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The Unexpected

“Their first hypothesis is that the alien killed him. He says that’s impossible because he killed the alien and found out that it was just a robot from ten years ago from military training. So it must be something else and the weird thing is that we heard a gunshot, but there were no bullets on the body.”

The Outbreak

“Suddenly, he hears a voice speaking really loudly outside. Since his parents aren’t home, he went to go see what it was. So, he left the house and started running to the sound. He ran so fast that he bumped into somebody. He bumped into his friend, Fred, and was surprised to see him. Fred whispered into Buddy’s ear, “Don’t go there! There’s a fallen hacker outside!””

The Doll

“Mrs. and Mr. Mason never believed that their daughter would ever run away. How could she? She got everything she could possibly want, and a huge house. But they thought wrong.”

The 2 Cat and 1 Monkey Friend

“We came back from the trip, and George was gone. Six months passed, and we didn’t find him, until my aunt said that she found him. When I saw him, I burst into tears. Stuffing was coming out of my eyes. I slept good all the time everytime George was here.”

My Journal

“He was at home doing his homework before he heard a noise in the wall, and next to Chili’s wall was just cement that’s all. The noise was louder and louder just like his heart beat. He went closer to the wall and his sweat was running through his skin. He couldn’t breathe.
Was this normal?
Like a flash, he ran to his mom so hard the tiles on the floor broke like pencils.”

Bob the Dwagin

“He was kicked out of the waterfall because he kept breathing fire on tourists and stuff! But there was one boy that wanted the dwagin to stay. The boy’s name is Billy. Billy loved dwagins. They were his favorite animals. He loved every type: water, ice, fire, earth. Everyone, except undead dwagins.”

The ABCs of Helpers

“F for firemen who help when there is a fire
G for garbage men who pick up garbage because it is going to stink
H for homework helpers who help people who need help for homework
I for ice cream helper when it is hot”


“That is when I realize what to get Granny for her birthday. I will give her the birthday that she never had. I grab the diary entry and rush to my parents’ room.
“Mom, Dad, wake up!” I say in a rush.
“What is it?” answers my half-awake mom.
“I know what to get Granny for her birthday,” I say.
“Great, what is it?”
“First, you have to get out of bed and get dressed,” I say.”

Do Aliens Exist?

“Our bus driver wasn’t normal. He had two claws for hands, a fish tail, and the head of a velociraptor. He drove the kids to each class, which was in their own building. I had astronomy class first then I headed to my homeroom where Ms. Satan was doing her usual morning routine of yelling at kids, “teaching” math, smoking an electronic eyeball, and looking at her devil tattoo.”

Scary and Short Stories

“One day, when it was very cold, Jimmy wanted to go ice skating. So Helen and Sofia took him outside and helped put his ice skates on. Then he went ice skating, and the ice started breaking under Jimmy’s feet. Then Helen and Sofia pushed him out of the way in time. But then Helen started to feel the ice breaking under her feet and so did Sofia.”

Daisy’s Adventure

“Daisy had always been trying to go on top of the rainbow to see the panorama of California. But each time Daisy tried, there were obstacles stopping her. Today she saw the rainbow and whispered to herself, “Today I have to get past those obstacles and finally get to see California’s panorama.””

Germ Clash

“Then all of a sudden, Lord Sparr kicked open Shadow’s door. CRASH! Lord Sparr kicked the door so hard the whole fortress shook like a shock wave. But Shadow saw that Lord Sparr was a zombie with magical powers. Then Shadow took off running. Lord Sparr chased him.”

1 o’clock

“Something is weird today. Today, my bed was dancing with me.
At six o’clock in the morning, cotton candy with a gentle voice was reading where the sidewalk ends.
At 10 a clock, a fox was shaking hands with me.
At 11 o’clock, a deer said nice things to me.”

Dragon Story

“Once upon a time, there was a dragon whose name was Oliver. He was known as a myth, but not the hero. The hero is still alive, but in hiding because he knows that he is the real bad one.”

The Unicorns and One Pony

“Once there was a pony. Her name was Emma. Emma wished she was a unicorn. All the unicorns in town did not allow Emma in their group, so every day after school she cried to her mom. Her mom was a unicorn. One day she went to school with a fake unicorn horn and rainbow mane.”


“I love to think of different worlds that have magic in them. Magic is something that I wish this world had. Not the kind of magic we see every day in nature and people, but magic that goes against science and our beliefs. If I ever saw magic I don’t know if I would know that it’s there.”

Straws Are Bad

“Did you know that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans? In this story, you will learn what kinds of straws are bad, why they are bad for land animals, sea creatures, and humans, and also my experience with straws.”

The Snowy July

“Maria was bored. She was bored like she’s never been bored before, all because it was wet and dreary outside. All she could do was play checkers with her grandma because Mia’s parents were on a trip in Argentina where they got bundles of snow!”

The Unicorn and the Dragon

“The river was very strong. Penelope saw a log and tried to roll it over to the river. But it was too heavy. So, she put one hoove into the river to test if the water was warm enough so she could swim in it. It was warm, very warm. She jumped in and kicked her hooves back and forth. She reached out and grabbed the land.”

Coco Finds a Friend

“I was in a bag. That’s right, a bag. It was so uncomfortable, but that’s always what happens when I’m going to the vet so you can’t blame me when I say I thought I was going to the vet that day. But then I noticed me and my owners, Dan and Cathy, had been in this moving thingy for a long time.”

Lucy the Hedgehog

““Why are you over here?” Luckily Lucy found a paper bag and she put it over his head and ran away. Just about when Lucy thought everything was okay, she heard thunder. “A thunderstorm is coming,” she thought. So she quickly ran to the nearest cave but she saw that there were two baby bears inside.”


“There was an argument… It had started out simple. We were picking wallpaper and furniture for my room. I had wanted to get cat stuff, and a cat. Maybe obvious. But it got real bad, real fast. I had wanted Mom to let me be me. But noooooo! I had to be her! Not me, her! The non-cat loving, awful dinner cooker of a mom.”

Blue’s Story : A Novel By Mae Benne

“Blue remembered hearing the front door slam and running down the stairs in an attempt to get her mother to stay and she remembered her father wrapping his robust arms around her. She remembered trying to break free from her father’s comforting grip, through tears and sobs and finally getting out of his arms to chase after her mother. But by the time she had run out the door her mother had disappeared into the grey, dreary night.”

Sylvia and the Wishing Tree

“”More rain to come and you should expect thunder, with a hurricane chance of 0.0356, Sylvia. Really, with Hurricane Lila and Leo on the loose, you should pay more attention,” Maria scolded me, due to the fact that I was rolling my eyes. I groaned. I never should have suggested to Mother that we install the personality chip.”

The Zombie who Eats Tacos Everyday

“This guy’s name is Taco. He lives with wife, Ms. Taco, and his little baby taco Jr. Taco goes into outer space so he can shoot tacos at people who want to eat them. He throws tacos at people. His salary is $1,123 per second because it’s really hard to aim tacos at people’s head.”


“Questions lingered in my mind, like Where is she? Is she hurt? Is she DEAD?! If she’s alive, is she thinking about me and Dad??? How did she disappear?
I don’t know the answers, but I assume the worst. Mom’s probably dead, lost somewhere.
All I know is, I just really want her to come home.”


“The bell rang, sending feelings of scariness through the playground. They pierced through my thin, green skin. I tried to stretch out of my spot in the ground. I had to move before the kids came trampling to the playground, running right towards me and all of my best friends.”

December 19th

“Grace stared back with her eyes WIDE.
She said to me, “Chloe, the smell is getting really really strong. Should we say something?”
The smell was getting really strong. I said back to her, “No, let’s wait here until further notice.” Little did I know that I had just made the biggest mistake of my life.”

The Spotlight

“The cable rose and the elephant started to fly! The audience cheered with “OOhs and Ahhs.”
I couldn’t understand what the actors were saying next, but suddenly I felt a tickle up my wires, a feeling that always excited me because I don’t usually get my chance to shine. Sometimes I get sad about how much the other colored spotlights get to shine.”


“The unicorn started coming closer to me. Then I realized that the bush had food on it. I tried to run away but she had already swallowed me whole. Inside the unicorn’s stomach, I was sitting in a swarm of rainbow wet stuff. It smelled like cotton candy.”

Monkey Spy

“When your day gets completely turned upside down, finding out you have a spy in your household is not that big of a surprise. Having a second spy, ok that is a little kooky, but having a third spy, that is a monkey????? Now it is going way too far.”

Roman Story

“The next day was a blur, packing and walking around the campus for the last day. The next day they graduated but there was a surprise.
“You are all joining the army,” said the general, “your instructions are on your bunks.” He turned around and left the whole grade in complete confusion.”

Sub Society

“A story about Ms. K:
You know how I said earlier that some of my classmates believe that her hair was red because people believe that when she got so mad, her hair goes on fire. Well, we had her today. She seemed pretty calm.”

Jamie and the Swallow Nest

“He heard cracking sounds and glanced around. Nothing. He looked behind him, in front of him, above him, and even went downstairs to make sure it wasn’t just Gregory breaking something. It wasn’t. He went back upstairs.
More cracking sounds.”

Bad Guys Never Win

“So you know how there is the super mean and snobby super popular girl with 2 best friends in all the movies and books and shows? Well, that’s Jessica Martinez, Abbigail Streffer, and Flora Nightingale.”

The Three Princesses

“So the princesses went out into the world and built separate palaces. The first Princess built her palace out of glass, the second built her palace out of wood, and the third built hers out of brick. Then, one evening, something went wrong at Princess One’s house.”


“He clutched with all the strength left in him, for he did not want to lose another person he loved. As he finally died and they managed to tug the cradle away, the baby began a chorus of crying and wailing at the men. Nevertheless, they held the baby cradle and walked into the dark night.”

Dude the Cat

“She came over and for some reason, she really looked like his teacher. She was strict, she looked like it, and she was acting like his teacher. She was very weird. But she seemed to be like his dad. That’s when Dude had the greatest idea in the history of the world.”

Crowned for Nature

“Once we got to the end, we stepped on the soft grass, and I spotted Adele leaning over to a bird as if she were talking to it. I climbed up some rocks nearby, where I saw birds circling above. I creeped toward Adele as the birds fluttered toward her and me.”

Candy Sushi Fun

“After that they went into a cave, which was really cool, and they explored the cave and found treasure! They found ten pieces of gold, and someone had left a note with it. The note said: If you want to find more gold, go to the hot water beach and dig a hole in the hot water beach, and you shall find the next note.”

Cookie the Bear

“I was alone in this cave for the next 3 years of my life. But I made some friends. I have Rocky (he’s a rock) and I have Sophia the squirrel. I think she’s alive. She doesn’t like to move around much. For food, I eat these berries in a bush around my cave. Sometimes these moving objects come toward my cave and a living thing comes out and starts staring at me. It’s creepy.”

Agent Puppy

“Tomorrow I will be given my first mission. I’m so excited. Usually I would be squealing with joy, but I am a very serious puppy in a very serious puppy organization. I am the most amazing… spy. Of course they choose small puppies because the smaller the puppies, the smaller places they can hide.”

Sins and Crimes

“I’m losing blood rapidly and I can feel the life draining out of me. The long elegant diamonds around the mannequin’s neck have punctured deep wounds in my skin allowing for blood to pour out. I try to wiggle my way out from under the mannequin but I feel more stabs from the diamonds pin me down to the ground so all I can do is lie helplessly and hope that I am taken out of my misery.”

The House

“You hear a sorrow cry coming from downstairs, then you hear footsteps coming.
It starts to get louder and louder, until you see a shadowy figure. You run, knowing you are being chased. As you run, you hear screaming, and it’s making you more desperate to leave.”


“The water felt less welcoming and more closed. All the rainbows started to collapse and turn into Skittles. Towering over the water was a big fat man in a scientist coat, holding an open bottle, pouring it in the water.”


“After the game, the commentator got in his car and started to drive home. It was really late at night, so he was very tired. Then, all of a sudden, he couldn’t see any people or any cars and saw complete darkness. Then his mind blanked. CRASH!”

Life of a Boy with Powers

“On his way home from his best friend Misha’s house (who lived across the bridge), he was hit by lightning. He was walking on the bridge with an Anti-monopoly board game when a thick bolt of lightning struck him. He passed out and his mind went completely blank, and his eyes went white in an instant.”

The Amber Ring

“Recap: Ben and I were normal kids, or at least we thought we were. Our mom owned a ring that we always thought was beautiful, but now we know it was dangerous. Inside this ring was a very dangerous specimen, whatever that means.”

A New Kind of Freedom

“We will need about a kajillion ACs and fans. I’m actually kind of sad. Before I know it, tears are streaming down my cheeks. I know it sounds silly, crying over giving away some old pants, but, for some reason, it’s making me really emotional.”


“As soon as he saw the daisies, he locked eyes with his sister and shared a worried look. Emily was confused. Sam dragged her to the kitchen, grabbed the daisies, ripped them up, and poured them down the drain.”

World of Women

“I was running. Who knew I would be running for my life while I was trying to change the world? My heart was pounding as an angry mob of kids chased me. They threw the flyers that I gave them at me.”

The Mermystery

“Then, when they were swimming back before they split up, they saw the light again and were getting curious. They went closer and then Laura’s tail got stuck on a fishing hook. Someone tugged on the line and started to reel it up.”

Hannah and Anabelle

“Once there was a girl named anabelle who had a pointy nose and a sister that saw a farm. She was thirsty so she got a Gatorade. She drank it and felt weird. “Ohhh…” she neighed. She looked down to see… a HORSE body!!!”

The TV

“So he went somewhere far from his house to get one. Then he got the TV. When he was flying back, the TV fell out of the plane. So he jumped out of the plane.”


“The kids told the police their parents’ phone numbers and the police called their parents’ phone numbers and they both answered, but they were talking oddly.”

The Corrupted Candyland

“Basically all the citizens of Candyport agreed with the president, except for two people, who happened to be, unfortunately, my parents, Jane and Michael Buttercup. They were literally addicted to candy; they had to eat at least twelve packs of gummy bears or Skittles every week, or they would have diarrhea for the rest of their lives.”

The Rocket Jet Car

“All of a sudden the car was flying and he thought, “I hope I’m just flying and not going to outer space.” But the car went up and up and it broke through the atmosphere. Max started screaming because he thought he was not going to be able to breathe and die.”

My Life in the Birchwood Forest

“By my second year in the forest, I was only turning two, but, of course, I didn’t know that. I wouldn’t have learned how to tell time and the days and the weeks, and the months and the years, or if I would survive living here for as long as a decade or more. And I did. How? It’s all thanks to the deer.”

Death Escape

“That’s when we heard a scream and saw a person run out the exit and into the station.
“Run!” he cried. “Run!!!” That’s when we realized that my theory of zombies was correct.”

Fend For Yourself

“Granny had three hundred and ninety-seven candles all stored away in a sheet of plastic to keep dry. It was unfortunate that she only had twenty candle holders. Granny had loads of stuff from the real world. That was the only thing that Nora did not like about Granny.”

Abandon School

“I feel as if the clouds departed for me today, for the sun is shining all over Akron even though I don’t like the sun. I think today is going to be the perfect day, mostly because tonight is going to be a full moon.”

Sareen the Blanket Girl

“One day, Sareen left the blanket alone to go to breakfast and then the blanket started moving by itself. It first went to the washroom to flush the toilet. The next thing he did was he go outside the balcony watching the birds because the bird pooped on him.”

The Day You Die

“He used his magic powers to clean up so fast, faster than a superhero. And the mom was speechless, the same was Emily.
Then Emily said, “Can you clean my room?”
“No, sorry, I only can clean up when I make a mess,” said the eagle.”


“He saw other people just standing there, so he asked them what was going on. They told him that they also were sucked into a giant hole and they were on an alien planet. They were the aliens’ prisoners and the only way to get back to earth was the portal in the middle of the planet.”


“I feel as if today will be the last time I will see her in a while. But I know that’s not possible, so I try to get the thought out of my head. My dad takes the trash bag and says he is going to throw it out. I shrug and walk to my room to ponder over all my thoughts. For the first time, I think my dad wasn’t where he said he was.”

The Blackout

“And then Lilly the squirrel wondered why all the lights and the ovens were off. It got even worse when it was very dangerous to cross the streets. The cars never stopped. Lilly was very worried, and then she saw something even weirder.”


“I rushed quickly over there and without thinking, I switched the switch down. Just then, the room transformed into a whole different place: potions filled the room, several different robot machines were roaming around from inch to inch.”


“People say you should stay calm in unfamiliar situations, but I think it’s appropriate to freak out in this situation. Here I am, in a huge, comfy, and probably very expensive bed. It is so much nicer than the floor I slept on at the farm.”

The Great Big Ocean

“She saw tears going down her mom’s face and her dad’s worried look. But she felt the comfort of Gabe next to her. Then, Alexandra felt the sensation of falling. Her brain raced as she shouted, “HHEEELLLLPPPP!!!””

Endor’s Life

“But then, he slammed me onto a building. I shot fire at him but he shot me with plasma!!! I fell to the floor, he looked down at me, he was ready to devour me. There was nothing I could do.”

The Hair Salon

““Let’s not argue. Your hair is getting way too long, and it’s already touching your toes.”
“So? I like it there. I can make longer braids, tie it up into a bun, etc.””

Far from Normal

“Emma wanted to have a normal life where you can chill and get food at the store. But normal doesn’t apply when you live in a city infested with annoying sea dragons who go around asking for stuff.”

Carter & His Mad Lunchbox

“When I entered my classroom, everyone looked at me, and half of them stared straight at my lunch. I looked down and saw water leaking through the paper bag. Like seriously, why do parents give their own child’s lunch in a paper bag?! No? Only me?”

The Ghost

“It started smelling weird, like yogurt with perfume in it. The windows were opening and shutting closed, along with the door. Suddenly, she heard a voice, and she saw a strange shadow come out of the Ouija board.”

The Last Wizard

“Not seeing where he was going, he slipped on a puddle of spilled water. As he plummeted towards the floor, he reached out towards the ceiling. Suddenly, his descent slowed to a halt. He was levitating.”


“Nobody knew his real name. He lived in the woods. He also loved flowers. Red flowers, blue flowers, and yellow flowers. But he always did everything with his left hand.”


“There’s only one person left on earth, and the only person is the cow. The cow wants to take over the world and explode the world. He is going to make his own cows.”

Mr. Eel’s Revenge

“Mr. Shark chases him away because eels are sharks’ dinner. Mr. Shark is never able to eat Mr. Eel because he runs away. But Mr. Eel is a weirdo eel because he never uses his electrical powers on Mr. Shark.”

How I Write

“My pencil goes on scribbling, which I find addicting, and I go on, pencil directing.
I wrote ‘til three pages were crumpled and wrote on,
“I wish I could go on!””

Bloody Mary

“I stepped one step forward to be right in front of her. I pointed my finger at her. I opened my mouth, but then just gave up. I walked away. I knew everything I should have said. I just didn’t say it.”

Pilla and Pimilla

“After their parents died in a “mysterious accident,” Pimilla and Pilla were each other’s only family. As they grew older, they noticed that they had strange powers to transform into animals.”

A Painted Life

“I slowly placed my pen on the wall with unsteady hands and drew a beautiful dancer elegantly dancing as if she were a dove. This can prove to my mother that I have a passion for painting and that I would love to dance, even though I’m in a wheelchair.”

Anything for Bacon

“Would you eat dog food? If you’re reading this, you’re likely a human, so I don’t think you would. If you’re a dog who has managed to read this, you are probably too advanced to eat dog food. So, naturally I had to get some bacon.”


“Michael was trapped. He went up to someone and tried to ask what was happening. All the guy said was, “Why are you being such a hater?”
Michael said, “I don’t even know what I’m hating!””

The War

“He saw thousands of buildings down and a lot of banging. Then he heard a rumble. It was so loud it cut out all of the sound. Then he saw what it was: it was a tank! And it was coming right for him!”

The Mess

“When I got inside, the whole bathroom was shaking! At first I thought someone was playing a trick, but when I got out, I realized the whole plane was shaking.”

Sprinkles the Donut

“She was also next to one mean cupcake who did not let her move. The cupcake was too busy teasing her about being a donut and saying that they were better than her. She sometimes cried, but she learned to ignore them. Sometimes she wished she was a cupcake.”

The Cupcake and the Cake

“But Sophie had arms and legs made out of cupcakes. She started heading toward Queens on foot. She had to walk down the sidewalk, and when she was heading for Queens, a fox came by. It was a fox with a sword to block Sophie.”

The Days at the Museum

“The Knight tapped the dad on the bench. He tapped him and then went back to his pose. Tap pose tap pose. The dad was so confused! The dad was so scared that when The Knight tapped him, he jumped eight feet!”


“And I sit there with the compass and laugh, because neither is right. But I breathe in and smell the trees, hear the hum of birds, see all the color, and most of all, wish I was back home, with my people.”

Sugar on Her Quest

“Her whole life she had been looking for a dark blue sandal. The sandal was special because her great-grandmother wore it everywhere. Her great-grandmother lived far, far, far away in a different part of the sky.”

Lightning Thunder

“Stores were crashing because of the lightning, but the rain, lightning, and thunder loved this. They loved it because they wanted everything to go away so that then it would only be Rain, Lighting, and Thunder to rule.”

The Not-So-Ordinary Hero

“Don’t be surprised when I tell you this, but I am not a person. My true identity is a printer. I work at the FBI. You may be thinking, That can’t be terribly interesting. But in my 24-year life, I have soaked up thousands of juicy secrets.”

Nogill Origin Story

“Remember that hat he wore? Yeah, it had magical powers, so he was able to breathe out of water. All the fish in the sea were very surprised, and all the fish in the sea all of a sudden respected him. This fish finally got a name. Nogill.”