‘“I have never heard such a thing before!” I said.
My first name is James, but my whole name is James Leonard Olshansky. But I just prefer Dr. James. The sound I just heard is a type of Frankenstein-ish thingy but instead of Frankenstein I am resurrecting my daughter Clementine.”

A Caveman’s Life

“Grunt listened to the boring story. Grunt wanted to be outside playing with the big, loud wolves rather than staying inside a dusty and dark cave. He knew that the reason why his parents were staying in the cave was because they were scared of the outside world. They only went out when they had to hunt. The rest of the day was spent just sitting down and sharpening rocks on the cave walls or drawing pictures with the tar.”

The Book of Awesomeness

“There is a ten-year-old girl, her name is Brittany. Brittany lives on a planet named Mars and she is a vampire. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and if you can imagine her, she would have pale skin. Sometimes, she gets mad and angry and she gives people bad, bad dreams on her planet.”

Jackson 5

“Michael, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon Jackson wanted to get Nerf water Super Soakers and frisbees so they can take a break from singing but all the Nerf water guns were sold out/expensive. The frisbees were so big that they only had a big size. And it’s too expensive.”

The Return of the Dragons

“One day, in a land far away, there was the spookiest town of all. The town of Dendrum. There was a person named Doctor Heesagam. He was the most evil person in the town. He used to run around and steal from people. But then one day, a dragon lived in a mountain just around their town.”

The Candy Thief

“Once there was a boy named Josh who lived in a house in Beverly Hills with his parents. His mom’s name was Dana and his dad’s name was David and they were very nice people. He also had a sister named Olivia, and a guinea pig and a turtle.”

American Food in Paris

“I think the best restaurant I went to was this place called Le Cinq at the George Cinq Hotel. The meal cost $1055 — the most expensive and exquisite dinner I have ever had and paid for. It was completely and utterly worth it.”

The Aldrins

“Everyone has a story. Mine starts off in New York City. At a house — my house. My house is cozy and appropriate for four children, my little brother Owen, my older sister Brooke, my oldest brother Logan, my little brown cockerspaniel-poodle doggie named Maggie, and me. We all live together as a family. But there was only one thing missing in our happy, crazy little, well, big family. Our parents.”

Home of the Aliens

“There once was a planet called Bobo, and the planet was a very happy planet and everyone there had a lot of fun but there was this other planet named Nani that only had junk on it and wanted to take over Bobo. However, the Bobos were the bad guys and the Nanis were the good guys. “


“Once upon a time, there was a boa constrictor with fangs as sharp as swords, and he had wings that could make him fly. He lived in a secret fortress. He wanted to destroy everything and rule the world. He wanted everyone to follow his orders. His name was Pythor.”

The Candy Baby

“I like sweets because I’m three. My mom never lets me have sweets because I’m only three. She really does not want me to have sweets, but when I grow up then she will let me because she won’t know if I’m walking by the street and there’s a candy shop and I want some”

The Sword of Hearth and Fire

“In 2013, Hearth and fire fell into the hands of Don Read. In 2014, Vladimir Putin started a war with the Ukraine. In 2015, it was declared a world war. In 2016, the Ukraine began to falter under the power of Russia. In 2017, Putin dropped a nuclear bomb on the Ukraine. In 2018, the last 7 remaining Ukrainian people were forced to evacuate the country, leaving only separatists.”