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“Once I finished brushing my teeth, I called my two-year-old sister’s name, but no response. I looked for my sister in the house, but she was nowhere to be found! I was so scared all my hair turned into red fur. I grew a red tail, and my eyes turned orange. I noticed I did not have much control over shifting so I kept on shifting into a fox and back into human until it was easy.”

The Blue Eye

“As I force my legs to pump up, down, up, down propelling my body like pistons across the torrid street, I think, Why do we live, why are we unhappy when we have everything we desire? But we don’t.”


“This planet was called Dead Land. When you see Dead Land from outer space, you see all black. It takes normal kids and make them into weapons that they use for kill like a game.”

The Worm Hole Book #1

“Tom was hiking with his family at the Grand Canyon. His sister was singing annoying songs, his brother was making loud sound effects, and his mom and dad were talking about the trip. It was scorching hot and water had to be drunk often.”

Two Stories Combined

“How to stop climate change: Stop driving cars when you don’t need to. It melts ice in the Arctic, which causes polar bears to drown in the water, and don’t throw trash into the water. Don’t let gasoline out when you’re refilling your car, and try to block it. Or wait until it needs gas because it makes the ice warmer, and you don’t have to always use fossil fuels to get places. “

Chocolate Dean

“One land was special because it was made out of chocolate, and the people who lived there and the all stuff there were chocolate, too. One person, who was the king named Dean, was made of chocolate, especially because he had gold and stuff like that. “

The Story of Blub

“When he was a little toddler, he fell from a metal ball 45 feet up in the air, thinking it was a jolly rancher. He had to go into surgery and was never the same again. When he went to preschool, he was the class clown, but he never knew who he was so he cried and cried.”


“I open my door and try to kick him, but my foot goes through him and he pulls me toward the underworld. I thrash and scream and kick but there is no way that he will let go of me. I just relax, realizing there is no hope, and let him yank me to the underworld. I see his facial features: dark, cold, and mysterious. I feel his body, which feels icy. “

Color Blind

“The next day is Monday. I sketch on the bus like I do every day. I love art. A lot of people say I can’t because I don’t see color, but that’s not everything about art. Art is also drawing and painting, which I love. And I’ve seen some real black and white paintings before. “

Lemon the Noodle

“Hi. My name is Lemon, I am a human-sized noodle, and I live in the forest in a tent. It is very cozy here. The ticks only get to me at night, and in the morning, I bathe in the tub of horse poop to get the ticks off. It is beautiful here. Paradise.”

Luca the Bear

Once upon a time there lived a bear named Luca. He was three years old and he wanted to go to school. But then, he realized that he didn’t have a parent because there […]

The School for the Talented and Gifted

” The School for the Talented and Gifted was an all-girls school for those with special powers. Emily was an Empath and could sense people’s emotions, Finlia was a Telepath and could read people’s minds. Finlia loved being a Telepath, but there was a strict rule at her school that said that Telepaths could not read people’s minds without asking permission.”

Jonny and the Bozo Peacocks

“Once there was a man called Jonny. He was young enough to be a footballer (soccer player), so that’s what he wanted to do. He wanted to be a good midfielder to defend and attack. But he felt like he was being watched and followed but not by just an over-supervised mum, they were something a lot more unusual (and eccentric), it was, wait for it… PEACOCKS!!!”

The Adventures of Fluffy the Cat

“Once there was a fluffy, fat kitten named Fluffy. She didn’t like the pet store, so she ran away. She was a white kitten, so she got dirty. At the corner of the street where the pet store was, Fluffy saw a bunch of windows, so she went inside one and found a little, evil, fake chipmunk.”

Song Analysis

“Some songs have hidden meanings that don’t really go with the tune or style of the song. Listeners or fans have to look at the lyrics, or listen extremely closely to find the meaning. Sometimes, these hidden messages are a little dark and depressing, or they can be political, or even ask for help in little beeps in the background in morse code, telling a soldier help is on the way. Some songs even have hidden meanings or messages to their loved ones. If you really want to appreciate most music, you really have to understand their inspiration and message to their listeners. “

The Brave Bunny Bunch

“My name is Daisy, and I’m a bunny. My family lives in a pretty big hole underground. It’s actually one of the biggest holes in the area, but since we are such a big family it feels much smaller than it is. We are a total of 25 bunnies in our family, including our parents. When it comes to our relationships with one another, we are all pretty close with our litter, but not so much with other litters.”

The Watch

“Once there was a boy who was 15 years old. He wanted a phone, but his mom had no money for buying the phone. One day his mom wanted the boy to buy a phone, so she gave him a clock. The clock was big, red, and gold.”

Monster Madness

“There was a monster named Shatter. She had ten eyes and five mouths. With her long fifteen tentacles and three feet, she really did look like a monster. She had lived on a planet named Galactic Glass Gorge. She was transferred to a planet called Earth when there was an explosion on Glass Gorge.”

Family Mystery

“It was Wednesday, December 1941 in London, England. The police and detectives were arriving to the Maplerose Mansion. Charlotte Maplerose had gone missing. But this wasn’t the main problem; this was the 5th Maplerose reported missing in the past months.”

Space Battle: The Complete Series

“He was drinking his drink when a bad alien came in and kicked open the door. This alien was from a different planet. He looked even uglier than Sammy because he was from a different planet where they have three tentacles, one eye, and are very tall, as tall as a regular human. This other planet called Zorg is as big as Jupiter.”


“I’m a horse. At least, I am to Maria. To myself, and my mom, and my dad and my sister, and my cousin, and you get the point, I’m an Alicorn. I live in Maria’s home but also my world. I am the royal Alicorn of my world, and I was sent by the Queen to watch over Maria.”

In the Dark

“I search the house everywhere, from the closet to the drawers, but I cannot find him! I’m desperate so I call the police and they come immediately and start asking all sorts of questions. Then they search the neighborhood and ask passersby if they saw my father. None did. I’m hopeless. Scared. Sad. Miserable.”

Who To Trust

“‘It was a night just like this one,’ said Melody.
‘Seriously?’ said Nate. ‘That’s how all stories start. Try something new.’
‘Why don’t you tell the story then,’ said Melody.
‘Okay,’ said Nate. ‘In a forest only a mile away, a little girl was walking in the woods. Suddenly, a big bad wolf came in front of her.’
‘Is this Little Red Riding Hood?’ asked Melody.”


“Punpun continued to work, and then an adult walked in the shop and asked for a love potion. She said she was out and to come back next week. The week ended, and she was in stock again.”