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“Don’t get me wrong, I love camp. It’s just I’d way rather be stuck at my mansion in Miami then in a tiny bunk. At camp, you can do lots of things, just not when it’s pouring rain. We don’t even have a TV. Thank god Katey, a girl from my camp, brought her iPad. Without that iPad, we’d be dead.”


“Then I realized only I could be part of the Fortnite world. Maybe. Is this what I actually think it is? I cautiously walked in, and I realized I was in a lobby. I thought Fortnite had a lobby. I was in a Fortnite lobby! I remembered I was with my friends. I slapped my forehead thinking, am I dreaming or hallucinating?”

Spelling Bee Champ

“On Monday night, Taylor Chris was sitting on her couch next to her mother. They were watching Taylor’s favorite reality show: Spelling Bee Champ. It was the last round and it was a boy, Marc, vs. a boy, Harry. Marc had to spell nefarious. If he got it right, he’d win the challenge.”

The Scary Ghosts

“The ghosts flew up to their treehouse. There was no ladder, since they could fly, and there was no entrance, since they could just float through. The room on the top was where they kept the candy. It was their most secret room.”

The ABCs of Animals

“J is for jellyfish who live in lakes, oceans, and rivers
K is for kangaroos who hop
L is for lions who RRR AAA!
M is for monkeys who swing on branches
N is for nocturnal animals who sleep in the morning and wake up at night
O is for owls who hhhoooo in the night”

Crabby the Crab

“The box was yellow-brownish and it seemed like it was made out of bamboo. She opened up the box and then… there were live crabs! I was right. There were live crabs. They were blue female crabs. Their shells were brown. I knew they were female crabs because their backs are not a T shape like male crabs.”

Weird Food World

“Once upon a time… there was this guy named Bob, and stuff, I think. He lived in a house near a gurgling river. And in that river, instead of fish, there were swimming watermelons! And he lived underground with moles that were pears! And the oven was a heated banana!”

UFO Universe

“Now it looked like his hair was shrinking back into his head, and his teeth were growing sharper. It also looked like his eyes were turning completely white. That’s when I realized that everything that I thought was happening was actually happening!”

Space is the Place

“I have nothing else to do but
Just sit down and think of what earth might look like next
Kenya might look different
Little Rhode Island might look different too
Maybe Rhode Island might actually be an island like Hawaii
Now being an island might be fun”

Detective Frog

“Detective Frog was looking into the murder of Ribit Wonton, the wealthiest frog in Frogville (some monkeys lived here too). Detective Frog went to the scene of the murder in the biggest place in the whole world quintillion stories high!”


“I’m Cloud, the only male wolf in the Best Pack Anyone Could Wish For – although Storm, my sister, said we might want to change our pack’s name and Emily, my best friend, seems to agree with her. Oh, well.”

AL the Alien

“In a world very, very far away, there lived an alien named AL. He was a very good Sweed, the species of alien. One day, he was in Sweed’s camp for boys. They were going to sell cookies to other Sweeds.”

The Gingerbread Man

“Once upon a time there was a gingerbread man. It started raining, but it wasn’t raining regular rain — it was raining frosting. The gingerbread man, whose name was Melanie, ate the frosting while he was walking to his house.”


“Guy and Cactus are punching each other in zero gravity floating in space. They are right above the moon. They’re waiting for a shuttle than can take them to Uranus.”

Went to the Movies

“On a dwarf planet called Ceres, there was a telephone booth. No one knew how it got there. It was just there. No one used the telephone booth. The telephone booth did not want anything. Then, one day, the telephone booth disappeared.”

Unicorn Academy

“Hello, my name is Cornpuf, and I am a pink fluffy unicorn. After being banned from Rainbow Republic — my original home — forever, we started a new life in the sun, since we had to get as far away as possible from the rainbows.”

The Classroom Escapade

“Great, I missed the late bell for chorus and Miss Loxern will be mad because I stayed to feed a stupid, stupid hamster. I can hear her from here, saying, ‘Quiet, please. Single file lines only. Jeremiah, please stop chattering this instant!'”

Knights At Sunset

“Jack and Mackie were very adventurous. They did many adventures, but there was one thing they were crazy about, going in a castle! They thought about going in a castle in their house for about five minutes every day.”

My Sacred Friend

“One morning, I, George Lonerfin, my older brother, Hugo Lonerfin, and my friend, Gande Hulkin, were playing at our HQ, which is in an abandoned house near the theater on 1387th st. in Alabama in an imaginary dimension.”

Winter and Scott

“Turning back to Professor Blume, James’s mind started racing. What did Professor Blume want with him? Sure, he hadn’t handed in his Care for Magical Creatures homework two weeks in a row, and it was the subject Professor Blume taught.”

Missile Tensions with North Korea

“…why is it important? The North Korean missile crisis is important because the people of the united states need to be prepared and be ready as to not start world war 3. One way the united states can avoid this is by starting diplomatic relations and accepting North Korea as a nuclear power. Also the people of the world need to be ready to step in and prevent conflict.”

A Lesson Learned for the World

“The Twin Towers were two of New York City’s most famous skyscrapers. The towers were built in 1973, and they were knocked down in 2001. They stood for 38 years. They stood where the two pools are today. They represent where the two towers were. They are two fountains. “

Tippy Toothpaste

“Tippy Toothpaste was a very good boy. He was very polite, and he helped old ladies cross the street. He was still in fifth grade, and all of his classmates made fun of him! It was because of his name: everybody laughed and laughed and laughed. That made him furious, furious, and more furious.”

PLANES: Chapter One

“I’m about to go down to apologize, when I hear a voice that’s unfamiliar, yelling my name. ‘ANNE! ANNE!’ I turn around my whole room and look out all the windows. ‘Hi, Anne. I’m up here.’ I look up on my ceiling, and a strange blue substance is oozing off my ceiling.”

The Bad Ghost

“There was a ghost. He was a haunter. He would haunt people, animals, and objects. One day, he lifted a pig that was going to be eaten, but kaboom, a ghost car smashed into the ghost.”


“Once there was a flying elephant. To fly, all Mae had to do was flap her ears, and she would start floating, and then she could fly, but the bad thing was all the other elephants were jealous of her.”

Arctic Jungle Adventure

“… a jungle ranger came walking by, and the ranger said to Poley, ‘This is not your right habitat. No wonder you look so sweaty and hot. We have to get you back to the Arctic!’
But Pandy said, ‘No, I want him to stay!'”

Crossing the North Pole

“This is a story that starts in the North Pole. Pezzy was a candy man, and he made a magical lollipop that talked and moved. It was shaped like a penguin, and its name was Pengui. Because Pengui was a penguin shape, he could talk to the other penguins at the North Pole.”

Funky Fairy Tales

“The two queens were neighbors. They hadn’t met yet, because between their castles there was an enchanted wall that was built by a wizard, and also, they were too busy taking care of their baby girls, ruling their kingdoms, and doing whatever it was that all of the powerful and amazing queens did, like teaching their daughters magic!”

Thrasi’s Pot of Gold

” Riley skipped along the dirt path. One thing you should know about her is she loved to swim. Today Riley was going to the SKOGAFOSS waterfall. It was a special day. Riley loved being near water, where she felt like a bird. Little did she know that today would be different. She would bump into Rudy and find a great treasure.”

The Time I Was Left in the Elevator

“We got into the elevator. We were with these 70-year-old people in the elevator. I pressed the number seven, which was the floor that we were staying on. When we arrived at our floor, I did not notice because I was looking at my Nemo towel, even though I don’t like Nemo. When I looked up, no one was there except the old people. “

The Disney Cruise

“One afternoon, Mckenzie went to her parents. She was curious about what she was doing today. Her mother said they were going to Upper Rapids Water Park. Mckenzie knew that Rapids Water Park existed, but she had never heard of Upper Rapids Water Park, but she knew her mother would never lie to her, so she trusted her.”

Killer Refrigerator

“I set up a spycam at the supermarket, and the day after that, I remembered to check the footage. At midnight the previous night, a manager had gone to restock the ice cream. What I saw shocked me so much I almost passed out. The refrigerator had chomped up the manager, and I saw what its plan was.”

A Trip to Yellowstone

“Hello. My name is Kelly Jones, and the only reason I am writing in my new, so secret, red leather diary that locks is because I am bored. I have always not liked airplane rides, especially because they make me dizzy. I am on my way to Yellowstone National Park because, well, frankly, I am very excited. I am very into science, and I heard there are wild animals in Yellowstone and erupting geysers. But, my uncle says there is going to be a great surprise. I don’t expect that it’s going to be much because my uncle’s surprises are never exciting.”

Busch Gardens

“We were pulling into an amusement park called Busch Gardens in Virginia. My dad hit the switch that turned off the radio. I was kind of annoyed because it was in the middle of my favorite song from Hamilton.

Simone La Unicorn

“She really wanted to escape. One day, she decided to try to jump over the fence. She tried three times, and on the fourth try she succeeded. It was dramatic irony because her trainers wanted her to be fast, but then she used that skill to escape.”

Ruth to the Rescue

“Dogs barked. Wolves howled. Ruth knew something was not right. She tiptoed downstairs and peeked out. She gasped. It was Mama’s story come to life. She remembered every word. But she never thought that it was true. The evil army was here next to her house, and she could do nothing about it. Or maybe she could.”

The Life of Ash

“Ash recalled the time that he was just wandering in the woods on a dare, and he saw something supernatural that scared him out of his wits. Something unexplainable. Something that would make him afraid of Grimsdell Wood for a long time.”

The Paint Palette

“When she saw her reflection in the mirror, she almost screamed. Her hair was a rat’s nest. And it was sticking up in all different directions, not to mention that her eyes were saggy, and she looked like a racoon. She immediately washed her face and started ferociously brushing her hair. At least now her hair looked a little calmer.”

Honey’s Storm

“From then on, Cinnamon was always the nervous one. Silvermoon, on the other hand, was always the adventurous one. I was in between, but I really wanted to get down from that cramped place. Also, what is that sound? It was loud… Suddenly, I didn’t want to go down.”

A Cat Called Sunny

“… she had the weirdest dream about Sunny! It was about her turning into a cat and Sunny turning into a human, and she was the one talking as a cat. So, it was the opposite! When she woke up, Pepper screamed because of her dream. By accident, she woke up her parents.”

The Duck Dilemma

“One day, Alex and her younger sister Sophia had a fight. Alex couldn’t join the same after-school program her sister was part of because her sister didn’t want her in the after-school program. So, she went and talked to the ducks at the zoo. The zoo made her feel at home.”


“In a city that is busy the whole day, something very extreme happens. The NASA rocket blasts off into space, but the rocket’s screws fall out, and a nuclear blast erupts and starts blasting radiation, gamma, plasma, and energy.”


“She wanted to see what the rest of outer space was like. Little did she know she did not have the right equipment or skills to get back to Mars. She took off her big led shoes, and she jumped off Mars. She started floating out into outer space. Her parents said that she looked like a baked potato.”

Pengy and His Friends

“One day, Pengy the penguin was swimming around looking for friends. They all swam and dropped their eggs in the water, and Pengy went to save them. The other penguins knew that Pengy took their eggs, so then they started a fight.”


“I can never believe what happened yesterday. I was just flying around in the air happily, sucking on my favorite yellow flower nectar, when a huge thingy just came swinging at me, and I got tangled in it.”


“Next, he went to a wedding. When they were trying to kiss, the ghost stepped in, and they both kissed the ghost instead. Then, a man threw cake at the ghost, and it went right through the cake and hit somebody in the butt!!!”

The Journey

“And as soon as he was there, he started digging as fast as he could, and then he quickly covered up the hole. As soon as you could say, ‘Spaghetti on bread,’ night fell. The lion started reading the seed stories and sang it songs. He didn’t get a wink of sleep.”

Jiggling Giggling

“As soon as she got in to the office, all the boys thought she was so beautiful. And then, the boys started a musical number, and then Ms. Giggling said, ‘Ohh, that was so sweet, boys!’ And she clapped for them and gave them stickers.”

When Hot Dogs Take Over the World

“When hot dogs take over the world, here are some things you need to know. If you are eating food right now, stop!!! When hot dogs take over the world, the only way to escape them is to eat the hot dogs. If you are eating, you are a threat to the universe. If you have ever eaten before but you are not a threat to the universe, you are a threat to the world.”

The Invasion of the Good Boyes

“We had arrived in the doggo world. They were very welcoming. One of them gave me a cookie that said Bork. We got free starter homes and help from the government. It seemed the doggo world had already gained world peace. It was very clean and futuristic, just like the books and movies, though we would have to get used to the new language.”

The Night of the Hamsaurus

“On a dark, stormy night in the hamster factory, one worker who was working late on robo-hamsters named Fred was minding his own beeswax when he suddenly heard a loud boom! And evil laughter. Fred looked behind him only to come face to face with a tall hamster looking thing with a hamster body and dinosaur head.”

Adventures of Hazel Hollyblade

“Hazel Hollyblade awoke with a start. Someone was knocking on the door of her little house beside the colorful Delesquari Fields next to the ocean. Red, pink, blue, and purple flowers bloomed, and the fields seemed like an endless rainbow of color, and as Hazel got up to change into a dress, she saw a woman with raven black hair and a rather uncomfortable-looking black and white dress uniform standing near the doorway.”

Too Short

“Once upon a time there was a face. This was no ordinary face. This was a floating face! And what this face wanted to do most was play volleyball. Now this was a very hard thing to do, for as you know, it was a floating face and had no arms. But still, it wanted to play as much as ever.”


“As their sons in America continue to flourish, / And spread their loud crowing all through the land, / You must never forget all the birds that we nourished / To bring agriculture right into our hand.”

Sean and Alex

“Once there was a boy named Sean, and his friend named Alex loved to adventure. When they were teenagers, their parents told them to look for a different world without them, to be independent. They just graduated high school and came home from graduation when their parents said, ‘Good job, kids. Get out of the house. Be independent. Go explore.'”

A Friend’s Secret

“There once was a tiny panda bear named Teddy who lived with his parents in a bamboo forest. They could talk, but they couldn’t expose their secret to humans. They were afraid that humans would capture the pandas, force them to talk to humans, and prove that pandas could talk. The humans would separate the panda families and would kill some of them because they were afraid of their talking because it wasn’t natural. “

What He’s Become

“A cold darkness shifted throughout the room. It expanded, wrapping around the room, and for a moment, a light tucked in the corner flickered then gave way into the darkness. The room was now nearly pitch black, and you could only make out the slight outline of a bedside table idly waiting next to the bed.”

Beautiful: A Feminist Fairy Tale

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful teenage girl named Chrysanthemum. Her long, perfect nose inhaled the salty odor of the sweat trickling down her beautiful face. Chrysanthemum’s long fingers were clenched into tight fists, and her thin legs were driven into the soft carpet on her bedroom’s hardwood floor. Chrysanthemum breathed deeply and collapsed onto her hot pink bedspread. “


“‘Do you want a mint?’ Nancy asked her friend Emma. ‘My mom just bought them.’


Twelve-year-old Emma was having a sleepover with her friend Nancy. All of a sudden, there was a big boom.”

Dagger and the Bloodwolf

“Dagger was a 21-year-old man living on Tracker Street in Orlando, Florida. He was the only one living on that street, but he was actually from California but moved because he got a job as a bartender in Orlando. Tracker Street was built in the 1950s, and now, by 2017, it had looked old and wrinkly, like no one had ever lived on the street.”


“Pizza and Pretzel were having a playdate at Cheddar’s house, and they ran out and tried to see if there was any way they could become rulers and then make Cheddar a ruler too. They went to the ruler’s castle, but the drawbridge was up, so they went back to Cheddar’s house. Cheddar’s mom was in the kitchen. ‘We are going up to Cheddar’s room,’ Pretzel said. They were really just going out the back door.”

The Diary of Sir Littleton III

“That night, I slept in my shoe. When I woke up, I continued reading the torn off bible page. A cold, wrinkly thing pushed down on my snout. Wait a minute… that was Lorenzo’s foot! Ew! Lorenzo stomped into the shoes and started walking down the hall. I screamed for help, but to everybody else it sounded like SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK!”

A New War

“Our story begins in the village of Dinval in a world where wars never end. Dinval is home to many of the race Redwood, and our character Rohan has a friend named Ralf. They are very good friends. Rohan and Ralf are going on a trip to Dinvel, home to the race of Ginvers. Dinvel is a small village. It was once a huge kingdom, but Zoros destroyed the place, and it is now only a village.”


“Once there was a girl who got bullied. Her name was Parsephona. Everyone always thought she was all nicey-nice. This was her worst fear. People thought this because she was Persephone’s daughter, goddess of spring. She went to the underworld. No one understood Persephone either. She lived in ancient Greece. Ancient Greece was beautiful. But she was just a normal girl.”

The Evil Santa

“Every night on Christmas Eve, Evil Santa takes toys from the innocent boys and girls. The Good Santa couldn’t help because he was kidnapped by the Evil Santa. Evil Santa first kidnapped Good Santa 200 years ago, and it had been going on since then. The old Good Santa tried to send a secret message to the elves to ride the reindeer sleigh to save them, but they couldn’t do it and couldn’t get back.”

The Twins that Never Fight

“Once, there were two twins who lived in New York in Manhattan. Elizabeth and Grace were their names, and they were five years old. They both had brown hair, blue eyes, they were missing two teeth, and they had peach skin. They lived with their mom and their dad. They shared a room, and they liked each other a lot. “

Faller Killed Killer

“Once upon a time there was a snowflake named Killer. He looked like he had many swords, and they were made of ice. His were semicircles. He was white and clear. He lived in Alaska on a tree. Next to that tree lived Faller, who was a snowflake, which was clear and was very irritating. Faller looked like he was a fan, so whenever you spun him, he would give you air. “

Coco At The Circus

“Coco is an elephant. She likes to go to the circus. In Coco’s world, there are no people because one day people invaded their world, but no one got hurt. Every year, there is a circus to celebrate that they are safe. Today is the day of January first, so they celebrate today!”


“There was once a boy named Jack, and he was a normal boy. But one day, there was an electrical storm, and he got struck by lightning. But instead of dying, he got electric superpowers, and he made his superhero name Electro. He could teleport, concentrate electricity in his fingertips, and release electricity.”

The Road Trip

“‘Emma, start packing! We need to leave at 1:00 P.M.!’ my mother yelled. Oh no… I forgot to pack! It was already 11 A.M.. I grabbed my shorts and a few shirts. I plugged in my phone and shoved my toiletries in my bag. My little sister came waddling in my room, holding her stuffed bear that she has had since she was born.”

War of the Fruits

“There once was a team of banana soldiers in a banana city in a fridge in a kitchen in a house in New York City on the Earth. They really wanted to take over more land in the kitchen, but the team of apple soldiers in the apple city in that same fridge in that same kitchen in that same house in New York City would not let them.”

The Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Drawing

“Once there was a girl, and she drew animal people. Her name was Sophia. In her dreams, she only thought of animal people. There were food and games and animals, but there was always this animal with big eyes wearing a suit. Sometimes, another character would be in it. One day, she couldn’t stop drawing the photos of the animal people.”

Shadow Their Attack

“Jack was sort of afraid of the alley. It was a dark and dirty place, and there were a lot of rats. Jack hated dirt because he thought it was gross. However, he still had to go because his mom would make him go to bed at 7:00 if the garbage truck didn’t take the trash, and the garbage truck picked up the trash in the alley. Jack was kind of scared, but normally he was brave — it was 7 p.m. and dark outside.”

Treasure Map

“Once upon a time there was a treasure map. Ari was playing Minecraft, and it popped up on his computer out of the blue. When Ari saw this, he called his three friends, Hope, Linzi, and Mert, and told them to come to his house. His friends left their houses, and they reached Ari’s house in the span of five minutes. At Ari’s house, he showed them the treasure map.”

Gone Girls

“Riley and I live in townhouses connected to each other by a garden. Sometimes at night, we’ll sneak out to the garden and hang out to talk and play. We got caught once but still keep doing it because we lied to our parents, saying, ‘We will never do it again.'”

The Castle of Love

“Once upon a time, there lived a princess, queen, and king. They wanted to be very rich, but they did not have much money. They became king and queen because they were rich. Other people had $10, but they had almost $100,000, but there was someone way richer than them. They had $100,035, but that was from their army for fighting against England.”

The War for Aspadus

“Six hundred years ago, on a planet called Aspadus, there was a country called the Irevalon Empire. They were a country where people had powers. But over time, they spread out over the planet and developed their own powers and their own languages. On one half of the planet, it was green, hilly, and warm, and they spoke Dragonese, and on the other half, it was mostly watery and cold. They spoke Lorainian.”

Water “The Elixir of Life”

“People are losing their lives because they don’t have clean water. Right now people are offering two solutions, one is asking for donations to build a well, and two is selling water filters. Just donating money to different websites is not as productive as new inventions, and so we should focus on creating new inventions that can help with water problems.”


“One morning, the sky was so blue I could see white clouds and airplanes, which we never saw here in my town, so it started the day off with an odd but somewhat happy start. The happy part ended when mom came and told me that even though it was the middle of the summer, June 8th, 1941, I had to work. When I say work, I don’t mean writing. I mean babysitting the triplets.”

Awesome Airplanes!

“‘This is so awesome!’ said Matthew as he pushed full throttle on his airplane and rushed through the clouds above the plains. Just then, a black enemy airplane from TCOEP (The Country of Evil People) dropped something on his plane. It started counting down. ‘A bomb!’ he cried. Then, he heard a blast.”

Random Stories

“Then, the strange man cackled. Bob really didn’t like him. He went to grab his father’s gun but found that it was gone. He asked the strange man where the gun was, but the man kept cackling. Bob really didn’t like him, so he ran to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked. A shiver ran down Bob’s spine. He ran to the back door and found it was locked.”

When Owner Left Me

“Owner petted me with the softest, most serene pet, as usual. They patted my forehead calmly and sang me to sleep. A dream formed around me, surrounding my brain in sleep. Floating islands of delicate treats, singing birds, and a pack of fresh squirrels surrounded my dream.”

Kingdoms Dragon’s Game

“Once there was a kingdom called Goving. In Goving, the people were happier than the happiest person in the world, until one day, a dragon attacked. This dragon’s name was Billbaring and was so depressed that it couldn’t be described. This dragon saw the kingdom and got more depressed.”

The Super Sleepover!

“Tonight we were having a sleepover! I couldn’t wait. It was going to be a blast. I dressed Mia in her nicest outfit. My mom was being so annoying! I couldn’t stand it! She kept saying, ‘Honey, calm down. You’re making yourself stressed!'”

Video Games

“After Tom was playing tag with Peter’s friends, Peter was suddenly the tagger. Tom thought Peter was really fast, so Tom wanted to avoid him. Then, Tom realized that Peter was chasing after him. Tom tried to run away, but Peter tagged him. Then, Tom fell down and hurt his leg. He was crying because of the pain.”

Writopia Land

“When Amy heard the bunny speak, she went down on the ground and started to scream. When she looked around, the trees were becoming purple. The flowers were turning into mushrooms. When Amy screamed, every animal that was near her went into a huddle.”

I Remember

“I remember the white bunk bed and the smell of tomato and mozzarella / I remember reaching over the bunk bed / I remember falling at my own risk and cracking my head / I remember friend yelling and my mom screaming and crying for help”

My 20’s Diary

“My name is Billy, and I just turned 20, and it feels freaking awesome. I just started my first week at NYU majoring in advanced chemistry and minoring in algebra.”

Twin Towers

“I gasped, glaring at Mrs. Stuart. My twin, Evelyn, smiled, gave me a thumbs up, and buried her face in her math once more. I took that in a nice way, and looked up at Mrs. Stuart. ‘You can’t say that I’m worse than my sister to my face. That’s just plain horrible.'”

Keep Trying

“Mackenzie is at the hospital for two months, because she has been paralyzed on one side of her body since she got in a car crash. Because she was gone for so long after the accident, Mackenzie wasn’t able to pay the rent for her house, so she lost it and became homeless.”

Moving Away

“It’s hard to move to a new house when your parents want to live and see a new place, but it is even harder to move to a new house when you are expecting a baby. Especially when almost all my friends are asking me these questions. They were asking questions like ‘when are you moving’ and ‘where are you moving to.’ It’s really annoying and stressful. “

The Amazing Aliens

“They went to a different planet called Blob. It looked like a green blob. They saw an evil villain. The creature was trying to go really fast, but Sasha, Emily, and Kiki collectively captured it. The evil villain was an alien snake. It had a long body and ten piercing eyes. It was a terrifying sight.”

The Orphans

“Katherine’s eyes started to water, and she hugged Lily and James again. That afternoon, it was so hot that they had to stay inside, so Katherine secretly started to plan a rescue mission. Her plan was to go out at 10:00 pm, grab one of the horses from the stables, and she would ride to the orphanage and sneak in and grab Mack.”

The Magic Rhino

“At Sunday school, he learned that rhinos have been around for 500 years. And he wanted to be a rhino. But then, he remembered that magic wands could not put a spell on themselves. He also remembered that he could turn into a parrot. Maybe then, he could turn into a rhino. So he tried, but he could not do it.”

Tips to Business

“Another trick to move you up the ladder of business is to always make sure there are missed calls on your phone. It makes you look important. The trick to that is you call yourself a bunch of times on your iPhone from the stall. It worked so well! Everyone thought I had stomach problems when I got back twenty minutes later!”

The Bad Sleepover

“When we get inside, I follow Lynn to her room. Once I’m in her room, the familiar smell of strawberries greets me. If I was blindfolded, I would know exactly where I am. I also recognize the neatness of her room. The same mini elephant sculpture I had given her many years ago was still there. Then I turn around and I’m surprised to see another girl in Lynn’s room that looks about our age.”


“Max knew that it wasn’t going to be a good day. Yesterday, everything had gone wrong, and now Max, a quiet kid who sat in the back of class and got good grades, had gotten himself into a fight. Everyone at school knew about it. It was as big as a pay-per-view boxing match. And it was today.”