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Josh and the Bully

“There was a boy named Josh. He was nine. He liked video games. He woke up to find that a new one came out! He was watching his favorite show when a commercial came up that said a new video game had come out called The Assault on Mars. He wanted it bad. He was jumping off his seat!”

Pac-Man is HERE

“One day, three girls had a sleepover at a house that belonged to their friend, Lily. There was a Pac-Man machine in her house. But they did not know Pac-Man was going to get out that day to rule the world. They did not know they were destined to stop him either.”

The Break

“The cold sweat dripped off Nate’s face, staining his already sweat-logged orange jumpsuit, but he forced in another push-up. His body was screaming in discomfort. The yellow sand of the prison’s workout yard came up to meet him as his arms finally gave out.”

Once Upon a Time

“One summer day, Yerin wandered off into the wind waters. There were rumors going around that a ghost was haunting the lake. The large, silver body of liquid was surrounded by a sakura blossom forest. Tiny, pinkish-red petals with a white inner circle fell upon the unusual water.”

Helena the Husky: A Diary

“Have you ever thought that your parents or siblings were horrible? Well, my story is even worse. I’m a Siberian husky with horrible owners and annoying sisters, and we all have to participate in the 2016 Iditarod race. My diary follows all of us from our home by the Hudson River in New York to Alaska.”

Harmony’s Destiny

“First, my BFF Wilma has been kidnapped by the evil (in my words) Jade, who is “BBF” (Booty, Butts, and Fabulousness. In her words not mine.) E.J. (Evil Jade!!!) has cursed Wilma to think that I’m the mean girl, and that she’s the one who should stand up to me to protect everyone.”

The Green Place

“He saw the stars over his head. For the first time in his life, they weren’t animated. His family had been on the camp’s waiting list for exactly 12 years: his entire life. The day had finally come, and he was camping. This was the only place left on Earth with greenery.”

Owlette and Sugar

“Sugar was trying to figure out a way to give the crystal to somebody so they could watch the dogs. She decided to go onto her parents’ computer and make a flyer that said, ‘I will give you the crystal if you will come and watch the dogs.'”

The Chronicles of Lincoln Middle School

“‘My name’s Lila! It’s really nice to meet you. Are you nervous? I’m not. If I was nervous, I would be talking fast. Oh no! I’m talking fast, aren’t I?’ She paused. ‘Hi! My name is Lila! It’s really nice to meet you. Are you–‘
‘I actually am sort of nervous. My name is Penny. I’m new here,’ I interrupted.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh

“When Mr. MacaroonVoh was a kid named Lila Moon, he never listened. When his parents would tell him to go to the grocery store, he would go to the candy store instead and buy ten thousand candies. When his parents would tell him to write a story all about himself, he would sneak out the door and go to his backyard. He would swim in the pool in the backyard for ten minutes.”

Warren’s Welfare (Part One)

“It all started when I was born. My parents being the king and queen of the Utopians, I was automatically the prince. Also, I was naturally my parents’ prized possession (and that’s saying a lot.) Well, anyway, being the prince, everybody had high expectations of me. The bar was so high, that my chubby, little, baby hands could barely reach it. And soon, the bar slipped out of my grasp, and I began my slow descent.”

Atlantic (Excerpt)

“Getting on a canoe illegally, sailing to a random place, and setting up camp for the week was a good idea?! You see, Lilie and I went to camp together, but it was awful! Like totally awful. Really bad, awful. Well, anyway, the camp stunk, so Lilie and I decided to run away. Because it stunk.”

Birdie and the Great Days

“A bird flies over buildings, brushing against the smooth and bumpy trees. It flies up and pecks on a leaf, and then, it soars off. It flies into the sun, its feathers shining. It pecks on the leaf again. The bird sees bees collecting pollen and people getting up. Then, the bird looks up and sees the sun rising, with yellow and pink colors.”

Calling All Teachers

“While writing a creative story, I enjoy spilling out all of the ideas, and I can’t stop, or else I find myself in the situation of being stuck, not knowing what to write next. But when I, or other students, hear the word ‘essay,’ we all groan. We know that right now, we are going to get a prompt that we have to answer, and we don’t have a choice how we want to structure or form it.”

Ali’s Birds

“The mountains were Ali’s favorite place to go. She always went to the tallest mountain named Vine Master. When Ali got there, she sat on a carved wooden chair and stared at the sky. One day, she saw a hut, but no chair on the mountain. She didn’t look at the sky that day. She listened.”

The Diary Adventure

“Today after workshop, I’m going to a birthday party. I’m not supposed to go dressed in a costume, but I want to. I don’t think anybody’s going to notice me in my costume, so I’m not worried about it. This birthday party doesn’t have any theme. I want it to, though.”

The Golden Heart Chronicles (Excerpt)

“The bell rang as Kate Rosen ran to get to her classroom on time. She had spent all night finishing her English homework. Kate had gotten a C+ on her last English test, and her parents were really upset because they wanted Kate to be a straight-A student. So they had grounded her. That made Kate really mad, because she and her best friend Lucy had been planning a party with some of their friends from gymnastics.”

The Meteor

“The organisms that lived on Earth were simple-minded and easy to manipulate, and overall, Earth was much younger than the aliens’ former planet, Planet 89k in the Andromeda Galaxy. To the aliens, Earth was a blank sheet of paper, a fresh start, with only a few faint marks.”

The Ghost

“One day, when the wind was howling like a wolf, and the bats were having a feast, Mr. Hyde was in his bedroom. It was midnight, but of course, he wasn’t sleeping. He never slept, always plotting his next evil plan.”

One Lost Doll’s Journey

“As I looked around the playroom, I could just remember all the great times we had. But they were all over now. I missed Alisha, and right now, I needed her. As I sat on a bed in the dusty, messy dollhouse, I looked around at the empty playroom with all of her old toys just sitting there, including me.”

Helen Patrick Human

“I was born on February 6, 2003 at 8:57 P.M., and the first thing the doctors who took care of my mother did was to identify what gender I was, like they do to everyone. All tests made were unsuccessful. I was always 50.555555% girl, 50.555555% boy. So I was a half boy, half girl human.”


“Queep was super mad. Actually, he was capital ‘M’ mad. Why? Because he wanted the most wonderful painting ever, and so, he knocked down his neighbor’s house. Queep was a big, scary monster who did things for no reason.”


“Before I went home, I dropped by my English room to get my test back. I looked at my score and… No! I got an F. A big, fat, red, F! I looked at my pink and grey sneakers. Then, I walked to my apartment with my feet dragging behind me.”

The Two Friends

“One day, on a weekend when [Bob and Mama Squirrel] were a eating lunch of fried acorns and berry soup, a girl raced up their tree. She had golden-brown hair and was wearing buckled jeans, a turtleneck shirt, and dress shoes. It looked like she was going somewhere fancy.
They asked, ‘Why are you in our house? Are you a robber?'”


“THUNK. Oli hit the mind control helmet with the special hammer. He was on the SS Take Over, a spaceship one-eighth the size of Earth. It was a white, thin sphere. ‘The mind control helmet better be ready by ‘QUI YEDTH,’ or as the humans call it, July Fourth,’ Zam barked.”